No Humans Involved

  • Gregīs appearance: Depressed

  • 8 Scenes: With everyone
    but Catherine

  • Shippyness:
    G/G, G/S, G/N, G/W

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Greg is standing on the side mapping the area. On the sidewalk, he sees two kids playing near the trash. One kid holds out his hand as if holding a gun at the other kid. Greg ducks under the crime scene tape and makes his way toward the two kids who continue playing. Greg asks if he can talk to them. The two kids turn and run. Greg continues to walk slowly toward them. The older kid turns and bumps into the trash bin. He falls, scrambles to his feet and runs. Greg doesn't chase after them. The kids disappear down the block. Greg turns and sees something disturbing. He kneels down to get a better look at a dead body in a trash bin. The dead child is rail thin and shoved into the trash bin. Greg dials and phones Grissom to tell him what he found. Grissom says, heīs right there. He walks over to the dumpster where Greg is standing.

Second Scene:
A man pulls out a gun and fires at Leo Plummer's back. Leo is shot point blank several times in the back. Grissom is examining the body and is startled by the gunshots. He looks up. Greg moves to take cover behind the dumpster. A woman screams as the gunshots end. The young man with the gun takes off running. The crowd disburses. Grissom watches as Sofia takes off running after the suspect alongside several other officers. Grissom looks at Greg. Greg asks why they are shooting at them. Grissom doesn't know, but he says the single murder just turned into a triple. He stands up and heads for the newest body at the scene.

Third Scene:
Sara walks up to David Phillips and Greg around the body of the kid in the rubber trash bin. Greg snaps photos as David checks the kid out. In the background, we hear the indistinct police radio transmissions. Sara slows down and puts her kit on the sidewalk as she kneels in front of the body. They talk about the dead kid. Sara notices Greg is affected by their finding.

Fourth Scene:
The lid is removed from the rubber bin. Sara holds the flashlight above and looks into the bin at the dead boy. David Phillips reaches into the bin to carry the boy's body out. David removes the body. Greg replaces the lid on the bin and removes the bin off the table. Greg examines the bin. Inside, he finds some yellow powder and nail scratchings. He takes a sample of the powder.

Fifth Scene:
Greg has the rubber trash bin suspended in a large glass container. He adds the small tray and puts a few drops into the tray. He fumes the trash bin. Greg's pager beeps. He checks it and leaves for the trace lab. Hodges is reading through a magazine waiting for him. He teases Greg about the shooting and that cops make great targets and CSIs get shot at all the time. Greg turns around, intending to leave the lab. Hodges gets professional. Greg turns back and steps up to the lab counter. Hodges teases him further, Greg gives him a look and Hodges backs down. Hodges reaches for the test results and gives them to Greg. Hodges realizes sooner or later, Greg has to going back to the hood. Hodges teases him again.

Sixth Scene:
Sofia walks into the lab where Greg is working on the rubber trash bin. Greg asks her what the best way to process the print is. She tells him to hand her over the digital photos so she can load them into the computer and reconstruct the image while he can finish processing. While working, she teaches him further about the handling of a print for court. Sofia works on the print while Greg cuts the print out of the rubber trash bin. She transfers the digital camera image into the computer. Greg cuts the trash bin. Sofia cut and copies the print. Greg opens a tape lift. He takes the sample and removes the print. Sofia scans the print into the computer and runs it. She gets a result. Greg looks at the print on the tape lift. Greg says he appreciates her help. He stands up and walks over to her. She tells him, who the computer has found.

Seventh Scene:
A couple of neighborhood kids walk by and see Greg standing out in the front yard. Brass walks out of the house, which is empty. Sara, Brass and Greg move around the house to check the back yard to find the missing kids. They see the hut to the storage shed. It's bolted shut from the outside. Brass and Sara pull out their guns. Brass unlocks the door and opens it. Brass, Sara and Greg walk into the cellar. The stairs lead down beneath the ground. They reach the bottom and start walking between the shelves. Brass calls out the name of the kids. They reach the back of the storage shed and find one kid. Brass calls for an ambulance. Sara steps forward to check on the little boy. He is alive. Sara asks for water and blankets. Greg turns to get them.

Eighth Scene:
Warrick, Nick and Greg are sitting in the break room, relaxing. They're sharing a bag of popcorn between them.

Best Dialogs:
Grissom: "You okay?"
Greg: "Hell no, I'm not okay."

Hodges: "Heard you had a real sphincter pucker last night. So what kind of gun are you getting?"
Greg: "Plenty of guns at crime scenes. Cops have them, some criminalists ..."
Hodges: "Yeah, cops make great targets. Plus, CSIs get shot at all the time, or didn't they tell you?"
Greg: "If this is why you paged me then I ..."
Hodges: "I got the results on the bin contents."
Greg: "Well?"
Hodges: "Are you sure you're okay? You don't look so good................
Greg: "That whole neighborhood looks like it was built in the 70s. Could've come from any one of the apartment buildings or the houses."
Hodges: "Which means that sooner or later, you're going to have to be going back out to the hood. Nervous?"
Greg: "Hmm ..."

My Comment:
The finding of the dead kid. Poor Greggo. He calls Grissom to report it to him in a broken, tearful voice. The way he says, "Grissom..." let me think he would like to have a hug and a kiss right now from his supervisor. "Iīll be right there", Grissom assures. Ah, his boy needs him and immediately heīs on his way. Touching.

The shooting. Greg takes cover behind a dumpster. Grissom startles but stays put. I donīt think Grissom is gutsier. Greg is just inexperienced and not used to situations like that. Also, the explosion in the lab is burned into his mind. Itīs obvious Greg likes to live and fears to lose his life. Grissom on the other hand is older and much more experienced. Field work is normal to him as are sudden incidents. His first thought goes to Greg. "You okay?" (It seems he cares more for him than for himself. So sweet.) Greg snaps: "Hell no, I'm not okay." Our dear young lab boy is definitely pissed and confused.

Greg and Hodges!!! What a couple. The tension between them is so strong it calls me to write a story but...I have no time at all. Well, maybe Iīll find the time some day.
The look on Gregīs face when he sees who sent him a message is priceless. He doesnīt like the idea of meeting Hodges or, worse, talking to him. And heīs right. Hodges is mean and tries to scare him about the dangers of field work. Greg pouts and is cowed.
But I noticed when Greg threats to leave the lab Hodges gives in. Why? Is even he falling for Gregīs boyish charm? Could it be he fears Greg would tell Grissom about his behavior, which could get him into big trouble? Well, certainly not. He would like to get into trouble with Grissom. He would like it a lot. Everyday and everywhere. All joking aside. Letīs become serious again. Could it be Hodges fears for Gregīs life too? NO. He wants to keep Greg in the lab to make sheepīs eyes at him all the time? Just kidding. Final conclusion: Hodges is the perfect Bad Boy. I always had a thing for them.

The case. Greg is deeply affected by it. Of course every normal human being would be. These signs of his humanity make him so lovable.

Sara. Nice again. She notices his feelings. Wow. Slowly but surely she realizes that there is more behind his pretty face than just a funny boy. She even asks: " You okay?" (Exactly like Grissom) "Yeah. Fine," Greg replies. Definitely a lie.

Warrick. He is concerned about Greg and calls to check on him. Is this really true or only one hell of a trick to impress Mia? In my world Warrick is a typical womanizer and I donīt trust him.

Sofia. I heard a bunch of fans complain that she lectures Greg. I donīt think so. She helps him and heīs grateful. Still, he stays distant. After all he doesnīt know her, sheīs a stranger to him. Smart boy. The masterīs grasshopper exactly.

The Ghetto boys. "What's up, white boy? What you looking at?" they say to him. Greg acts intimidated - I canīt blame him - but also defiant. Thatīs my boy.

The storage shed. He isnīt eager to go down there. Again - I canīt blame him. But he does anyway. Thatīs Grissomīs boy.

The happy threesome. Warrick, Nick and Greg share a bag of popcorn between them. The horror is over. Greg tells his friends something (about the case? a joke?). He laughs again. Nick and Warrick join in. A peaceful ending.

His outfit is gorgeous - as always.

Random note: "I love this guy," Brass tells Sofia about Grissom. The down-to-earth supervisor looks almost embarrassed. Oh dear. What a spectacular scene for Grissom/Brass shippers. Sorry, Iīm not one of them. But - the writers can put whatever they want into Brassī mouth, out comes always a fantastic quote.