• Greg´s appearance: self-confident

  • 5 Scenes: With Grissom, Sara
    and Warrick

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He likes to eat mean liver and onions? Ugh!
  • Misc.:
    He finds a new replacement in the lab - Mia Dickerson.

First Scene:
Greg and Mia Dickerson, the new DNA Technician, walk into the lab. Warrick, who paged Greg, is sitting at the table with an array of items on it. He points at them asking Greg, "What's missing?" Greg takes a moment and looks at the various school books and bags on the table. Greg doesn´t know. Mia points out the clothes in which the missing girl shall have changed out of are not here. At the sound of her voice, Warrick looks up. Greg introduces Mia and Warrick. Warrick is impressed, Mia isn´t. She also knows about his running bet with another CSI over how long the new hire lasts. They skip it and talk about the evidence. Mia leaves the room. Warrick watches her. Greg teases him, and leaves Warrick chuckling.

Second Scene:
Warrick walks into the lab. Mia reports to him. Warrick has a question, Mia starts to answer, but Greg interrupts her giving the answer himself. Warrick asks further and again, Greg interrupts Mia. Warrick turns to leave; Mia stops him to give him an advice how to notify a community about a predator. Warrick's pager beeps. He checks it. They found the missing girl.

Third Scene:
Mia puts a sample into the blender container and grinds it up. Greg sits at the table watching her. She smiles at him as he watches her, prompting her along, helping her by holding out the next instrument she's going to be using. She tells him, she doesn´t need help. Greg knows but he stays anyway. He sits back in his chair as she continues to work. He asks her if she would like to grab a bite later. She blows him off.

Fourth Scene:
Sara and Greg stand at opposite ends of the trace table. On it are two boxes filled with bags of evidence. Greg wants to help out. Sara tells him this counts as field work. She asks him if he wants the dirty laundry or garbage. Greg starts to answer, but Sara makes the choice. She gives Greg the garbage. They each grab their box. They place it in front of themselves and open the bags inside. Sara goes through the clothes' pockets. Greg picks through the garbage. Greg pulls out a scrunched up piece of paper. It's of a map. It shows directions to the convenience store from the pedophile's address. Greg hands the paper to Sara.

Fifth Scene:
Warrick finds Grissom in the hallway. He hands him the results. Greg walks up to Grissom and Warrick. He tells Grissom the blood test results Mia had to run twice. He isn´t happy about it. Warrick´s eyes widen. He quietly steps away from the two. Grissom explains he expects things to be done correctly. Greg tells him his attitude towards Mia is unfair. Grissom agrees. Greg says the blood on the handkerchief is also match to the victim. Grissom realizes what it means and smiles.

Best Dialogs:
Greg: "So would you like to grab a bite later? I know a diner down the street that serves a mean liver and onions."
Mia: "I don't eat out."
Greg: "Never ever?"
Mia: "I don't like expectorant."
Greg: "Really?"
Mia: "Kitchen staff talk while they prepare your food and then the wait staff repeats your order over the plate, and by the time you get your meal, there are several DNA samples coating it."
Greg: "Wow."
Mia: "Yeah. No, thank you. I don't eat birthday cake either."
Greg: "Oh, blowing out the candles."
Mia: "Ugh. Don't get me started."

Greg: "I re-tested the t-shirt and the blanket. The blood still matches Alicia Perez. The evidence supports this ... unless you'd like to second-guess that also."
Grissom: "I just expect things to be done correctly, Greg."
Greg: "We all have to learn how to accept change. Mia's doing a great job. It would be nice if someone other than me said so."
Grissom: "You're right."

My Comment:
Greg is happy. He found a new replacement in the lab and can go doing field work. Mia is a lot more likable than Chandra Moore. At once, Greg is flirting with her and she blows him off. Oh boy.
Greg grew up. He dares to confront Grissom, because he treats Mia unfair. Wow. Go Greggo. Warrick, who is witness to this flees the scene. Is he that scared of Grissom? Maybe, Warrick just doesn´t like to get involved. Maybe, he doesn´t like to watch Greg´s dressing-down. But Grissom doesn´t snap at Greg. He concedes Greg is right. OH MY GOD. Is this the behavior of Gil Grissom, supervisor or Gil Grissom, lover? It´s for sure a miracle.
Greg is nice. Greg is helping Sara to search for evidence in a garbage bag. Luckily he discovers something important. Will Sara ever appreciate his dedication? The same question is directed at Grissom.

Note: Mia doesn´t look happy when Greg interrupts her, while she is telling Warrick the results. Twice.
Is Warrick chuckling because Greg teases him about Mia or because he doesn´t believe Greg is into women at all? Quite an interesting thought isn´t it?

Cherry on the cake:
Grissom appears in the lab, finds Mia and with a puzzled look on his face he snaps "Where´s Greg?" Do you miss him that much, Gil?
Besides, Grissom doesn´t trust Mia to run the tests accurately. Well, that proves what a high opinion he has of Greg Sanders, lab boy. :-)) Grissom doesn´t seem happy when Mia is telling him, Greg is helping Sara. For whatever reason.