Ianto Jones - Jack Harkness - Moments

1. Season

Everything Chances

Jack introduces Ianto.

Day One

Ianto says he doesn´t care that Jack is gay. (*snorts*)

Ianto offers to fight for Jack.

Ghost Machine

Ianto touches Jack briefly when he is taking the device.


Jack is concerned about Ianto´s safety.

Ianto fights Jack.

The whole "Betrayal Disaster".

Jack kisses Ianto.

Jack points a gun at Ianto´s head.

Jack shoots Ianto´s girlfriend.

Ianto returns to the Hub.

Small Worlds

Jack puts his hand on Ianto´s shoulder. Ianto flinches.


Jack pouts because Ianto lies that it was Lisa who he kissed last.

Greeks Bearing Gifts

Ianto knows that Jack is only bluffing when he tricks the alien.

They keep killing Suzie

Ianto impresses Jack.

Ianto offers Jack to have some fun with the stopwatch. Jack agrees happily.

Out of Time

Ianto always has the coat ready for Jack.

Captain Jack Harkness

Ianto stands up to Owen for Jack.

Owen teases Ianto about shagging Jack only in his wet dreams.

End of Days

Ianto stands up to Jack.

Owen shoots Jack. Ianto is shocked.

Ianto grabs Jack’s coat off the coat rack as they pass it. Pieces of the ceiling collapse in the hub.

Ianto straightens the papers on Jack’s desk. He sniffles. He walks over to the coat rack, removes Jack’s coat and presses it to his face as he cries.

Ianto stands up and heads over to Jack. He awkwardly holds his hand out, but Jack grabs him and they hug. Jack kisses Ianto.

2. Season

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Jack shoots a Blowfish for Ianto.

Jack makes a pass at Ianto in an office and finally asks him out on a date.


Ianto teases Jack about being scary.

Ianto mentions Jack´s "manners in bed."

Ianto behaves slightly silly.

To the last Man

Ianto kisses Jack passionately.


Ianto is slightly jealous of Rhys.

Jack makes a pass at Ianto. Ianto gets excited and turns quickly away from him. (scene was cut out)


Ianto wants to go hunting with Jack. Jack says no.

Adam makes Ianto believe that he is a cold-blooded killer. Ianto suffers immensely. Jack holds and comforts him.

Jack believes in Ianto. No way that his Ianto is a killer.

Ianto confesses his feelings for Jack. Jack tenderly kisses Ianto’s forehead.

Jack found and read Ianto´s diary.


Ianto talks to Martha Jones about Jack.

Dead Man walking

Ianto helps Jack into the coat.

Ianto attacks an alien with a cricket bat.

A Day in the Death

Ianto is done being the tea boy.

Something Borrowed

Ianto looks for a wedding dress for Gwen.

Jack and Ianto are dancing at Gwen´s wedding.

Ianto tells Jack something about his father.

From Out of the Rain

Jack tells Ianto about his past.


Gwen catches Ianto and Jack having sex in the Hub/Hot house.

Jack knows that it was Ianto who told Gwen a Torchwood secret.


Jack and Ianto meet for the first time.

Ianto helps Jack to catch Myfanwy. Jack falls on Ianto.

Jack is aroused by Ianto. What about Ianto? (One of the hottest moments ever!)

Exit Wounds

Ianto almost kills John Hart for what he did to Jack.

Jack hugs Ianto.

Doctor Who

The Stolen Earth

Ianto is laughing out loud.

Jack hugs and kisses Ianto on the forehead.

3. Season

Children of Earth - Day One

Jack puts a hand on Ianto´s shoulder, rubbing it, showing He´s mine.

The whole "who´s a couple" discussion.

Ianto outs himself to his sister.

Ianto hugs Jack after he had died.

Ianto and Jack kiss desperately before the bomb goes off.

Children of Earth - Day Two

Ianto frees Jack from the cement block.

Children of Earth - Day Three

Ianto provides Jack with a new coat.

Ianto asks Jack to have some fun, but sadly there is no time.

Children of Earth - Day four

Ianto holds Jack after he was shot.

Ianto pleads Jack to talk to him.

Ianto dies in Jack´s arms.

Children of Earth - Day Five

Jack is broken. He leaves Earth.