Law of Gravity

  • Gregīs appearance: Brief!

  • 1 Scene: with Archie

  • Shippyness: None

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Greg closes his phone. He talks to Archie.

Best Dialog:
Hodges: "There are no words to describe how glad I am you're back."
Grissom: "But I'm sure you'll find some."
Hodges: "The lab almost went to hell in a handbag while you were sabbaticalling. I'm sure you talked to Catherine, but just in case you didn't...lot of hurt feelings, so in case you talk to Nick..."
Grissom: "I'd rather hear it from Catherine, thanks."
Hodges: "Fair enough, but, uh, permit me to say that the "Seasonal Behaviors of the Walden Pond Swamp Mosquito" was an incredibly stimulating seminar."
Grissom: "And you know this how?"
Hodges: "I took your course online. It's free to alumni."
Grissom: "Oh, you're Spanky."
Hodges: "Seven-four-three. I aced the final, didn't I?"

My Comment:
Grissom is back but a tremendous lack of Greg makes me angry. Worse, there is no G/G moment. Thatīs so unfair!

Hodges had me in stitches with laughter. He is Grissomīs new favorite lab boy. Oh why did Greg ever leave his comfy place?