It was a very good year

  • Greg´s appearance: Shocked

  • 16 Scenes: with the team

  • Shippyness: G/M

  • What we learn about him:
    Greg wrote a book about the
    history of the mob in Las Vegas:
    Sin City Secrets.
  • Misc.:

A young woman, is found dead in the desert, inside of a piano. Unfortunately, Greg knew the victim.

Best Moment:
Morgan touches Greg´s hand. Awkward!

Best Dialogs:
Greg: "So?"
Hodges: "Hover much?"
Greg: "Results?"
Hodges: "Shouldn´t we wait for Russell first?"
Greg: "I stop the questions if you do."

Greg: "What a time."
D.B.: "Oh please, you weren´t even born."

My Comment:
Oh dear. Greg had an off-screen fling with a woman. Nothing is more boring than off-screen dates.
I like the whole Greg/Morgan/Hodges triangle. Reminds me of the Greg/Sara/Grissom triangle.
I hope Morgan will end up with Hodges, because Greg belongs to Grissom, and Hodges is really
the better choice. Not gay. ;)
In the scene with Greg and Hodges, Greg behaves like Grissom, and Hodges like former lab boy Greg.
So funny. Hodges is the fun in CSI today. The writers killed the fun in Greg slowly and painfully.
Sorry, Greg, but how could you clean the bloody body of a woman you have slept with? Just too morbid.
Conclusion: It had been 4 very bad years since Grissom had left.