Home is you

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Stargate:Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Humor, Smut
Series/Sequel: No
Summary: Missing scene from "The Siege part 3"
Warning: Adult Fanfiction, Spoiler for Season 1 and 2
Disclaimer: No one of Stargate: Atlantis belongs to me.
Least of all Major John Sheppard. Damn.
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Word Count: 1.383
Released: August 2005
Beta: Anomaly, Lisa

Late at night, Elizabeth entered her quarters, feeling pretty distressed despite their recent success over the Wraith. The sight of John punishing himself for what had happened to Ford had been more than she could bear. John shouldn´t be that hard on himself; not after what he had done today to save the city of Atlantis and their lives. Sighing deeply, she turned the lights on and started to undress. First, she threw her jacket onto the chair, then her shirt. As she reached back to unclasp her bra, a husky voice made her stop her movement.

"What the hell took you so long?"

Shocked, she whirled around to find Major John Sheppard leaning against the wall. His eyes were like gleaming emeralds. At once, she covered her front with her arms.

"You should check your room before getting undressed," he scolded mildly. "Anyone could walk right in here and take advantage of you."

Of all the nerve! Elizabeth opened her mouth to order him out but closed it again. Stunned speechless, she just couldn´t think of a thing to say. Surprisingly, she felt no anger despite his effrontery but a strange delight and an odd, primitive excitement. He came to me. Just like that. He didn´t want to be alone in his quarters.

Sheppard´s gaze caressed her body - he checked her out from top to bottom and back again.

Had he smiled, even a little bit, she would have thrown him out in an instant but his expression was dead serious.

The sweetest thrill took hold of her and she swallowed nervously. Move. Do something. Say something. For Heaven´s Sake... "John..." The one simple word, his name, broke the spell.

Quickly, he moved forward and grabbed her by the arms.

Elizabeth gasped in surprise.

A long, thorough look grazed over her front and the small, transparent bra.

"Well, Major..."

He pushed her against the wall.

The rest of her speech was blown. Is he taking advantage of me? Does he think I´m weak and helpless because of my feelings for him? No. She had good instinct about such things, and his admiration for her was evident.

The first kiss came as quite a surprise but was not unwanted. A brief touch of her lips which left her wanting more. The second kiss took her breath away and her lips trembled against his. The third kiss seemed to last forever.

In feverish desire, she wrapped her legs around him and pushed her crotch against his member.

He growled and pushed her fiercely against the wall, driving his body against her.

Elizabeth moaned his name and John claimed her lips again, kissing her with a raving passion. Easily, his tongue slipped into her mouth and was met by hers. His hands and lips were all over her and still he managed somehow to get her and his pants down with surprising speed. Now. Now. I can´t wait one more second, Elizabeth thought. There was not a chance they were going to make it to the bed, which was close, but yet too far.

One strong hand found its way inside her panties, feeling hot, spreading, wetness.

"God...John...yes please."

One long finger slipped inside her pussy, teasing, and she moaned into the base of his neck. "More...please...more..."

He kissed her again while he rubbed her clit with sensitive pressure.

She couldn´t take it any longer. "Fuck me," she whispered, breathless.

His teeth bit her ear. "That´s the plan."


He smirked. "If you feel the need." Swiftly he entered her, and in one strong stroke his shaft glided in to the hilt.

Elizabeth gave a soft cry. Alive. He´s alive. And he´s mine. Mine. At once her lips were taken again - with a surprising ferocity. It was a very intense kiss. A bruising kiss. Her nipples became hard, rubbing against the fabric of her bra. She breathed helplessly into his mouth while her hands found comfort in his mess of so-called hair.

John broke the kiss and nibbled on her earlobe. "Elizabeth..."

"Suck my tits," she pleaded, inflamed.

He ripped her bra off, sucking instantly on one of her strapping nipples.

"John!" she cried not quite so softly this time.


"I want...," her voice trailed off. She couldn´t say it. No, she just couldn´t.

He knew anyway. "...harder, hmm?" Fondly, he quickened his path, thrusting into her, almost relentlessly, pounding the breath from both of them.

Moving her hips with him, Elizabeth bent her head back and gave herself up, whimpering with relish. This is...he is... His hard strokes pushed her against the wall - again and again. Waves of pleasure raced through her body right to her center. If this is wrong I never want to be right again.

Hungry kisses went along with the hard strokes, becoming wilder, almost desperate.

Elizabeth felt she was close, so close. "Now, please now."

"I can´t...hold back any longer. It´s..." he confessed in a rather heartbreaking tone of voice.

"So...don´t," she groaned in agreement.

Once more, he thrust forward and buried himself into her.

Her release came as a wild rush of sensations, filling her body with heat and pleasure, and she screamed while he shot his seed into her.

Softly, John clapped a hand over her mouth while he smothered his own loud groans into the flesh of her neck.

Lost in the moment of pure satisfaction, Elizabeth felt in heaven, for the first time complete. They held on to each other until John, cradling her in his arms, tried to make it somehow to the bed, despite the fact his pants were hanging around his ankles.

Elizabeth laughed softly. "Just put me down for a second. This is absolutely ridiculous."

"Trust me." John grinned. "It´s not that far. I was confronted by harder challenges in my life."

She was put down onto the bed, feeling his hands busy getting the rest of her clothes off. "Really? Were those challenges of the same kind?"

"No." John chuckled. "Never like this. Never so delightful."

Finally completely naked, they slipped under the covers, getting as close as humanly possible.

"Now, I´m home," John murmured.

"Yes, you are," she replied, touched. I´ll never let him out of my sight again. Better, we´ll never leave this room again. Elizabeth smiled to herself. Nonsense, of course. But for the moment she believed it to be true.

Firmly, he laid a hand on her breast. "Are you tired?"

"Not quite, Major," she whispered, a wicked smile on her lips.


Eventually, they slept, deeply satisfied and also grateful for their mutual time of peace.

Later, as it was nearly morning, Rodney McKay´s voice startled Elizabeth from her sleep.

"Elizabeth?!" he shouted through the door from outside her quarters.

"Yes?" Guiltily, she slipped out of John´s comforting arm.

"Colonel Caldwell is looking for Major Sheppard. Do you know where he is?"

As a matter of fact I do. "No. Isn´t he in his quarters?"

"No. The Colonel thought..." his voice trailed off and he sounded very uncomfortable.

John awoke and started kissing her breasts.

"The Colonel thought what?" Elizabeth asked, puzzled.

"Ah...never mind. Go back to sleep."

She heard him walk away. "Stop this!" she ordered John unexpectedly sharply.

"Why?" he pouted.

"What did you tell the Colonel?"

"Nothing. How could I tell him anything? A few hours ago there was nothing to tell."

He was right, of course. "But why does he assume...?"

"...I´m right here with you? Well, we didn´t hide our feelings very well yesterday, did we? I think Caldwell is just very insightful."

Shit! That´s not what I wanted. I thought we can keep this - us - to ourselves - if just for a short time.

"It´s better I leave," he murmured, disappointed, apparently sensing her inner struggle.

"No." At once, she felt sorry about her mixed feelings and hugged him dearly. "I won´t let you." He´s alive. Nothing else is important.

"You won´t, huh?" Playfully, he pinned her to the mattress.

"No. I´m still in command," she teased affectionately.

"Sure." He grinned down at her. "So what´s the order?"

"Fuck me again."

His eyes became dark and mysterious. "I´ll do something even better." He glided down and spread her legs.

"John," she gasped, bewildered, feeling his tongue dancing around her most sensitive spot. "Johnny..."

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