Stephen Holder - Moments

4. Season

Blood in the Water

Caroline tells Holder that she is pregnant. He is pretty shocked.

Holder throws his burning cigarette against the face of a cadet, who is a real asshole.

Holder asks Caroline to marry him.


Holder and Caroline shop for groceries.

Holder falls asleep with a baby shoe in his hand.

The Good Soldier

Holder can´t handle the stress anymore. He lashes out at his family, verbally harasses his sister, her kids, and his girl-friend Caroline. He is most unhappy right now. Later at night he takes drugs. At the AA meeting in the morning he more or less confesses that he got away with murder.

Dream Baby Dream

Holder is out of control. He threatens and insults witnesses. He flees to a church but finds no comfort there.

Truth Asunder

Holder treats Kallie´s mother pretty badly.

Holder seeks comfort in church. He says repeatedly, "Where is he?", and starts to cry.


Holder more or less confesses to Caroline that he is in big trouble and has to make a choice between him and her. Caroline knows at once he talks about Sarah Linden. Holder cries.

Holder learns that Caroline will be having a girl. He smiles. He makes his choice.

Holder goes to the cemetery. He meets Kallie´s mother. He gives her the earring of her daughter back and apologizes to her.

Holder visits Bullet´s grave. "What´s up little B?" He puts her necklace on the gravestone. He looks lost. He chokes down tears and walks away.

Holder cuddles his little girl Kalia before he puts her on the Happy Time Day Care bus.

3. Season

That you fear the most

Holder and his girlfriend Caroline, who is so sweet to him.

Head Shots

Holder tries to become friends with the streetgirl Bullet.

Scared and Running

Holder tries to comfort the streetgirl Bullet. The first time she punches him in the stomach. The second time she allows him to hug her.

Eminent Domain

Holder gets dressed down by Skinner.

Hope Kills

Holder checks out if Bullet is okay.


Because he has almost lost Linden Holder is furious with Bullet who lied to him. He slaps the girl around, says very harsh things, and throws her out of the police station.


Holder finds Bullet dead in a trunk. He is beat. Calls himself an addict. Screams at his girlfriend Caroline to get out. Tries to kiss Linden. Beats up his partner Reddick.

Six Minutes

Holder talks to Adrian, Seward's son, saying a lot of silly stuff.

Holder throws beer cans at gravestones.

Holder helps Adrian to smooth his hair.

From Up Here

Holder at Bullet's funeral.

Holder apologizes to Caroline. She accepts and says he can see her later.

Holder apologizes to Reddick. He accepts. They are good.

Holder complaining about walking in the woods for a mile.

The Road to Hamelin

Holder and Internal Affairs. A disaster of its own.

Holder got punched by Reddick.

Holder figures out who the killer is and races after Linden.

2. Season


Holder gets his badge as a homicide detective.

Holder has to witness Belko killing himself.

My Lucky Day

Gil Sloane tells Holder the truth. He is done.

Holder leaves his badge in front of Linden´s door.


Holder is in danger of taking drugs again.

Holder having a one-night stand in a car, no fun at all.

Ogi Jun

Holder is back to eating meat.

Holder is left alone on the street - again.


Holder gets hit on by a man. He plays along for a while to get information.

Left alone by Linden at the Casino Holder got caught and beaten up badly.

Off the Reservation

Holder gives his nephew Davey the coin back he once had stolen from him.

Sayonara Hiawatha

Holder breaks into the flat of his ex-mentor Gil, and eats his food, and challenges him.

Holder makes a big scene at the casino.

72 Hours

Holder on his own, doing everything to get Linden out of the mental institution. In the end he succeeds.


Back to the casino with the FBI. Holder makes an entrance.

In the car. Holder gets rid of the tail.

What I know

Holder shoots Jamie dead.

1. Season


Holder crashes into Linden´s office.

In the woods - finding a doll.

The Cage

Holder tricks two schoolgirls into telling him the secret meeting point.

A soundless Echo.

The L.T. says Holder looks worse than the junkie in there. The junkie boy asks if his co-workers know that Holder has the same itch as he has.

What you have left

Holder is wearing a suit and a tie.


Holder´s speech at the AA meeting.


Holder breaks Jack´s pass code to his cell phone.

Orpheus descending

Holder delivers the evidence to arrest the suspect.