Cassian Andor & Jyn Erso

Why them?

They meet. They fight. They fell for each other. They die. They are eternal. They are stardust.

How they met?

Through the rebellion against the Empire. Cassian is a captain who gets the order to kill Jyn's father but he can't do it. Jyn and Cassian team up and fight for a new hope.


Jyn and Cassian's bitter argument because she realized he was ordered to shoot her father.

Cassian says he believes in Jyn. She and he circle each other as if they are were dancing. Cassian leans in. Jyn beams at him.

Jyn tells Cassian that her father called her Stardust. He smiles.

Cassian falls wounded and Jyn shouts his name. Then she looks at him undecided whether to go on with the mission or not.

Cassian shoots Krennic and saves Jyn. She smiles seeing him alive.

Jyn and Cassian in the elevator, leaning in for a kiss.

Jyn and Cassian hold hands and then hug desperately watching the wave of the death star arriving. They die together turning into stardust.