From out of the Rain

Visits a cinema from his youth. Sees a strange movie. Visits the hospital. Watches the movie again. Talks to witnesses and victims. Hunts the ghostmaker. Catches the flask and saves one little boy. Cries. Destroys the film.

Janto: Jack asks Tosh where Ianto is. He needs his expertise. Ianto recognizes Jack in the movie. Ianto tells Jack about the shadows passing him. Jack tells Ianto about his past.

Best Quote:
Ianto: "These shadows went passed me."

Best Dialog:
Jack: "Ianto, with me, I need your local knowledge."
Gwen: "Oh, is that what you're calling it these days?

Ianto holds on to a good memory of his father. We will find out later why this is important.
Ianto is the one spotting Jack in the old film at once. Sure. Jack is always on his mind.
He entrusts Jack with the creepy shadows experience. Jack tells Ianto something about his past.
Ianto enjoys the precious moment. He and Jack have formed a strong bond.


How many times does Jack die?

Ianto is annoyed by Gwen´s and Owen´s impatience at the cinema. Gwen and Owen didn´t share his taste in movies.
Gwen jokes about Jack and Ianto having sex when they are doing something together.

My Comment:
Sad, creepy, and foreshadowing, because Ianto sees shadows passing him in the old cinema. The writers intended to kill his
character off at the end of the season. But they changed their mind and killed off Owen and Toshiko instead.
Ianto is particularly sad and tearful, like he thinks of the past too much, or maybe even of the future that is coming.
Well, he wasn´t living much longer than Owen and Tosh, right?

Dear Janto