• Greg´s appearance: Drifty

  • 1 Scene: with Nick and Sara

  • Shippyness: "G/N"

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Nick, Greg and Sara stand in front of CAT Busline's Route 201 stop sign. They look around and see ATV riders in the distance. Sara turns and leaves. Greg and Nick walk down the road where they pass more ATV riders. Nick finds a set of motorcycle tire tracks and sees discarded magazines. At the end of the tire tracks, Nick finds a large pile of black ash and burned items. Greg snaps photos of the pile. Greg and Nick sift through the items in the pile. They find a shoe some socks. Nick finds a burned rubber glove with its middle finger pointed high in the air. He shows the glove to Greg.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "Every time I come to the desert, I see porno mags. Who brings spankables out here?"
Nick: "It's probably just trash blown in from off the street."
Greg: "Nobody throws away porn. They're like heirlooms. Passed on down the family tree."

My Comment:
Lame. The best thing about Greg´s scene is that he is with Nick. Amuse yourselves, Greg/Nick shippers. When was the last time these two were seen together? A long, long time ago, right?
Much better are the scenes with Hodges. First, he is flirting with Sara then he is telling Grissom personal things. The man never gives up.