Ianto: Reads a magazine. Welcomes Martha. Waves at her. Watches an autopsy. Gets almost hit by an experimental device of Owen. Screams. Reports about an attack. Attends a team meeting. Goes on a mission with Gwen. Interviews a witness. Reports the results over the radio. Gives Martha her fake ID. Shocks someone with a tazer. Saves a woman. Gets a weevil out of the cell. Sprays the Weevils face and put it back into the cell. Watches an insect bursting out of a man. Talks to Tosh. Goes on a mission with the team. Reports to Jack over the radio. Watches a man shot and kill Owen.

Janto: Ianto has watch when Martha is hugging Jack. At the autopsy he is standing next to Jack. Jack and the team laugh at Ianto after the incident with the device. Ianto pouts and talks strictly business. Martha and Ianto talk about the mission and Jack.

Best Quote:
Ianto: "Aagh!"

Best Dialog:
Martha: "So, Jack asked me if I could get you a UNIT cap to wear."
Ianto: "Did he? Well, red is my colour."
Martha: "So am I right in thinking that you and he...?"
Ianto: "We ... dabble."
Martha: "Yeah?"
Ianto: "Yeah."
Martha: "So what's his dabbling like?"
Ianto: "Innovative."
Martha: "Really?"
Ianto: "Bordering on the avant garde."
Martha: "Wow."
Ianto: "Oh, yeah."

Ianto seems to be okay with being sexually involved with a man now. Ianto is jealous about Martha but tries not to show it.
Martha knows about Jack and Ianto. Everybody knows. Ianto talks about being with Jack like it is no big deal. But it is to Ianto.


How many times does Jack die?

Jack sends Gwen and Ianto on a mission. They interview a witness and save a woman.
Ianto and Gwen look comfortable around each other.

My Comment:
Ianto and Jack are getting closer - but are no couple yet. *eye roll* Ianto got used to being with a man. That´s my boy.
The moment when Owen is almost hitting Ianto with the device is always funny.
Weevils. Okay! Insects. Yuck!
Ianto and Tosh. Such good friends.
When Owen was shot and died I was shocked but the next second I thought: Thank God it´s not Ianto.

Dear Janto