Andy Flynn/Sharon Raydor - Season 4 + 5

A Rose is a RoseTurn DownTurn DownTurn DownTurn DownSnitch
SnitchSnitchPersonal EffectsPersonal EffectsTargets of OpportunityTargets of Opportunity
Hostage of FortuneHostage of FortuneHostage of FortuneWish you were hereWish you were hereFifth Dynasty
Fifth DynastyFifth DynastyFour of a KindFour of a KindBlackoutReality Check
Reality CheckTaking the FallThe Jumping Off PointThe Jumping Off Point#FindKaylaWeberPenalty Phase
Hindsight (3)Hindsight (4)Hindsight (4)Hindsight (4)Hindsight (5)Present Tense
Skin DeepSkin DeepSkin DeepSkin DeepSkin DeepCashed Out
Tourist TrapMoral HazardMoral HazardOff the WagonFamily LawWhite Lies (1)
White Lies (2)White Lies (2)White Lies (3)White Lies (3)Heart FailureCleared History
Drop DeadIntersectionShockwave - Part 1