Greg Sanders and Gil Grissom - Quotes


1.blablabla 2.short story 3.rockstar 4.sponge

Note: Eric Szmanda said that he feels very safe under WP's watchful eye.
"Billy is a great guy. We're both from the Midwest, from Chicago, and we've had that from the start. There was an immediate bond. He's always present and available to five advice. And he's also someone who you can go to if you're having an issue on the show ...
He’s a really great boss to have on and off set."
Just as Gregory reports to Grissom, Eric seeks Billy’s approval.

1. Season

Grissom: "You keep thinking butch, that´s what you´re good at."

Greg: "Grissom is just been running me around like a lap dog."

Greg: "You are right Mr.Crime Scene Investigator!"

Grissom: "It´s always nice to have a visit with you Greg."
Greg: "Thank you."

Grissom: "Did you come here with some particular blablabla for me?"

2. Season

Greg.: "Did I ever tell you I used to live in New York?"
Grissom: "Is this going to be a short story or a novel?"

Grissom: "Friedrich Miescher requests my presence?"
Greg: "You figured out my code, huh?"

Grissom: "Are we paying you by the word?"

Greg: "You get that look, what did I say right?"

Greg: "That makes two people who know that. You and the guy who wrote the book."

Greg: "What don´t you know!?"

Grissom: "Hey Sanders! No punk rock!"
Greg: "What about black flag?"
Grissom: "Are you nuts!?"

Grissom: "You wanna clue me in?"
Greg: "Sara and I were just going out for dinner."
Grissom: "About the case - Greggo!"

Greg: "So did I solve the case?"
Grissom: "No Greg, you didn´t. But you´ve helped."

Greg: "I´m trying to be humble - but once again I have the casebreaker."
Grissom: "You maybe right."

Greg: "Could have been a rock star."
Grissom: "There is still time Greg."

Greg: "There! Like a sponge. I just absorb information."
Grissom: "I thought that was my line."
Greg: "Yeah! And I absorbed it!"

3. Season

Grissom: "I need you to take off your shoes and socks."
Greg: "See, now that we are get in this whole strip forensic thing, I´m not sure I can hang with that, even if you are my boss."

Greg: "You infected me with mildew!?"

Greg: "I don´t have time for your humor. One servant, many masters. You know what I´m saying?"
Grissom: "Greg, this is your DNA Lab. You are the master. We serve you."
Greg: "Well, your stuff just moved to the top of the pile."....."Get ready to match the stars."

Greg: "I paged you like ten times!"
Grissom: "I was busy."
Greg: "So was I."

Grissom: "Greg, why you always doing this?"
Greg: "Because you make me nervous."

Greg: "So I am actually stop trying to impress you."
Grissom: "That would impress me."

Grissom: "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?"
Greg: "The world will maybe never know."

Greg: "Just work and no play makes Greg a dull boy."
Grissom: "Just play and no work makes Greg an unemployed boy."

Grissom: "And you although have a coin collection."
Greg: "Weird, huh?"
Grissom: "Well, I raise cockroaches."

Greg: "It´s not about the money."
Grissom: "That´s good to know."

Labtech Jacqui about Greg: "Do us all a favor and get him out in the field, will ya Grissom? He is making us all stir-crazy in here."

Greg: "Grissom I´m about to rock your world!"

Greg: "Killer, victim, location."
Grissom: "Holy trinity, Greg. I need that."

Greg: "What do I have that you want in the mornings? Apart from my devilish grin and rakish good looks, of course."
Grissom: "I like your coffee."
Greg: "No, you love my coffee."

Grissom: "If you need me, I´ll be around."
Greg: "Okay."

4. Season

Greg: "Sorry, I didn´t find the soda bottle."
Grissom: "This will do."

Grissom: "This swab is your new priority."
Greg: "I was just filling Nick in."
Grissom: "Fill me in first."

Grissom: "Forklift anything bigger than Greg."

Grissom: "Questions?"
Greg: "Yeah. What's that guy doing so far away from the others?"
They look over at the lone body on the ground away from the wreckage.
Grissom: "Curious, isn't it?"
Grissom turns and leaves. Greg looks at Sara.
Greg: "So, when he asks if anybody has any questions, he's not really asking?"

Grissom: "The release of epinephrine and adrenaline while riding a roller coaster
can produce a stimulatory effect. It enhances ejaculation."
Greg: "Right. But is it probative to our investigation?"

5. Season

Greg: "I've never seen the lights on in this place before. It's kind of like seeing
a one-night stand in the morning for the first time."
Grissom turns to look at him.
Greg: "Beer goggles."
Grissom: "This is your proficiency test, Greg. You might want to work the scene."

Greg: "Where are you going?"
Grissom: "Don't worry about me. Worry about you. It's going to be a long night."

Grissom: "It's okay to say you don't know, Greg. That's why we have a trace lab."

Greg: "Well, when you got to go, you got to go."
Grissom: "At a crime scene, Greg?"
Hodges: "Everybody knows you hold it"?
Grissom: "You go across the street or next door -- somewhere other than the crime scene -- until you've cleared the restroom. Did you clear the rest room?"
No, Greg did not.
Grissom: "You could have flushed away evidence! Wiped away fingerprints from the handle! Make sure you include this in your field notes!"

Grissom: "If you're gonna be sick, Greg, do it in the sink."
Robbins: "Not in the drain pan."
Greg: "I don't feel sick."

Grissom: "Take a look at the trachea. What do you see?"
Greg: "Foam. Like the head of a beer....Sorry."
Grissom: "No. It's a good analogy."

Greg: "What are you doing?"
Grissom: "Good. You're here. Fill this up for me, will ya?"
Grissom tosses him a specimen cup.
Greg: "With what?"
Grissom: "It's a urine specimen cup, Greg. What do you think?"
Greg: "Okay."
He turns and leaves Grissom.....Greg returns. He puts the filled specimen container on the counter.
Grissom: "That took a long time. You may need a prostate exam."
Greg: "My prostate is just fine. I'm not a soda fountain."
Grissom: "Hopefully you are, 'cause I need a number two as quickly as possible."

Greg: "I retested the shirt and the blanket. Blood still matches Alicia Perez. The evidence supports this -- unless you'd like to second-guess that also."
Grissom: "I just want to make sure things are done correctly."
Greg: "We all have to learn how to accept change. Mia's doing a great job. It would be nice if someone other than me said so."
Grissom: "You're right."

Greg: "What flies when they're on and floats when they're off?"
Grissom: "Feathers."

Grissom: "You okay?"
Greg: "Hell no, I'm not okay."

Brass: "What are you thinking?"
Grissom: "Ask Greg. It´s his case. It´s his final proficiency. Emphasis on the final."

Greg: "So are you going to say, "The game's afoot?"
Grissom: "I didn't know you were a Conan Doyle fan, Greg."
Greg: "I'm not. I saw a Sherlock Holmes movie mistake."

Grissom: "Greg? Hey! MTV-Boy."

Greg: "I don't get it. I got the wrong guy, the wrong manner of death --"
Grissom: "I don't expect you to be correct in all your interpretations all the time. You collected the evidence, you thought there was something missing, you went back and found it. Hey, that's the job. Congratulations."

Grissom: "Question: you come home, see your husband lying in the driveway.
What do you do?"
Greg: "Is this a trick question?"

Grissom: "A little technical reading, Greg?"
Greg: "Just wanted to see what the big deal is."
Gil: "Attraction is subjective; it can't be analyzed."
Greg: "I consider myself to be pretty open-minded. I find other people's predilections very intriguing. What do you like? What gets your juices flowing?"
Grissom: "Someone who doesn't judge me."

Greg: "I had a dream like this once except we weren't in the garage and Grissom wasn't watching. That was another dream."

Grissom: "You pulled a double Greg. You need a break. I process."
Greg: "Thanks."

Grissom: "I thought you didn´t like reading the classics?"
Greg: "I do if they are about dismembered bodies."

Greg: "Hey, Grissom, when you went to college, did you live in the dorms?"
Grissom: "Surely you jest."

6. Season

Greg: "How´d you know that hubcap was connected to the case?"
Grissom: "I´m a trained observer, Greg."
Greg: "No, really."
Grissom: "How long do you think a perfectly good hubcap like this would sit around out here? There's a freeway on-ramp about two blocks away. Check and see if there's any traffic cams between here and there."
Greg: "You know, you scare me sometimes. It´s kind of freaky. You ever bet on the ponies?"
Grissom: "I prefer poker. Horses are hard to control. Make sure you document those skid marks."
Greg: "He said ´skid marks´."

Hodges: "In a crisis you can always count on me." Hodges leaves.
Greg: "Doesn´t he bug you?"
Grissom: "No more so than anyone else around here."

Grissom: "Good luck. I´m rooting for you."
Greg: "Well, hopefully I find a wiener."

Grissom: "Where did you say your expertise comes from?"
Greg: "Oh, my grandmother, Nana Olaf. She was a psychic. She didn't have a store. She just had a kitchen table and she prognosticated for free. She had a sixth sense. And the family thinks that I might have inherited it."
Grissom: "Okay. What am I thinking?"
Greg: "That I'm due for a promotion?"
Grissom: "I'm thinking you should focus on your other five senses."

Greg: "You ever been to a psychic?"
Grissom: "Would it surprise you if I had?"
Greg: "Yeah."
Grissom: "Surprise."

Grissom: "I need to talk to you."
Greg: "You heard about the strip club?"
Grissom: "I hear about everything, Greg."
Greg: "Then that ear surgery paid off."

Grissom: "Hey, Greg. You missed some."
Greg: "Well, one more spider bite won't make a difference. But you, being the bug guy, would probably enjoy being bitten."

Greg: "Mick Sheridan the movie producer? I grew up watching his action blockbusters -car chases, ninjas, cyborg death machines. We used to make body armor out of tinfoil, and re-enact the scene all over the neighborhood. What about you? You were a green beret kid? Secret agent?"
Grissom: "I'm not telling. And stay away from my tinfoil."

Greg: "Brass just went into surgery...You two have known each other for a long time."
Grissom: "We've worked together ever since he came from New Jersey."
Greg: "Just between you and me, does he always wear a suit? Like when you guys go to dinner, the movies or whatever it is you do when you hang out. 'Cause I got to tell you, thought of him in a sweater kind of freaks me out."
Grissom: "We don't "hang out," Greg."
Greg: "No kidding. I just assumed ..."

7. Season

Greg: "All right. Who's my wingman?"
Grissom: "You're a big boy, Greg. You don't need a wingman for this."
Greg: "Primary. Nice."

Grissom: "Has someone called your parents? We should let them know."
Greg: "Mmph."
Grissom: "What's the matter?"
Greg: "They still think I'm in the lab."
Grissom: "Why do they think that?"
Greg: "When I was in high school...I never played any sports. No football, no basketball. Definitely no hockey."
Grissom: "I never would've guessed."
Greg: "Well, it wasn't by choice. My mom wanted four kids. Ended up with only one. She always made sure I stayed close. If I got a nosebleed, she'd take me to the ER."
Grissom: " would be the time to come clean."
Greg: "My mom's gonna freak."
Grissom: "You tell her that you risked your life to save someone else's...and I think she'll be very proud of you."

Greg: "Hey, boss, unless you need me for something, I'm gonna take off."
Grissom: "Yeah. Take off that suit, too. - And did a good job."
Greg: "I'm glad you think so."

Greg: "Unappetizing place to get your rocks off."
Grissom: "Not if you have a poultry fetish."

Grissom: "Get your own counsel, Greg. That's your right."
Greg: "Well, are you gonna give me a raise? Because otherwise I can't afford that."

8. Season

Grissom: "Night, Greg."
Greg: "Yeah, whatever."

Grissom: "Okay, I´m going home."
Greg: "Yeah, me too."
They leave together to go - well - I certainly can imagine.

9. Season

Greg: "I gotta hand it to the paramedics. They keep things interesting."
Grissom: "Yeah, well, life does take priority."

Greg: "Where do you want me to start?"
Grissom: "Wherever you like."

Greg: "Gris...I just want you to know how much I appreciate you´d put me out in the field."
Grissom: "I´m sure there were times you wish I probably didn´t."
Greg: " changed my life."