Inside the Box

  • Gregīs appearance: Wounded

  • 3 Scenes: with the team

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/C, G/W

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.: Necessarily Greg learns
    who the father of Catherine is.

First Scene:
Catherine reminds Greg what "off the record" means.

Second Scene:
The CSIs and Greg are eating and discussing the evidence.

Third Scene:
Greg reports his findings to Grissom. Then Grissom notices that Gregīs hands are shaking. Greg admits itīs because of the explosion in which he got injured.

Best Dialog:
Grissom: "Greg, your hands are shaking."
Greg: "No, they're not."
Grissom: "Hold your hands out."
Greg: "Uh...they've been shaking ever since...I can't really make it stop."
Grissom: "Is it affecting your work?"
Greg: "Well, if I was a bomb expert, maybe." - "No, I...I think I have it under control."
Grissom: "It'll stop. If you need me, I'll be around."
Greg: "Okay."

My Comment:
Itīs good to see him back. Still unsettled by the recent events of the explosion in the lab he tries to go on. Itīs comforting to see him eat with the team. He teases Warrick and appears fine. But appearances are deceptive.
Grissom alone notices that something is wrong with Greg. First, Greg seems afraid to confide in Grissom because of how his boss will respond. He even tries to make a joke to save the day. It doesnīt work. Grissom doesnīt smile one little bit but surprises Greg with his sympathy. I was not surprised that Grissom cares for Gregīs well-being. I always knew Grissom likes Greg that much. Certainly, Grissom knows how hard it is to work with a handicap having the problem with his ears. A very heartbreaking moment between the master and the grasshopper.

Catherine confides in Greg. She trusts him not to tell anyone who her father is. Thatīs nice.