Genetic Disorder

The CSI's investigate a murder in the home of Dr. Robbins.

Best Quotes:
Greg: "Cue the banjo music."

Greg to Hodges: "You need to shift it into the neutral." + "If you have any results for me cough them up."

Best Dialogs:
Hodges: "I´m just saying that when I play sexual healing it´s foreplay."
Greg: "Yeah, but playing it for yourself doesn´t count."

D.B.: "Greg!"
Greg: "You know we have an intercom system."

Best Moment:
Greg & Hodges & Sexual Healing

My Comment:
The best episode this season so far. A lot of Greg and the case is very emotional and personal.
Greg handles everything perfectly. The case. Hodges. D. B. and Henry. And he is not too proud to ask
Catherine for advice because he doesn´t know about marriage. He is the man. Naturally he is not
afraid of D.B. like Henry. Greg was able to stand up to Grissom. And now he is becoming to be like
Grissom so very much. I loved Greg in this episode. If there were only more of them.
I didn´t like Brass in this episode.