Jack Sparrow and James Norrington

Why them?

The competing game

They are sharp contrasts in personalities

They are on a par

Both are: intelligent, fair, competent, daring, brave

Both love the sea

Both hide their true feelings

How have they met?

At the harbour of Port Royal.
Jack saved James' future - fiancé from drowning.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Captain Jack Sparrow's first meeting with Commodore James Norrington. James holds Jack's hand for some time, doesn't he? He touches Jack's tattoo almost gently. He teases the pirate, smiles at him, and checks him out. He grabs him, though he has plenty of soldiers to do this for him, hasn't he? He looks affected by Jack's flirting and smiling.

James only gapes at Jack escaping not doing anything to prevent it, until Governor Swann gives the order to shoot.

Jack's compass (which points not north but at what you want the most) that James holds points at Jack.

When Jack didn't get far but get caught soon James mocks his failure.

James is clever enough to notice that the pirates have left Jack behind, still locked into his cell, meaning they are not his allies.

Jack steals the Interceptor right under James' nose. James sulks but also reluctantly shows respect for Jack's cleverness.

James says 'Captain' in a peculiar way.

James smiles at Jack coming on to him. He enjoys mocking the pirate as well.

James looks embarrassed as well as insulted that Jack points out he has heard of him.

Alone on the island with Elizabeth, Jack mentions Elizabeth's bloody friend Norrington, out of the blue.

The conversation on the "Dauntless", after James had saved Jack and Elizabeth from the island. Jack leans into James, talking to him, nudging James, having no real reason to get this close to James. James didn't move back an inch.

CUT SCENE: James catches Jack talking to Elizabeth. He interrupts the conversation at once. He gives Jack his compass back, Why should he do that? and orders: With me, Sparrow! Jack follows him without any complaints. Ha!

Jack is talking to James, sitting in a boat, while he puts a hand on James' shoulder. James uses his spyglass to remove Jack's hand. Jack looks hurt. Well, James lets some time pass before he removes Jack's hand. He also didn't move an inch away from Jack. When Jack touches him with his fingertips James even smiles. Why in hell does he?

Jack talks about killing Norrington's men only to Barbossa - not James himself.

Jack is going to be hanged. James doesn't look happy. Oh no, he does not!

Governor Swann flinches back from Jack coming too close, probably because of Jack's strong smell, James does not.

Jack leans into James (just a kiss away) and tells him he was rooting for him. James gapes at him, as well as at Jack's lips. He didn't move back though. He doesn't look appalled or disgusted having the pirate so close.

Jack takes the same path down as Elizabeth did before him. Whatever that could imply?

James stands frozen. He looks dazzled by Jack's coming on to him and his escape.

Jack escapes. James isn't eager to catch him. He gives Jack one day's head start. Seriously? Why should he do that?

Random thought: Norrington never said to Elizabeth that he loves her. Only that she is a fine woman.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Jack recognizes James by his voice only. He hides behind a plant and tries to vanish without being noticed by James. James spots him anyway and pulls a gun at him. Jack starts talking his way out of this.

Jack tells James that he smells funny.

James swabs the deck of the Black Pearl with his wig.

James is stunned that Jack is obviously telling the truth. Jack looks insulted that James considers him a constant liar. Why does he care anyway?

The sword fight between Jack, James, and Will.

James tricks Jack by stealing the heart and Jack doesn't even notice.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

None - *sniff*