Stephen Holder & Sarah Linden

Why them?

She is the boss. He is the lost boy. At first they don´t like each other much. Now they are BFF´s. Both are addicts.

How they met?

At work. Both are cops in Seattle Homicide division.


4. Season

Blood in the Water

Holder and Linden meet at Linden´s house at night after they have dumped Skinner´s body and discuss what to do next.

Holder takes the cup of coffee from Linden and throws it away, because she had more than enough.

Holder watches amused the clash between Linden and Colonel Rayne. He is secretly proud that Linden put the Colonel in place.

She calls Holder at night just to tell him about a new clue. Someone hammers at her door at night, and she assumes it´s Holder.


Reddick insults Linden. Holder pays him back by giving Reddick the cold shoulder.

Linden screams his name. Holder dashes up the stairs.

Linden gets into another clash with Colonel Rayne. Holder talks her into leaving.

The Good Soldier

Linden confesses to Holder that she can´t find the second shell casing. She is drowning in misery. She wants to confess. Holder doesn´t want to hear about it and talks her out of it.

Holder tells Linden that Reddick doesn´t stop asking questions. Linden is pissed because Holder didn´t tell her earlier.

Linden sends a text to Skinner´s daughter Bethany via Skinner´s cell phone without telling Holder. He is utterly pissed that Linden kept the phone. They accuse each other of losing their shit. Linden says they get away with it. Isn´t that what Holder wanted?

Dream Baby Dream

Holder behaves out of control. Linden suspects he did use again. Holder gets angry and leaves the car. The next day he apologizes and they are good again.

Holder calls Linden. The police found Skinner and the bodies in the lake. Linden and Holder have to watch the rescue of Skinner´s dumped car. They both look terrified and lost.

Truth Asunder

Holder feels defiant due to Linden´s pushy behavior. He asks her to chill.

A warrant they need is denied. Linden runs off to ask Holder´s girlfriend Caroline for help. Holder looks pretty awkward between the two women, more than ever when Linden turns pushy towards Caroline, too. He asks Linden to chill in a harsh tone. Caroline looks confused but stays friendly. Linden leaves. Holder looks torn, but he follows Linden.

Holder and Linden have a big fight. She accuses him of lying to her. He says he did nothing. It was all her. He was only trying to help. She says he will be a bad father. He says she is already a bad mother. She runs off.

Reddick tries to convince Holder to snitch on Linden to save himself. Linden witnesses them talking.


Holder learns that Caroline will be having a girl, not a boy. He chooses to protect his girl. He couldn´t protect Bullet, but he certainly will protect Sarah Linden.

Holder and Linden argue about arresting Kyle. Linden pulls her gun and aims it at Holder. She accuses him of taking the missing shell casing and of leaving her, too. He says nothing in return but glares at her and stands his ground. Eventually she breaks down, close to tears. He leaves.

Linden confesses to Reddick that it was her who killed Skinner. She says Holder had nothing to do with it. Reddick says he offered Holder a deal to save himself. Holder told Reddick to fuck himself in the rear end. So, even with the baby coming, Holder chose to protect Linden, not himself. Linden barely achieves to control her emotions.

The interview is over. Linden is free to go. She looks at the one-sided mirror. She knows Holder is on the other side, watching, listening to everything. And he is. He witnesses how she puts her badge on the table and leaves.

Kallie´s mother asks Holder if he is still working with Linden. He dodges the answer and walks away. He looks devastated.

Clearing her house Linden finds the missing shell casing. It was here after all. She looks crushed.

Years later Linden is back to Seattle. She shows up in front of the building where Holder maintains the AA meetings. They talk about their kids and she more or less apologizes for doubting him. She says that she and he in that car that was home, that he is her best friend. Holder looks overwhelmed and asks her to stay. She says she can´t. Holder hugs her and she hugs him back. He lets her go.

Linden sees what Holder was talking about. She changes her mind and comes back to him. He sees her and walks towards her. She smiles.

3. Season

The Jungle

Holder visits Linden at her house. They talk about Holder´s new case, her boyfriend Cody, and her son Jack.

Holder and Linden both say they quit smoking. They both lie to each other.

That you fear the most

Linden visits Holder at the office. He asks her if she misses the job and she says "no". He knows she´s lying.


Linden is back on the job. Holder appears shocked and confused.

Holder´s partner calls Linden his "old lady".

Holder and Linden are back to working together, not going home, or getting any sleep.

Head Shots

He kicks a door open for her.

Holder defends Linden to his partner Reddick.

Linden notices the attachment between Holder and Caroline.

Linden only talks to Holder about a new lead, and finally fires back to Reddick´s insults. Holder hides a smile.

Holder is going with Linden to follow the new lead. He sees her smoking but doesn´t say a word about it.

Holder teases Linden about Reddick. Linden asks Holder about his relationship to Caroline. Holder teases her about being jealous. They both smile.

Scared and Running

Linden asks for the carkeys. She wants to drive. Holder teases her, "Just like old times". She insults him about his addiction meetings, but says sorry almost immediately. Holder gives her his pack of cigarettes. She takes one cigarette. (So both know now that they are both still smoking but nobody talks about it.)

Holder tells Linden about Jack calling him and how happy he is in Chicago. Linden is hurt by this.

Holder puts his hoodie outfit on to talk to a gang. Linden smiles.

Holder invites Linden to come to his dojo to have some food. She says no.

Linden changes her mind and comes to Holder´s dojo. She makes excuses why she is here. Holder´s girlfriend Caroline is there too. It´s Valentine´s Day. Caroline has a present for him. Holder has none. Linden is witness to the awkward situation.

Eminent Domain

Holder confronts Linden about the way she pressures the injured girl. Linden leaves without him.

Reddick calls Holder "Mrs. Linden" and says that he has to sleep on the coach tonight.

Linden touches Holder and he says he´s having a girlfriend. (Oh. Look who is a little bit sensitive here.)

Hope Kills

Skinner addresses Holder about his unfitting outfit. Linden hides a smile.

Linden and Holder talk about her leaving Seattle to move to her son Jack, further about her ex-boyfriend Cody who can´t let go of her. Holder offers to beat him up if he hurts Linden´s feelings.

Holder flips out. Linden tries to calm him down. He leaves.


Linden gets kidnapped by the main suspect. Holder worries deeply.

Holder threatens a young policeman who made a very bad joke about Linden.

Over the radio Linden tells how she once found her very good friend standing on a bridge, having no hope. This way Holder knows the location to which the kidnapper has brought Linden.

Holder calls Linden by her first name: Sarah.

Holder pushes the man who kidnapped Linden to the ground before other police men take him away. (He would have shot him- wouldn´t be the first one - season 2!)

Linden sits on the ground, breathing harshly, trying to calm herself. Holder sits down next to her and puts a hand on her shoulder, squeezing it gently.

Linden smokes without permission in the interrogation room. Amused Holder observes that through the glass.

Linden goes home. Holder appears unannounced, bringing Chinese takeout food. She smiles.

They eat together and talk about how scared she was and his feelings of concern. Further they talk about the Picasso case. He takes the file home with him to give her some rest.


Holder insults the mom of the missing girl. Linden just says his name and he stops.

At the storage room they split up. The suspect disarms Linden and starts beating her up badly. Holder comes running, throws him off her, and kicks him a few times into the ribs. Then he holds him down to let Linden kick him a few times more.

Holder starts to open the trunk of the suspect´s taxi. Linden notices a familiar necklace and runs to him shouting to not open the trunk. He does anyway and finds Bullet inside the trunk. Dead.

Linden comes to Holder´s dojo to comfort him. He gives her a smoke and says he should have picked up the phone when Bullet called. Linden soothes him fervently. Holder tries to kiss her. She brushes him off. He breaks down and cries desperately.

Six Minutes

Holder brings the Seward file to Linden because she's at the prison at the day of the execution. He has been drinking since yesterday and can barely look at Linden.

Linden wants to leave because Seward lied to her. Holder doesn't let her. He tells her she´s always leaving, running away, because she's afraid to get hurt. He also says he will never try to kiss her again. He then snorts a laugh. She laughs, too.

Linden shouts into her phone to make the man on top let Seward see his son. Holder takes her phone away and says, "It´s over." She cries.

From Up Here

Holder learns that Linden stays in Seattle and with the police. That makes him happy.

Holder finds out that Linden and Skinner are romantically involved. He teases her a lot. She laughs and teases back.

Having a new lead Holder and Linden disagree about what to do next.

Holder and Linden walk through the woods. She tells him something about her childhood and finally admits that she was a runner. He looks slightly caught off guard.

Linden climbs up to the treehouse. Holder is concerned that she breaks her neck. Linden orders him to go to the edge of the pond. He shuffles over.

The Road to Hamelin

After Holder was let go by Internal Affairs he races after Linden and Skinner.

Holder finds Linden and Skinner in the woods. He tries to talk her out of shooting Skinner. He fails.

2. Season


Linden ignores Holder´s phone calls. He tricks her by getting to her through Jack.

She comes to the office. He smiles and jokes. She behaves coldly. He knows she lies to him but not why.

My Lucky Day

Holder learns why Linden is back and what she thinks of him. He comes to her door, knocking, shouting to let him in. He can explain everything. She doesn´t open the door. He throws his badge away and leaves.


Linden comes to get Holder who is running around in the middle of a street on a bridge.

Ogi Jun

Holder is jealous about Linden´s FBI contact and behaves immature.

Linden gives Holder his badge back.

They have a nice talk in the car, but when Holder teases her with Sonoma again, Linden makes him get out of the car and drives off.

Ghosts of the Past

Holder teases Linden that the people at work think he is the reason she broke up with Sonoma.

Holder sends Linden home to take care of her sick son Jack.


Linden is having some kind of a panic attack. Holder is concerned.

Linden and her son search refuge in Holder´s apartment.


Holder soothes Linden´s fears. They are safe here with him.

Linden´s son Jack and Holder are having breakfast at his apartment the next morning.

Holder tells Linden about the spare key to his apartment.

On the drive to the Casino Holder and Linden have a big argument. She leaves him at the gate to the Casino. He snorts.

Linden has to listen over the phone to Holder being beaten up.

Off the Reservation

Linden and the search team find the half to death beaten Holder in the woods. She screams his name. Twice.

Holder is in the hospital. Linden watches him through the window, almost crying.

Linden sends Jack to his father in Chicago. Holder comes to the airport because Jack called him to say good-bye. He comforts the devastated Linden, patting her on the back.

Sayonara Hiawatha

Holder defends Linden against Lt. Carson.

Holder offers Linden she can crash at his place. She denies.

Holder says that Linden can talk to him whenever she feels the need.

Holder distracts the guards at the casino so that Linden can sneak in.

72 Hours

Holder visits Linden in the mental institution. She pleads to get her out of here. He promises he will.

Holder achieves that Rick Felder, Linden´s past shrink and ex-fiancé signs Linden´s release papers.

Linden sees Rick through the glass, but when she comes out he´s gone. There is only Holder. They smile at each other and walk out.

In the car Linden falls asleep while Holder is driving.


It is morning. Holder and Linden have slept in the car. He buys them breakfast.

Donnie or Marie

In Holder´s dojo. He mentions that she never told him that her boyfriend Rick was also her shrink.

What I know

Linden puts a hand on Holder´s chest to calm him down.

Holder is chewing gum. Oh dear.

Jamie aims a gun at Linden. Holder shoots him instantly. Jamie is dead.

Linden sits in the dark office. Holder comes in and switches the light on. He sees her. He switches the light off again and sits down in the dark with her.

They both sit in the car in front of the Larson´s house. Holder gets a call about a new case. Linden decides to leave the car before she gets involved again. He drives off.

1. Season


He stumbles into her office. She is packing her things. The L.T. made Linden stay for one more day. So they have to work together.

Holder talks Linden into checking out the ATM card and fate takes its course.

Linden leaves Holder without a ride in a school.

The Cage

Standing in the rain under one umbrella. He smokes. She waves the fumes away.

Linden´s son Jack likes Holder. Linden is not happy about it.

Holder stays back at the school, telling Linden he´ll find a ride.

El Diablo

Holder complains about Linden staying.

Holder slightly touches Linden´s arm passing by.

Linden got stabbed. Holder looks guilty and also impressed by how cool she takes it.

Linden brings coffee along for Holder.

Holder says sarcastically "okay, boss," pissed that she has the lead and is not going away.

She looks concerned because it looks like he smokes weed to get information from streetkids. But it´s only nark-weed. It smells and tastes like weed but isn´t weed.

A soundless Echo

Holder complains to Linden about their partnership. She sends him on a city bus tour.

Super 8

Linden catches Holder counting a lot of money.

Holder tells Linden things about his personal life.

What you have left

Linden complains that Holder doesn´t bring a coffee for her, too. He insults her in the sugar-coated way.

Linden leaves Holder without a car on the streets. He looks like he could kill her.


Holder complains that Linden is still here.

Holder teases Linden about her understanding boyfriend Rick.


Holder shouts at Linden.

Linden finds out that Holder is a recovering drug addict.

Linden and Holder come to an understanding.


Linden lies to the L.T. to protect Holder.

I´ll let you know when I get there

Holder brings a doughnut for Linden. She only takes a bite and throws the rest in the garbage.


Linden´s son Jack is missing. Holder stays at her side to find him.

Linden asks Holder for a cigarette.

Linden tells Holder things about her personal life.

Linden wants to take a look at a dead boy found in the streets. Holder holds her back. She screams.

Linden cries. Holder pats her shoulder.

Beau Soleil

Holder meets Jack´s father.

Holder jokes about dating.

Orpheus descending

Holder is doing math. Linden is amused.

Holder and Linden say good-bye.

Stephen Holder & Sarah Linden