End of Days

Recites a part from the Bible. Puts a Weevil in a cell. Sees the ghost of Lisa. Talks to Jack and Gwen on the phone. Feels for Gwen. Helps opening the rift.

Ianto´s loyalty to Jack crumbles. He helps to team to open the rift. Jack insults him by reminding him of Lisa. Ianto is utterly shocked when Owen kills Jack. Ianto helps Gwen to take Jack from the crashing Hub. Jack holds on to Ianto. Ianto cries secretly after Jack was killed a second time. Jack is back and hugs and kisses Ianto in front of the team.

Best Quote:
Ianto: "What have you done?"

Best Dialog:
Owen: "I'm gonna fix this. I'm opening the rift."
Jack: "Make sure you stop him."
Ianto: "No."

Ianto is torn between his feelings for Jack and to do what he thinks is right. Seeing Jack dead is hard for him.
The first time he´s shocked, the second time he is the one forced to cry alone, while Gwen is at Jack´s side.
A man doesn´t cry, certainly not for another man, who is his secret lover. Seeing Jack alive Ianto behaves
very insecure, trying to shake his hand awkwardly, but Jack pulls him in a hug and kisses him tenderly.
Everybody of the team knows now. And nobody looks shocked. It seems they already knew.


How many times does Jack die?
Twice. Owen shoots him. A monster sucks the life out of him.

Ianto and Gwen are on the same side. But she thinks she´s the one who mourns Jack the most.
And she doesn´t trust Ianto to deliver a bad message properly.

My Comment:
The conflict. The tears. The hug. The kiss. *awe* I love this episode. Action and Romance. Perfect!
But fact is it would have been better for Ianto if Jack would have stayed dead.

Dear Janto