Something Borrowed

Shops for a wedding dress. Attends a presentation in Owen´s lab. Fights the alien with the team. Attends Gwen´s wedding. Brings Rhys a beer. Cleans up the mess.

Jack sends Ianto to buy a wedding dress for Gwen. They leaf through a wedding dress catalogue. Jack complains that Ianto always agrees with Owen since he´s dead. Ianto asks Jack to dance with him. They dance intimately.

Best Quote:
Ianto: "That's what I love about Torchwood. By day you're chasing the scum of the universe.
Come midnight, you're the Wedding Fairy."

Best Dialog:
Shop Assistant: "Can I help you?"
Ianto: "Yeah, I'm looking for a wedding dress for a friend."
Shop Assistant: "Of course you are, sir. You'd be surprised, we're quite used to men buying for their ... 'friends'."

A shop assistant assumes Ianto is gay when he buys a wedding dress for Gwen. Ianto doesn´t disagree.
It seems he is ready to accept that he is involved with a man. Ianto confides something about his father to Jack.
Obviously a lie as we found out later. Why is Ianto lying? Doesn´t he want Jack to know the truth about the
relationship he had with his father?

Jack doesn´t like that Ianto is going along with Owen since he´s dead. Why? Does Jack feel threatened? *snorts*
At the wedding Ianto dances with Jack in public. That is a big step forward in Ianto´s relationship with Jack.


How many times does Jack die?

Ianto goes buying a wedding dress for her. He runs to save Gwen´s mum.
He attends Gwen´s wedding. She thanks him for the beautiful dress and kisses him on the cheek.

My Comment:
One of the best episodes. Ianto. Janto. Suspense. Fun. Romance. The dance. Aw. So cute.
Ianto buying the wedding dress, and his dance with Jack are certainly the best moments.
The image of Ianto holding the wedding dress in front of himself. Lovely.

Dear Janto