James Keziah Delaney & Zilpha Annabel Geary

Why them?

Forbidden Love. Duh! Chemistry. Obsession. Secrecy. Suffering. Tragedy. They mirror each other. They are masters in suppressing feelings. They don't talk much. They are the same.

How they met?

They are half-siblings. They knew each other since childhood. They were separated for over ten years.


James declares that after all this time he still loves Zilpha.

James reminds Zilpha of the past. She denies her feelings, but touches his cheek.

Zilpha summons James to a meeting in a church. She sits down on his lap and kisses him.

Zilpha's husband Thorne provokes James with explicit fake descriptions of their married love life.

Zilpha dreams of James and gives herself a good time.

Zilpha and James run into each other at a ball and have a very delicate conversation.

Thorne exposes James and Zilpha in public and forces James to a duel. Zilpha is in tears.

Zilpha kills Thorne and afterwards she goes to James being all cheerful and wicked.

James gets rid of Thorne's body so Zilpha won't hang.

At the funeral James even helps to dig the grave to bury Thorne deeper into the ground.

After Thorne is buried James follows Zilpha home and they make love in the same bed Zilpha had killed Thorne.

James receives a letter from Zilpha in which she says she will commit suicide. He cries and denies that she is dead.

James has a vision of Zilpha kissing him underwater. She says he will see her again.