Ianto: Searches an abandoned
building. Is injured due to an
explosion. Screams in pain.
In the past: Tries to become a
member of the Torchwood team.
Fights a Weevil. Makes coffee.
Helps to catch Myfanwhy. Is
recruited to Torchwood.

Is found by his friends. His
dislocated shoulder is put back in.
Witnesses John Hart threatening Jack.

Janto: Ianto is wounded. Jack
screams his name. Twice.
In the past: Ianto helps Jack
to fight a Weevil. Ianto and Jack
shake hands. Ianto introduces
himself to Jack. He tries to touch
Jack´s face. Jack pulls back. On the
next day Ianto appears in front of
the Hub. Ianto wants to work for
Torchwood. Jacks says no. Jack is
angry. Ianto offers Jack coffee.
Jack is impressed by how good the
coffee is but he still denies Ianto´s
request. Ianto tries to persuade him.
He touches Jack. Twice. Jack plays
cool. The next time Ianto appears in
the middle of the night in front of
Jack´s car. Jack hits the brakes. He
is furious. He threatens to erase
Ianto´s memory if he keeps stalking
him. Ianto tells Jack about
Myfanwhy. Ianto and Jack work
together to catch Myfanwhy. Ianto
touches Jack again. Jack pulls back
again. Jack punches Ianto´s
shoulder. Jack calls out for Ianto.
Jack falls on top of Ianto. They roll
around. They laugh. They turn silent
and look at each other. Ianto jumps
up and walks away. Jack recruits
him for Torchwood. Ianto has
tears in his eyes.

Jack finds Ianto. He puts Ianto´s
dislocated shoulder back in.
Best Quote:
Ianto: "Jones. Ianto Jones."

Best Dialog:
Jack: "Yeah, it´s quite excitable."
Ianto: "Must be the aftershave."
Jack: "Never wear any."
Ianto: "You smell like that naturally?"
Jack: "51st century pheromones. People have no idea."

Ianto approaches Jack because he needs a fitting place to hide Lisa´s body until he can bring her back from the dead.
He is immediately attracted to Jack which confuses and frightens him.
Ianto always considered himself being straight. He had never felt sexually attracted to any man.
Jack feels the attraction, too, but at first he refuses to employ Ianto. He doesn´t want to have any feelings for Ianto
because he is immortal, and over the years he had lost too many he had loved.
In the end he can´t resist to take Ianto in. In the end he paves the way for certain heartbreak.


How many times does Jack die?
A lot. Present and Past.

She helps to free Ianto from the rubble he´s trapped beneath.

My Comment:
A top episode. A lot of background information for every character. The first moments between Ianto and Jack are very touching and intense.
I wished other series would show a gay relationship in this romantic and equally ordinary way. It begins like any relationship. There is nothing awkward or silly about it.
It´s romantic, sexy and kind of sad. (Because we all know how it ends.) *sigh* I love their story anyway.

Dear Janto