James Delaney & Zilpha Geary - Quotes

1. Season

1. Episode

James: "Forgive me father for I have indeed sinned."

Zilpha: "Is hell opened up?"

Brace: "You look the same."
James: "I´m not."

James: "I have sworn to do many foolish things."

James: "People who do not know me soon come to understand that I do not have any sense."

James: "Sing for me like you once did as the river caught your tongue."

James: "I know things about the dead."

Zilpha: "He doesn't belong in this world."

James: "I'm not a fit man to be around children."

James: "I do know the evil you do because I was once a part of it."

2. Episode

James: "I have a use for you."

James: "I like to see what lies beneath."

James: "I have no love for the theatre."

James: "You used to straighten your skirts and march away like nothing had ever happened."

3. Episode

James: "I must beat the tide."

James: "I will ready my ship, so that when the time is right and the Company has fallen we can leave."

James: "There is enough treachery already surrounding us that there is no need for us to add to it."

James: "We used to talk to each other without words in dark corners."

James: "You should know that I am a very dangerous man."
Lorna: "I was told that, too."

Zilpha: "I used to think we were the same person."
James: "We are."
Zilpha: "We are not."

Thorne: "She doesn't want fucking oranges. We all know what she wants."

4. Episode

Cholmondeley: "You know, semen not ejaculated at the point of passion turns to poison and narrows the mind. Eventually you became an ape."
James: "So, ejaculate."

James: "Has the semen yet turned to poison?"

James: "You see me as I am."

James: "I don't dance."

5. Episode

James: "I am inside your heads, gentleman. Always."

James: "This is the Delaney household. We have no warmth here."

6. Episode

James: "Be very very careful now."

Brace: (about James) "He won't be dead, and he won't be happy. You can depend on that."

Dumbarton: "The enigma that is James Delaney."

James: "What did my sister say?"

James: "I will get rid of the body. No-one will know."
Zilpha: "Of course."

James: "Take that dress off. Take that fucking dress of now."

James: "I don't need to sleep. I need a ship."

James: "Huh! I need a ship. Just give me a fucking ship."

7. Episode

James: "You're among them now, aren't you? The ones who used to sing to me."

James: "Oh, justice, hello."

James: "What kind of rational man believes in justice?"

James: "I happen to like driving in nails. Takes your mind of the rain and off of a sinking ship."

Chichester: "Mr. Delaney, perhaps I should come back during daytime."
James: "Oh, no, no, there's no use. I am always like this. Please, carry on."

James: "I believed once that we were the same person."
Zilpha: "We are."
James: "We are not."
Zilpha: "We are."
James: "Not anymore."

James: "The lioness will fiercely protect her cubs, regardless of the consequences. Even if that means her certain death."

James: "You are wanted urgently downstairs. Mrs. Delaney is destroying the kitchen. She's about to ruin a duck."

James: "When my ship is ready, I will send for you."
Godfrey: "James, for God's sake, you don't have a bloody ship!"
James: "No. Not yet."

James: "I suggest that you leave very quickly and very, very quietly... or you can stay for the extreme violence that is coming your way. Your choice."

8. Episode

Zilpha: "Dear James, at last I have found a way out of the cage in which I have been living. Eyes I didnít know I had were opened. I saw the limits of my life, the iron bars around my soul. At last I found a way to slip between them. I intend to leave society, leave London, leave England behind: travel to a place where I will be free. It is a place where someday I hope we will meet, and be happy."

James: "The things I did in Africa make your transactions... I witnessed and participated in darkness that you cannot conceive."

Coop: "You promised to give me those names."
James: "Did I?" - "I must have lied."

Zilpha: "Whatever my destination, if you survive your recklessness, please, keep some part of my soul inside your own."