Review for Full Dark, No Stars

Author: Stephen King
Published: 2010
by: Scribner
German Title:
Zwischen Nacht und Dunkel

1922: James kills his wife. This sets a gruesome train in motion.

Big Driver: Tess takes a shortcut home and is raped and left for dead.

Fair Extension: Dave Streeter makes a deal with the devil to heal his cancer.

A Good Marriage: Darcy makes a horrible discovery about her husband.

Four superb novellas from the master. He is the King.

The first story is full of rats and gross images. What is it with Stephen and wells?
The second story is an emotional rollercoaster. Yes, being raped is a big deal, and seeking revenge, too.
The third story is morbid fun beyond the limit. Utterly immoral. I even laughed out loud.
The fourth story is the horror. A story inspired by a real life case. Close to perfect.

After all those years, I´m still baffled by how good Stephen describes the feelings of his characters,
women in particular, in so many believable and disturbing details. These stories are full of tears and fears.
Still, not all of them end badly, some even hopeful. Victims fight back, but not in the common way.
Oh yes, it´s dark out there, and no stars are shining.

1922: 6/10

Big Driver: 7/10

Fair Extension: 8/10

A Good Marriage: 8/10

Stephen King