House of Hoarders

Greg and the team investigate a messy house with many bodies.

Best Quotes:
Greg: "It´s like she melted right into the rug."
Greg: "Is it wrong this place is starting to feel like home?"
Greg: "This could take til Christmas."

Best Moment:
Greg, Sara and Nick almost got shot by a hidden rifle, which falls down.

My Comment:
Yak! One more episode with many cross and disgusting images.
That´s why I stopped eating while watching CSI a long time ago.
Positive: Many scenes with Greg. He´s even talking, not just looking good. Oh joy!
He is also clever enough not to interfere in Sara´s and Nick´s disagreement.
We learn something new about Sara´s background. Well...why are you not with the love of your life in Paris?
I just don´t get it! Maybe your true love is Greg or Nick after all? Is it?
Isn´t it strange that a pretty girl who killed many doesn´t disgust us as much as a woman,
who hoards everything and lives in a house of garbage?