Gum Drops

  • Greg´s appearance: Cool

  • 9 Scenes: With Sara,
    Nick and Warrick

  • Shippyness: G/S, G/N

  • What we learn about him:
    His dad was used to take him
    sailing when he was a kid.
  • Misc.:
    He knows "The Wizard of Oz".

First Scene:
Int. McBride Residence - Morning:
Greg and Warrick walk into the house, joining Sara and Nick to search for evidence. Greg takes the outside examining a window. He tries to open it and then takes several photos of it.

Second Scene:
Ext. McBride Residence - Morning:
Greg snaps a couple of photos of a tire print in the dirt. He talks to the sheriff and looks around. He finds some Bubblicious gum and snaps photos of it.

Third Scene:
Int. McBride Residence - Kitchen - Day:
Sara dusts the kitchen for prints. Greg comes by and they talk. Greg looks through the mail and opens the electric bill. Sara walks around the corner and walks down the stairs leading to the cellar.

Fourth Scene:
Int. McBride Residence - Day:
Sara calls for Greg and he joins her. The McBrides have a pot farm complete with artificial light. Sara and Greg walk down the stairs.

Fifth Scene:
Int. McBride Residence - Basement - Day:
Sara snaps photos. Warrick looks around. Nick and Greg process the place.

Sixth Scene:
Int. Sheriff´s Department - Garage - Evening:
Warrick has the plants on the lit table while Greg is looking the car interior over with an ALS. He finds a receipt in the back of the car. Also he finds a Bubblicious piece of gum. The exact kind of gum he found at the house. He tells Warrick who doesn´t listen. Nick walks in and tells them the news.

Seventh Scene:
Ext. Pioche - Sidewalk - Day:
Nick heads over to the park table where Greg, Warrick and Sara are sitting, eating and discussing the case. Sheriff Brackett comes by and puts a basket of muffins on the picnic table. He tells them the news and gives Warrick a video tape. The sheriff and Warrick leaves. Greg and Sara gather their things. Nick stays back

Eighth Scene:
Ext. Locke Residence - Front Drive - Day:
Greg and Sara are looking through at the boat parked in the driveway.

Ninth Scene:
Ext. Locke Residence - Front Drive - Day:
Greg and Sara are both on the boat, looking around on deck. Greg tells her something from his childhood.

Best Dialogs:

Sara: "I was really into gold stars when I was a kid."
Greg: "As opposed to now?"
Sara: "I think this print dust is getting to me. Would you mind finishing the fridge?"
Greg: "Do I get a gold star?"
Sara: "Ha-ha-ha."

Warrick: "I was talking to Tina the other night. She said something to make me think."
Greg: (coughs) "...Yoko Ono..."

My Comment:
The best episode this season so far. Good story and directing and lots of Greg scenes finally. The music is wonderfully soft and sad.

Greg and Sara. The gold star matter. Nice how he teases her and how she pouts. Greg jokes about Warrick´s marriage and Sara adopts the joke a minute later. Greg smiles. Then he teases Warrick again and Sara smiles. That´s really nice. Greg tells Sara something about his dad. Hey. When a man tells a woman something personal about himself that´s always a good sign. I still think it would be very good for Sara to get involved with Greg.

Greg and Nick. Greg makes a joke about Warrick´s marriage and Nick laughs out loud.

Greg is the one who finds the dropped pieces of gum in the first place. Way to go, boy.

Only the lack of Grissom is a little bit disappointing. The spoilers for this episode have been so promising. I would have liked seeing Grissom and Greg to sleep over in the same motel room but then again I would have hated seeing Grissom and Sara to get together.