A Day in the Death

Shows Owen how to handle the coffee machine. Attends a team meeting. Reports results. Gives Owen back his gun. Observes the mission over the radio. Says farewell to Martha Jones.

Is a witness when Jack releases Owen off his duties. Jack is amused when Owen insults Ianto in a team meeting. Jack orders Ianto to give Owen his gun back. Ianto has to watch Martha kissing Jack on the lips.

Best Quote:
Ianto: "I didn't realize we were in competition."

Best Dialog:
Owen: "We've been monitoring Parker for ages. There's nothing to be scared of is there?"
Ianto: "Unlike, say, Tintin?"
Owen: "Okay! I never liked Tintin. What? He's weird. Hes got a funny face and his hair is just hes horrible."
Ianto: "I always loved Tintin."
Owen: "Yeah, well you would. And he never had a girlfriend did he, just the dog. Yeah, so I reckon he was actually shagging the dog."

Ianto looks a little bit hurt when Jack gives Owen the job to make the coffee from now on.
Owen is jealous of Ianto and tries to insult him whenever he can. Ianto takes it like a man.
Ianto and Jack´s relationship has become very tight. Ianto even accepts that Martha kisses
Jack on the lips when they say good-bye.


How many times does Jack die?

Gwen interrupts Ianto´s and Owen´s pissing contest and gives out assignments. Ianto reports to her.

My Comment:
This is again about Owen. He suffers a lot. Ianto tries to stay nice even Owen is very hostile to him.
Ianto is not the competitive type. Owen has his reasons for being that bad. He is dead and has nothing
left to lose. Ianto is alive and with Jack. Ianto gets promoted. He is at a good place at the moment.

Dear Janto