Author: Daniela
Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, Romance, Smut
Series/Sequel: Sequel to "With me, Sparrow."
Summary: Boarding an enemy, missing scene from the movie.
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Warning: M/M, Slash
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Released: March 2009
Beta: Smith-Kingsley
Word Count: 2.830

Fucking filthy pirate. Pain in the ass. Captain Jack Sparrow.

James lay needy and desperate in his bed and cursed his nemesis, unable to find rest now or at any time.

The insufferable longing for Sparrow´s flesh... for his cock... for a fuck.

He so wanted to fuck the bastard again. He groaned in despair... in defeat.

Why? I had him. I defeated him. I made him mine. So where is this longing coming from? This neediness? He´s only a slender, tanned body... not so different from so many others I´ve wrecked in my life. So why?

The pressure in his groin became troubling. The burning desire for a man he wasn´t supposed to want, or worse... like.

Disgusted with himself, he got out of bed and rushed out to the balcony to inhale fresh air. But the taste of the sea didn´t help stop the longing. No, on the contrary, it reminded him even more of the pirate. A desire which was driving him toward eventual madness.

He had to fight this. He had to beat this. He was stronger than this. But for now his sighs filled the night, making the stars above blink mockingly.

I had my victory. But I don´t feel like a winner. No, not at all. The infamous Captain Jack Sparrow had escaped... But at what price? My heart? My soul? Myself?

Unhappy, he got dressed and walked to the beach. He couldn´t sleep anyway. He needed to clear his head and his mind.

He needed to get rid of Jack Sparrow´s lingering spirit.

A few minutes later, James reached a lonely beach, feeling as lost and forgotten as the many shells dappling the sand. In the same moment, he felt puzzled relief about Sparrow´s escape. Sparrow hadn´t gone to the gallows after all.

He´s out there... somewhere. Breathing. Living. Fucking.

James felt a shudder of passion run through him. The thought of Jack Sparrow being alive made him feel content and displeased at the same time. That was strange indeed.

No, more than strange. Unsettling. Dangerous. Fatal. He picked up a shell, observing it intensely before he threw it into the sea.

I´m lonely enough to wish to sup with the devil himself. I should be locked up. I should be punished. I...

"Waiting for me, luv?"

Gasping, James whipped around and drew his sword out. But it was too late.

Smoothly, the pirate wrenched the sword from his hands.

"What are you... doing here?" His voice sounded frantic, too loud, even to him. "Why didn´t you get away?"

"Don´t ye need the filthy pirate to feel better?" Agile, Sparrow grabbed him by the neck and pulled him close. "Don´t ye need me?"

"Don´t you..." James started, but the pirate´s rum-tasting lips captured his and shut him up. James staggered and fell back against the bole of a tree. The pirate clung to him, monkey-like and pushed his tongue inside his mouth. James moaned.

Sparrow pulled back.

"...dare," James breathed, defeated.

Sparrow smiled wickedly and loosened the laces on James´s breeches. "Last time wasn´t enough, eh?" He slipped his hand inside. "Tasted the good stuff, eh?"

He is right. The bloody bastard is so fucking right. God, I hate him.

A jolt raced through James and he welcomed the rubbing in greedy need.

"Easy," his enemy chuckled into his ear. His hand squeezed firmly. He shut the quivering lips of the Commodore once more.

The hot and slick tongue made James weak in the knees and hard in the groin. Desperate for support, he pressed his shaking body against the tree while the pirate pumped him eagerly. A groan rushed up in his throat and just then the clever tongue slipped out, and his pleasure could be heard in the stillness of the night.

"Aye," Sparrow whispered, satisfied. "Feel the pleasure. Let yerself go. Give in." He rubbed James faster.

James couldn´t help but obey. The pirate kissed him more passionately. James bucked wildly against him, losing in every sense.

"That´s it. Come for ol´ Jack." And then Jack let go of him, just like that.

James panted, helpless. For a second he feared the pirate had stopped but then he felt greedy lips on his cock. "Oh, bloody hell..." he gasped. The pirate sucked him in. His hardness was deeply buried in the filthy mouth.

He felt like he had never felt before.

Safe. He felt like coming home. The sensation brought him closer to the edge.

"Yes... suck... suck me you criminal... scum... suck my rod... you... ah... yes... yes... yes..." His insults turned into pleas, his anger into craving.

Sparrow stopped and looked up at him. "Aye, sir." He devoured James´s cock forcefully, smacking his lips loudly. "Ye taste... exquisite..."

James cried out and lost his balance, falling, landing on his back. Sparrow didn´t let go. His mouth sucked on and on. James wrapped his legs around Jack and wriggled his cock deeper into the demanding mouth, fighting for a few more seconds of joy, a few more seconds of this greatest of pleasures, forbidding himself to come.

Not... yet. Not...

The pirate wolfed him down like a tasty meal, like the best he had ever had, licking, slurping, smacking, grunting in glorious ecstasy.

"God! Oh God!" James came in a blast. He felt his insides inverted and gushing out like a fired cannonball. "FUCKING Gracious God!"

Luckily, their bed of sand was abandoned and far from any human life, otherwise it could have been embarrassing.

Sparrow chuckled victoriously, mouth dripping with fluid, and crawled over him, kissing him boldly. "I wanted ye like this... defeated and mine... since the day ye played me for a fool in yer cabin."

"I don´t understand..." James murmured, still trembling in the aftermath, perplexed at tasting his own seed through Sparrow´s mouth. "Why did you... come back?"

"Only to say goodbye, luv." His hands began to loosen the closely-wrapped cravat around James´s throat. "Why didn´t ye come after me?" He sounded disappointed, even offended. "I waited for two days."

"Are you out of your mind?" He slapped the dirty hands away. "What are you doing?"

"Making ye more comfortable. Ye don´t think this is over, eh? A fuck in yer strapping, British arse is vital to work off yer debt."

James blinked, once, and then threw him off. "NO!"

Chuckling, Jack landed on his arse. "Blimey! I almost forgot how strong ye are. Why did ye hold back?"

"I didn´t." James brushed the sand off his uniform and got up quickly, breeches invitingly ajar.

"I savvy." Jack shifted lazily on the sand, feeling vulnerable and superior at the same time. He had always wanted to feel this way. This was Commodore James Norrington, the man who had wanted him dead, the man who had fucked him like some worthless animal.

Jack moaned in anticipation of paying him back a double-greedy fuck. A pirate´s fuck. His nipples hardened at the image of complete and fulfilling victory. His right hand stole into his breeches and worked his cock. He was driven by such lust; he had never felt as strong as in the company of this stiff Briton.

Ah... destiny led me to him... and I´m fucking determined to keep him... under me. Me wicked and lustful lover.

"Stop it!" James snapped, affronted. "Get up!"

"Oh no. Get down here to battle it out."

"Mister Sparrow..."

Jack opened his breeches and displayed his glistening member. "Come on. Ye tasted it before. I know ye want another bite."

James glared at him. "You are... outrageous!"

"Come on!" He stroked his cock. "I´m full of lust. I´m yers." Lazily, he spread his legs, showing off like a naughty boy. "I´m good. Ye´d be missing one hell of a fuck..."

James´s mouth watered. His cock stirred fiercely and begged to spill its load once more. No. I can´t do this. I´m above him. I´m better than him. I´m no slut... "Leave."

"Nay," the pirate murmured, and rolled around, stroking and sighing, like a helpless fish stranded on the beach.

James stood frozen, mystified by this man.

The assault came sudden and inescapably, like the shot of a pistol, and showed iron strength behind the slender figure. The pirate wrapped his legs around James´s and pulled him down without the slightest effort.

"Damn!" James swore, while his arms paddled uselessly through the air, and his heart skipped a beat - he wasn´t sure if it was out of fear or excitement - before he landed on the half-naked body of Sparrow.

Immediately, impudent hands had a firm grip on his arse. "I order..." he started, but his mouth was captured and muted ferociously. James fought to throw the pirate off once again and failed.

Jack Sparrow held on and glided over him like a bloody shark, seizing his prey, giving him no chance to get away... giving him no chance at all. The game had turned seriously militant. The pirate and the officer were about to battle it out. James was still fighting, but flying arms were cutting through the air in vain, his eager mouth was disabled by an insisting tongue, and his crotch was pressed against the pirate´s arousal and infected in no time.

Just as he gave up and turned soft, his enemy broke the kiss. "At last... surrender..."

"I don´t..."

"...want to leave. Admit it. Ye had the chance. Why didn´t ye run away, eh?"

"I am no coward." The heat from Sparrow´s body overran him like a wave. Right there on the beach under the moon in the sand. The man on top of him was hot like the sun. He was in danger of burning up. I will have scars after this.

"No, yer not, luv."

"Sparrow... don´t..."

"Oh yes... beg me..."

"I´m not begging, you filthy..." He squirmed and curled and coiled in the pirate´s grip, only to succeed in getting them both a lot sandier and sweatier.

"A slippery fish ye are," Jack panted, while trying to get the upper hand. "I need to spike ye proper and good." Hastily, he tore James´s breeches down, ripping them.


"It´s me turn, Commodore. Ye showed me yers and now I show ye mine." He chuckled at his joke, exhilarated, and forced James around, forcing his face into the sand, feeling the flesh in the meantime, feeling the firm legs, sliding a finger in the promising hole.

"Take your hands off me!"

Snorting in amusement, Jack pushed him further into the sand as he pushed deeper inside of him. "Luvly." He wriggled a second finger in, exploring eagerly.

James squirmed around, spitting sand from his lips, cursing the day he had meet Jack.

"Nay. It was lucky ye met me to get fucked properly. It was about time ye were taken by a real man." Laughing, he wetted his fingers with saliva, again and again, shoving them in and out, in and out. "Ah. Good British officer. Ready to be fucked." He didn´t give James time to think, but buried his cock at once into the shuddering hole.

It felt like steel boring into his flesh. James screamed.

"Easy, me young prisoner. Don´t fight so much." Sparrow rested and made his cock comfortable.


The pirate pressed his mouth into the nape of James´s neck. "Easy. Make me welcome." Smoothly, he began to move, feeling warm and safe, sighing in satisfaction.

James grabbed a fistful of sand and tried to keep still. He failed. The tender strokes of the pirate won him over. For the first time in his life he felt utterly taken by someone he couldn´t command.

For the first time in life, he was not in control.

It was frightening. It was something he thought he would never experience. It was getting to him. Groaning, he pushed his arse back against the thrusts of his enemy, revealing his approval, revealing a hidden weakness to the man who could destroy him right here and now.

"Aye, luv, aye, that´s right, receive me... get fucked graciously." He glided over James´s back, poisoning his senses with his lustful, sweaty body, thrusting deeper and harder, fulfilling his darkest fantasies, thrusting brutally, pushing James to his limits. "I know ye like it rough, I know yer kind, Commodore."

James bucked under him, fear on his breath as well as in his heart. Fear for how much his body could take, but also for his peace of mind.

"Don´t ye worry. I never hurt a man who surrendered to me." He pushed harder, chuckling madly. "Not seriously." The victory was his. He would fuck this man like no other man. He would fuck him unconscious. "A few scars here, a little blood there won´t kill ye."

"I... didn´t surrender... you scum," he swore with gritted teeth. He wouldn´t scream again. He wouldn´t give this lunatic the satisfaction.

"Oh, me Commodore, stop pretending, start enjoying being fucked by me," the pirated teased with a blissful smile in his voice. "Don´t ye know this is a privilege?" His strokes turned feisty. The strokes of a man who liked to fuck frequently. The strokes of an expert.

"BASTARD!" James realized that this wasn´t the man he had made his bitch in his cabin a few nights ago. The man this night had played him greatly. This man here tonight, who was fucking him until he was going to bleed; this was the brute, the criminal. James clawed at the sand, wriggled and screamed, and felt the pleasure started ruling him against his will.

"AH! Commodore. Ye are so hot. This tight British hole. I´m on fire. Oh... oh... yes... come... come..." He was fucking himself senseless in the heat of this unbelievable conquest. "Surrender... come... spill for me... spill yer luv... spill... ahhhhhh... fucking fleshy hotness... oh yes... I´m the Captain of this British butt... me, Jack Sparrow... come me hearty... explode...."

It got to him. The hard taking was going to make him come so hard he was in danger of passing out.

NO! He didn´t want to.

No, I´m stronger than this, I´m stronger than him... He fought to resist, he fought like hell, but in the end he had to give in. His body screamed to give in. The soggy, sandy, dirty body of Sparrow pulled at him, screamed at him to give in. His cock wriggled its way into him, touching his most hidden place, touching his heart.

The wave was coming and there was no way to make it stop. He gasped. He whimpered. He shattered. No strength was left to fight the pirate, nothing was left to fight himself, shouting and thrashing like some wild unchartered sea, he yielded and came, screaming like a virgin, not giving a damn who would hear his surrender.

The moon above smirked.

"AYE!" Enjoying his victory, Jack cheered loudly, branding the Commodore´s ass with his load. "Take me filthy treasure. Enjoy it. Keep it. Luv it." He crashed on James´s back, keeping his cock deeply buried, grunting, overwhelmed by his success.

James bit back a sob. Sparrow had won. The pirate had found his way, not only into his body, but into his heart and soul.

"There ye go." Jack slid out and rolled off him. "Remember this as the day that ye became Captain Jack Sparrow´s."

"Filthy scum!" James spat at him.

Jack smiled. "I want ye to know that I was always rooting for ye, mate. Know that." He grabbed James by the hair, ruffled it to a mess, and pressed a kiss against his cheek.

James flinched in surprise at the pirate´s tenderness. "You are without doubt the cockiest pirate I have ever known."

"But also the cockiest pirate ye´ve ever fucked, eh?"

James snorted in disgust and turned away from him.

"We´ll see each other again, Commodore." Jack got up and stretched his body.

"I can´t wait... to cut your throat."

Jack chuckled. "Sweet dreams, Commodore Norrington." Casually, he put his member back into his breeches, well aware of the Commodore´s stare. "Savour me load 'til next time." He laughed arrogantly and then he was gone, leaving James shivering on the beach.

James put his ruined breeches on and searched for his shirt. He found it a few feet away, ruined for good, too. Sighing, he walked home, feeling his body hurting all over.

This time he had lost at all the points, but felt like a winner anyway. This is madness. I´m losing my mind. I should be court-martialed.

The house awaited him as empty as he had left it. Only one hour had passed. Astonished, he shook his head.

One bloody entertaining hour. He got into bed without cleaning himself, savouring every little bit of the pirate, as if it would make up for not having him close.

He knew the pirate would come back. The pirate would be back for another round.

Back for me.

Life seemed suddenly very precious.


Oh, God, no.

Not this.

Not him.



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