Ianto: Jokes around with Adam and the team. Looks at a device. Delivers Gwen to her flat and Rhys. Discusses an artefact with Tosh and Owen. Reads his diary. Gets tortured by Adam. Screams and cries. Is tested with the lie detector. Watches the video log. Unarms Tosh. Takes a short term amnesia pill. Gets his diary back.

Ianto wants to go weevil hunting with Jack but Jack wants to be alone. Ianto looks disappointed. Ianto asks Jack to lock him up because he killed three girls. Jack doesn´t believe him and comforts Ianto by hugging him tightly. Jacks tests Ianto with the lie detector and still the result is positive Jack doesn´t believe a second that Ianto is a killer. Jack proves to Ianto that Adam is manipulating his memories. Ianto unarms Tosh to save Jack. Jack kisses Ianto on the forehead and strokes his face. Jack has read Ianto´s diary. Ianto is ashamed.
Best Quote:
Ianto: "Love's blind, apparently. He's idolized her for years now."

Best Dialogs:
Ianto: "Jack."
Jack: ""Ianto." - "Hey. What's wrong?"
Ianto: "You'll have to put me in the vaults. Lock me up. I killed three girls. Strangled them."
Jack: "Stop kidding around."
Ianto: "I'm serious. I murdered them, in cold blood. I took their bodies, and ...
You have to lock me away ... before I turn on you. None of you are safe."
Jack: "Hey, hey. Come here, come here. What's happened to you?"
Jack holds Ianto.
Ianto: "I'm a monster."

Ianto: "Did you, uh, call?"
Jack: "Found your diary."
Ianto: "Yep, been looking for that."
Jack: "And for the record ... measuring tapes never lie."
Ianto: Oh, fuck.

Ianto doesn´t call Jack "Sir" anymore but Jack. They are close but when Ianto wants to spend time with Jack, Jack sends him away.
He also doesn´t tell Ianto about seeing his lost brother. Ianto is hurt but obeys anyway. Later Jack refuses to believe that Ianto is a
cold blooded killer. He knows his boy. He knows Ianto. Jack comforts and helps him. He is really there for Ianto. And Ianto fights
for Jack so he doesn´t get shot even Ianto knows Jack can´t die. He doesn´t want Jack to suffer the pain. Ianto confesses that Jack
gave his life meaning again. Ianto writes intimate thoughts about Jack in his diary. Oh boy. That´s embarrassing. And Jack is more
than happy about all this. Their making out is getting very serious.


How many times does Jack die?

Ianto and Gwen sit together. Gwen smiles at Ianto. They talk to each other. Ianto brings Gwen to her flat.
He shows her the "everything is okay" sign. Jack tells Ianto what has happened to Gwen.

My Comment:
One of the best. Sad. Cruel. Emotional. Ianto suffers. Jack cares. Ianto has a lot of screen time and Janto is omnipresent.
Ianto declares his love for Jack and Jack shows his love for Ianto. We got an intense hug, a sweet kiss, and a lot of bonding.
Ianto and his diary. Funny and revealing. A perfect episode for every shipper.

Dear Janto