Greg Sanders and Gil Grissom

Why them?

Always competing

they are like master and apprentice (or grasshopper)

they are sharp contrasts in personalities

Greg: loyal, respectful, funny, amicable, obliging

Grissom: rational, curt, reserved, omniscient (apparently), ruthless (sometimes)

both are: geeks, intelligent, ambitious, non-violent, chess-players, tolerant to minorities, sensitive (Greg hides it behind humor, Grissom hides it behind reserve)

both have problems to keep one hairstyle

Also referred to as "Einstein". Greg by Nick and Grissom by the sheriff of "Jackpot".

How they met?

They work together at the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Grissom is Greg´s boss.


1. Season

They talk about the case, while they eat

Greg wants to fly to Hawaii for field research, Grissom overhears him

Grissom is very angry, because a baby was found dead and he scares Greg

Greg dances around at the lab, with a showgirl´s headdress (evidence), Grissom sees it

2. Season

Greg confuses Grissom with a strange story about how you can take drugs in a different way

Greg bursts out laughing about Grissom´s S/M knowledge and then he puts some markers up his nose

Greg flirts with Sara and Grissom caught him

Greg messes up in the field and tries to make up for it to Grissom

Greg rocks at the lab, Grissom caught him

Grissom rebukes Greg very harsh, because he tells some results to Sara first

3. Season

Grissom infects Greg with mildew, Greg is angry

Grissom butters Greg for his own purpose up, Greg falls for it

Greg flirts again, Grissom caught him again

Greg in the field again, Grissom is impressed

Greg sits on the edge of Grissom´s desk and tells him about coffee

Greg gets injured in an explosion at the lab, Grissom is very concerned

4. Season

Greg wants to show Grissom something important he has found, but Grissom says "Not now".
Greg protests: "No. You need to see this. Now." Seeing Grissom´s look, he added: "Please".
After seeing, what Greg has found, Grissom is proud, because it is really something important.

That´s what you get for eating...

The "Papa Olaf" Story

Talking about sex on a roller coaster

Greg rhymes the results, Grissom raises an eyebrow

The DNA of the found evidence doesn´t match the suspects,
Greg is asking Grissom: "Are you disappointed?"

Greg "forces" Grissom to make a decision about his future as a CSI

Grissom winks at Greg

5. Season

Greg talks to Grissom about "One Night Stands"

Grissom gives Greg one more chance

Greg lectures Grissom about his attitude towards the new labtech Mia

Grissom finds a bunch of dildos in a dishwasher. He says, "Well, cleanliness is next to godliness." Greg is very amused and chuckles like a schoolboy. Grissom smiles.

While he gives Grissom the results, Greg says, "For the record, I really like having a penis." Grissom is speechless, while he licks a finger to run over the brought papers. Half a minute later Grissom gets a phone call from a woman, who asks him to meet her for lunch. Smiling, Greg asks, "Did you just get a lunch date?" Grissom shoots him a look. Greg turns and starts to leave but then he turns back for a moment and smiling he points a finger at Grissom, teasing him.

In the locker room - Grissom gives Greg an advice to help him pass his proficiency. No one else knows about that.

Greg overlooks some tiny evidence, Grissom points it out and embarrasses Greg who makes silly excuses.

Grissom "orders" Greg to take a break because he notices how much Greg is affected by a cruel case

Grissom overhears Greg and Sara talking about the shower they took together.

6. Season

Grissom - Greg - Hodges

Greg says, "Right-o, Daddy-O," to Gil.

They sit at Grissom´s desk and talk about the power of suggestion.

Grissom gives the team instructions. Suddenly rock music sounds as Greg's phone goes off. He scrambles, digs into his pocket and turns the phone off. Once more, silence ensues. Grissom turns and leaves the room. Everyone is quiet. Greg exhales.
The lyrics of the song playing? "You love making love".

Greg´s birthday is coming up and he gives Grissom a broad hint about "a very generous boss". Grissom looks pretty perplexed.

7. Season

Grissom visits Greg at the hospital. Greg confesses something about his family and childhood.

Loud music blasts inside the room when Grissom walks in. He grimaces and turns the music off. Then he complains to Greg about the loud music. Sara interferes and says she is the one who turned the music on. Grissom doesn't say anything.

Grissom lectures Greg who snaps, "I know that, Grissom."

Greg + Grissom + Condoms

8. Season

Greg and Grissom are slightly startled by a ladder coming down.

9. Season

Greg calls Grissom GRIS for the first time ever.

Grissom is leaving CSI. Greg is sad.