They keep killing Suzie

Counts the amnesia pills, that were given, names things, takes time with a stopwatch, notices that Suzie is still alive, gets reception after the Hub went into lockdown, takes care of Suzie´s body.

Ianto looks jealous when Jack comforts Gwen. Jack praises Ianto for getting reception after the lockdown. Ianto calls him "Captain." Ianto sees that Jack suffers and makes an interesting offer by having fun with the stopwatch.

Best Quote:
Ianto: "Lots of things you can do with a stopwatch."

Best Dialogs:
Ianto: "That was amazing. She's a natural. Twenty-four seconds!"
Owen: "Give Ianto a stopwatch, and he's happy."
Ianto: "It's the button on the top."

Jack: "Thanks for doing this."
Ianto: "Part of my job, sir."
Jack: "No, I should be doing it, but ... One day, we're going to run out of space ..."
Ianto: "If you're interested ... I've still got that stopwatch."
Jack: "So?"
Ianto: "Well, think about it. Lots of things you can do with a stopwatch."
Jack: "Oh, yeah. I can think of a few."
Ianto: "There's quite a list."
Jack: "I'll send the others home early. See you in my office in ten."
Ianto: "That's ten minutes ... and counting."

They are doing it. And the stopwatch is just the button on the top.


How many times does Jack die?

Ianto cares that Jack cares for Gwen.

My Comment:
One of my favourite episodes of season one. Great suspenseful storyline. Wonderful dialog.
Plus a lot of Janto. And the ending! The perfect ending. The first time I watched it over
and over again, because I couldn´t believe my ears. What? What did he say? Is this a joke?
Is he serious? Is my English not good enough to understand it right?
No. I got it right.
This was a happy day.

Dear Janto