I - 15 Murders

  • Greg´s appearance: Funny
  • 1 Scene: with Nick

  • Shippyness: G/N

  • What we learn about him:
    He knows really much
    about the CSI´s.

  • Misc.: He knows that Nick
    has a crush on a girl, who is
    a suspect. He wants to meet her.

First Scene:
Greg hops down from the counter and removes the board he was sitting on. He hands the paper which was underlying beneath to Nick and indicates the hook on the hood for him to hang the paper up on. They talk about possible traces of saliva on a female blouse and joke around about Nick´s acquaintance.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "What can you tell me about the hottie that goes inside this blouse, huh? Is it true she's a friend of yours?"
Nick: "What, is it on the internet? Might as well be. Just remember that."
Greg: "My saliva's getting on you; your saliva's getting on me."
Nick: "Gross."
Greg: "So, Nick, uh, if I wanted to meet this friend of yours...?"
Nick: "No."
Greg: "Figured."

My Comment:
Very funny. Much for G/N shippers. Nick indicates that Greg is a chatter-box who spreads every rumor in the lab. "What, is it on the internet? Might as well be." The joking about the see - through blouse. The way how Greg is saying, "My saliva´s getting on you, your saliva´s getting on me," and his look. I watched the same scene in German and the lewdness of this particular quote got lost in the translation. What a pity!