Grave Danger

  • Gregīs appearance: Concerned

  • 10 Scenes: With everyone

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/N

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Hodges and Greg sit at the table, a Dukes of Hazzard board game between them. Greg listens as Hodges explains the game to him. After this they play the game.

Second Scene:
Grissom heads out of the lab and rushes through the hallway where Greg catches up with him. He pulled all of Nick's active and recent cases. Grissom asks Greg to find out if anyone had a grudge against Nick. Grissom heads down the hallway. Greg heads in a different direction.

Third Scene:
Warrick reports his findings to the group. They discuss what else they have found out this far. Suddenly they hear rising voices outside. Hodges and another man are yelling in the hallway. The group stands up and goes to take a look. Hodges has a hold on a package while the delivery man tries to get it away from him. The security guard has the delivery man in a hold while Hodges takes the package from him. Hodges puts the package on the nearby counter just as Grissom, Catherine and the others round the corner. Grissom asks what Hodges is doing. Hodges shows Grissom the envelope. Itīs addressed to Nick. Grissom puts on his gloves and picks up the package. Grissom carries the package into the lab while everyone waits outside. Grissom examines the package and finds a tape cassette and a flash drive. Everyone continues to wait out in the hallway.

Fourth Scene:
Grissom slips the cassette tape into a player and presses "PLAY". Music plays. Grissom picks up the USB flash drive and moves to the computer. The music continues to play in the background. A message appears on the monitor: ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN 12 HOURS. OR THE CSI DIES. DROP-OFF INSTRUCTIONS TO FOLLOW. The music continues. AND NOW FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE. YOU CAN ONLY WATCH. Grissom clicks on the button, "WATCH". The team sees Nick inside the box on the monitor. Warrick stares at the monitor. Sara's eyes well up with tears as they watch Nick in the box.

Fifth Scene:
The timer on the monitor beeps. Sara, Warrick, Catherine and Greg stand in front of the monitor watching. Grissom sits at the table behind them. Grissom figures Nick is got about an hour and 15 minutes of air left in that box. If the kidnapper is going to keep him alive for 12 hours, it must mean that he's got an additional air supply for the box.

Sixth Scene:
Officer cars and other emergency personnel are parked in front of the building. The EMT checks Grissom. Brass is stepping out of the building. He's on the phone. Warrick and Greg are under the Ford's hood. Greg is trying to attach the computer to the black box while Warrick is at the laptop. Warrick snaps at Greg because heīs not fast enough. Warrick explains the procedure and Greg attaches it. Warrick keys it in; the laptop beeps. They get a radius of twenty-three miles. Greg moves away from the Ford to get a map.

Seventh Scene:
Catherine snaps photos of the Ford. Greg sits inside the empty warehouse and goes through the different items in the large plastic bin. He picks up what looks like a tooth and looks at it. He drops it in the red bucket just behind him. He reaches into the tub for the next piece. A distance away from them, Warrick is sketching a layout of the scene. Frustrated and unsatisfied with the sketch, he rips the paper out of the book and tosses it aside. Greg picks up a wire and holds it up. He thinks he found a trigger wire. Angry because everything goes so slow, Warrick kicks the plastic container toward Greg. It hits the floor, spattering liquid near him. Greg stands up and points at the evidence. Warrick throws his clipboard on the floor and walks away. Catherine gets out of the car and follows Warrick to talk to him. After a while, Greg calls out to them. Taking the bent-out-of-shaped jug that Warrick kicked, Greg pours some of the liquid on the ground and we see the outline of something there just under the dirt. Warrick, Catherine and Greg start brushing away the dirt form the lid. Greg runs to get the crowbars. They lift the concrete lid up and off the patch of dirt. Suddenly, there's a very real urgency and they start to dig. They find a box of Plexiglas. They look inside and see a dead dog. Warrick shakes his head in frustration, stands up and gets out of the hole.

Eighth Scene:
Catherine, Warrick and Greg continue to work on the Plexiglas coffin, hoping that there's some clue as to where Nick is buried. Greg is under the coffin. He swabs a circular pressure indention on the bottom, under it. Hodges leans forward, peering at Greg. He points to the circles. Greg doesnīt know what they are. Hodges is thinking.

Ninth Scene:
Grissom briefs the team about the ants he saw in Nickīs box. Finally, considering all the evidence they got, they are able to limit the area where Nick may be buried.

Tenth Scene:
A long line of officer cars rush down the long stretch of highway - lights flashing, sirens blaring. They reach the nursery where the owner is waiting for them. The owner of the nursery shows them the fire ant mount. Grissom turns and orders the team to start searching. Catherine has an electronic emitter. It starts to beep a little more rapidly. She nearly trips on the vent pipe as she steps on something hollow just below the dirt. She turns and sees the coffin's vent pipe sticking straight up out of the ground. She calls for the others and they run to her. Warrick and other officers dig quickly in the area surrounding the vent pipe. Grissom and the others stand off to the side, watching. Warrick hits the coffin cover. Quickly brushes the dirt away from the edges of the coffin, trying to clear the cover. The end of the box is cleared and we see Nick shaking uncontrollably inside. Greg runs back to the vehicle to get the fire extinguisher from the back. Greg shoots a couple of bursts from the fire extinguisher into the coffin. Warrick motions for the others to help clear off more of the coffin cover. Sara calls for the paramedics. Catherine's phone rings. Itīs Hodges. He tells her that those dimples on the bottom of the prototype had traces of semtex on each one. Catherine yells that the box is ready to explode. Warrick wonīt leave without Nick. Grissom thinks about a solution. Inside the box, Nick screams and thumps weakly on the cover as he sees everyone leave his line of vision. Outside, Grissom shouts instructions to the officers. Grissom tells Nick what heīs planning to do and makes him calm down. Nick promises Grissom to stay put when they will open the lid of the box. Grissom and Warrick open the coffin lid. Nick lets out a loud sob as he cries. The backhoe, filled with dirt, is driven over to where Nick is. Grissom latches the hook and rope around Nick's belt buckle. He stands outside the hole and holds the end of the rope. The dirt is dropped into the hole, filling it. Grissom and everyone standing behind him hold onto the rope. A beat later, they tug hard and jerk Nick right out from the loose dirt and out of the coffin. Nick comes flying out of the dirt, landing on the ground hard. A moment later, the coffin explodes shooting dirt straight up into the air; the dirt and dust billows around the area.
Nick is wrapped securely on the gurney, lifted up and placed in the back of the ambulance. Warrick and Catherine climb into the back of the ambulance while Ecklie, Grissom, Sara, Brass and Greg remain outside. The ambulance drives away. Sara, Brass and Greg stare at the ambulance. Grissom sighs heavily.

Best Dialog:
Hodges: "You know, far be it from me to wax nostalgic, but, uh, I kind of miss the old Greg. Ugly t-shirts, goofy hair, semi-pornographic magazines ..."
Greg: "Yeah, well, at least I had a style to change."

Hodges: "Oh, and by the way, uh ... this is just the work me. You haven't had the full David Hodges experience."
Greg: "I think I'm having it right now."

My Comment:
A fantastic and suspenseful episode. Great work, Quentin. I applaud to you. A grand ending for the fifth season. Only the lack of Greg and Grissom makes me pout a little. But, well, you canīt have everything.

Sorry dear Greg/Nick shippers. Yes, Greg was concerned but he didnīt behave like someone whose love is buried alive. Heīs very cool meaning very Gil Grissom. The masterīs grasshopper indeed. Warrick on the other hand is the one who freaks out and gets very emotionally. The fans of this ship must have been very happy.
Sorry dear Gil /Nick shippers. Still, he was very concerned and shocked; Gil used his head to solve a puzzle as usually. A loving person could never behave so calmly. I think I would be much worse than Warrick if this would happen to my love or to my Greggo.
Sorry dear Greg/Sara shippers. Not one tiny detail in this episode for you.
Hooray! Greg/Hodges shippers. One scene we can treasure forever. The earlier enemies play a game together and seem to be amazingly comfortable with each other for the first time. What happened? The scene is pure slash.
Greg/Grissom at last. I love it when Greg shoots out of nowhere to show Gil his results. Itīs always funny. At the end when saving Nick Gil instructs Greg: "Short bursts, Greg. Don't suffocate him!" I had the feeling, Gil is very glad it wasnīt Greg in that box. It would be nice someone would write an AU fic about that. WINK WINK.

Well dear readers, that was season 5. I hopefully see you in season 6.

Starring Greg