• Gregīs appearance: Mature

  • 10 Scenes: With Grissom,
    Sara and Brass

  • Shippyness:
    G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:
    Was he a jock in College?

First Scene:
Brass, Grissom, Sara and Greg walk through the corridor to Trip Wilmont's room. The officer standing at the door opens the dorm room. Brass stops just outside the dorm room to let Grissom, Sara and Greg inside. On the floor next to the bed are the two bodies. Sara looks around the room. She notes the stereo system, beer bottles and candles. Greg appears between Grissom and Sara holding the open condom wrapper. He looks at them and shows it to them.

Second Scene:
David Phillips shines his flashlight on the dead bodies to look at their skin color. He kneels down for a closer look. Grissom lingers in the doorway. Greg is kneeling, pointing out the vomit on the rug. Grissom orders him to take a sample. Then his phone rings and he answers it. Greg puts the sample in a container. Grissom tells Sara and Greg he has to leave to give his testimony in the Hoytīs case.

Third Scene:
Greg dusts the door handle for prints while Sara is in the back of the room near the window checking the carbon monoxide levels. She kneels down on the floor checking the levels near the floor. Greg takes out the ALS and checks the door handle for body fluids. Sara's hand-held device reads '0'. No trace of carbon monoxide. Greg finds Semen on the door handle and steps out of the room to the next-door neighbor's and finds body fluids there, too. Sara follows him. Suddenly, there's an explosion and a scream. Sara and Greg walk into the bathroom. There's a commotion in the bathroom. A boy and a girl stand in front of the stall. There's water all on the floor and bits of porcelain on the floor. We hear gushing water coming from the stall. Greg steps into the stall and turns the water off. The toilet apparently combusted. Sara orders Greg to start processing and leaves.

Fourth Scene:
Greg works on swabbing the toilet porcelain pieces on a table in the bathroom. Sara walks in asking what he had found out. So far Greg found no evidence of explosive powders or a detonation device. They talk what could have caused the explosion. Greg makes a joke and Sara can't help but smile.

Fifth Scene:
Sara enters the lab and talks to Mia about the semen which was found. A few minutes later, Greg joins them, telling he heads back to the Crime Scene after what he had found out about a suspect. Sara goes with him.

Sixth Scene:
Sara and Greg talk with Trip Wilmont's neighbor, Zack Capola.

Seventh Scene:
Greg picks up a journal notebook from the side and looks through a couple of pages. Itīs a list of girls ... dates ... and sexual activities. Greg puts the journal aside and helps Sara to move the bed as she asks him to. They find a fresh hole in the wall someone had drilled. They went back talking to Zack. Then Sara moves Zack's bed and finds the hole in the wall.

Eighth Scene:
Zack Capola talks with Sara and Greg. He swears he doesn't know how the hole got there. In addition he says he has an alibi. Sara notices a burn on Zackīs finger. He mentioned he picked up something from the floor and it burnt. He threw it in the waste basket but Greg canīt find anything. Zack left and Greg and Sara come to the conclusion Zack must have touched dry ice. Greg and Sara carry out an experiment. Sara, wearing a mask, opens the cooler and starts stacking the blocks of dry ice against the wall between Zack and Trip's rooms. In Trip's room, Greg is wearing a mask and holding the monitor as he checks the CO2 levels in the room. Sara continues to stack the dry ice against the wall. Greg monitors the CO2 levels. They come to the result it took thirty pounds of dry ice to reach the lethal level of saturation.

Ninth Scene:
Sara and Greg stand in front of a toilet that Greg procured for an experiment. The toilet is in a Plexiglas protected area. Surrounding the toilet are stacks of sand bags. Greg put dry ice in the bowl. He thinks that the killer might have put his excess dry ice in the dorm toilet. The toilet water starts to bubble. They step out of the experiment area. Greg closes the door. He puts his fingers over his ears. The toilet water starts to bubble and shake. Sara and Greg turn to look at the toilet. The toilet explodes. Sara laughs.

Tenth Scene:
Sara and Greg interview Susan. Confronted with the evidence she confesses to the crime.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "Hey, Grissom, when you went to college did you live in the dorms?"
Grissom: "Surely, you jest."
Sara: "You know, they say a B.A. is worth a million dollars in extra income over a lifetime."
Grissom: "Yeah, but the present value of college tuition is about the same amount."
Greg: "So you're saying college isn't worth the expense?"
Grissom: "I guess it depends on what you learn."

Greg: "Trophy condoms."
Sara: "Trophy condoms?"
Greg: "When a stud scores, he announces his victory by putting his spoils on his neighbor's doorknob."
Sara: "Oh. Well, my bet is Trip scored a lot."

Zack: "Ask him. You look like you were a jock in college."
Greg: "Me?"
Sara: "Him?"

Greg: "Uh, sex journal. Lists of girls ... dates ... and sexual activities."
Sara: "Boys and their conquests."
Greg: "I've never even heard of some of these."
Sara: "Really?"
Greg: "Never mind."

My Comment:
One of the funniest episodes in season 5. Everybody gets his share. Dr. Robbins, David, Hodges, even Conrad Ecklie made me laugh out loud.
Again Greg and Sara work together and they continue to grow as a team. More and more Greg makes Sara laugh. Slowly he gets under her skin. Youīre doing just fine, my boy. They say a man who canīt make a woman laugh canīt make her do anything. As a woman I have to agree. Even when Greg teases Gil Sara laughs.
Gil and Sara compare the male victim with "Romeo" while Greg points out he found a condom wrapper. GRIN. Isnīt he romantic?
Gil leaves them to go to court and neither Greg nor Sara seems to miss him. Poor Gil.
The "trophy condom" thing is pretty juicy but Greg and Sara handle it nicely. Greg has truly changed since season 2 and 3. But so has Sara.
The exploded toilet. Gleefully, Sara left Greg to process the pretty messy scene. Greg rolls his eyes. Yeah, do what your woman orders. Later, he makes a few yucky jokes and still Sara smiles. Oh woman. Whatīs going on in your head?
Sara: "Iīll drive."
Greg: "You always do."
Please Sara let me drive. Just this one time. Let me be the man. Let me be on top. Let me ....
Mia - Greg - Sara. I had the feeling Sara doesnīt like it when Greg flirts with Mia. Ups.
Was he really a jock in College? I donīt know and I canīt tell. Donīt be so sure, Sara that he was not. Heīs cute and good-looking. Only Greg can answer that question.

The sex journal. Greg entrusts Sara: "I've never even heard of some of these." Oh boy. Is this a dare? Do you hope for some lessons from an older woman? Come on, Sara. Make him happy.
Later, Sara actually says "Is that a dare?" Keep pushing me and Iīll show you Greg thinks by the look on his face.
Gregīs toilet experiment goes well and Sara laughs - again.
Hodges - The Nose - God! I think I canīt take much more than that.
Hodges - Neil - Ecklie. What a trio. Conrad has to play the referee in this competition.
David - a true believer - watching too much x - files, right?

The missing body. Dr. Robbins and Ecklie. David and Ecklie. Dr. Robbins and Det. Vartan. A story of great laughter. David had the courage and didnīt give in to Ecklie. I liked that. Robbins teases Vartan. Wonderful.

Gil and Conrad. "I love it when you wear your gloves." THATīS SLASH. One of the best moments ever.

I have to repeat myself. I donīt like Gregīs hair this way.

Starring Greg