Jack Sparrow and James Norrington

Why them?

The competing game

They are sharp contrasts in personalitys

They are on a par

Both are: intelligent, fair, competent, daring, brave

Both love the sea

Both hide their true feelings

How they met?

At the harbour of Port Royal.
Jack saved Norringtons future - fiance from drowning.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Jackīs first meeting with Commodore Norrington

Jack steals the Interceptor right under Norringtonīs nose

The conversation on the "Dauntless", after Norrington saved Jack and Elizabeth from the island

Jack talking to Norrington, sitting in a boat, while his hand is touching Norringtonīs shoulder

Jack escaped again, Norrington isnīt very determined to catch him

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manīs Chest

After he recognizes Norrington (by his voice), Jack hides behind a plant

Jack tells Norrington that he smells

Norrington swabes the deck of the Black Pearl with his wig

At the beach: Norrington is stunned that Jack is obviously telling the truth

The sword fight

Norrington tricks Jack by stealing the heart and Jack doesnīt notice

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worldīs End

None - *sniff*