Lt. Andrew "Andy" Flynn & Sharon Raydor - Quotes & Moments

6. Season

Sanctuary City Part 4

Sharon faints. She is brought to the hospital. Andy flashes his badge around to be with her. He calls himself her husband.

Sharon learns that she has a heart condition. She wants to postpone the wedding. Andy is against it. When he was sick she treated him better than anyone else ever. He wants to marry her no matter what. Only the honeymoon in Ireland has to wait. She starts to cry and says she loves him very much.

Sanctuary City Part 5

Andy and Sharon get married.

Conspiracy Theory Part 2

Sharon calls Andy her perfect husband.. Andy kisses her hand.

Andy: "We'll be two injured hearts beating as one."
Sharon: "My God, that sounds like a bad country western song."

Sharon makes Andy promise to look after her children if anything happens to her. He assures her that nothing will happen and kisses her hand.

Conspiracy Theory Part 4

Sharon cries. Andy hugs and comforts her. He calls her babe.

Andy and Sharon hug each other at the office.

Andy: "Sharon. Don't give up, Sharon. Sharon, please. Hang on. Sharon. Sharon."

Sharon dies. Andy mourns her.

By Any Means Part 1

Sharon is dead. Andy suffers her loss.

Andy: "Your mother made me promise that I would take care of you."

Andy watches repeatedly the message, Sharon had recorded in case of her death. He misses her terribly.

5. Season

Present Tense

Andy is fed up with the slowness of his relationship with Sharon. He plans to move to an area closer to her home. He calls Sharon "my dear". Sharon appears to accept that they should move in together.

Skin Deep

Buzz asks for help saving a body from a pool. Andy throws him a lifesaver.

Andy shows Sharon a house he wants to buy for them. She touches his chest.

Andy talks admiringly about the breasts and the butt of a dead woman. Sharon looks irritated and jealous.

Sharon kisses Andy´s cheek and rubs it clean afterwards. She puts her head on his shoulder.

Cashed out

Sharon praises him. "Good call, Andy."

Tourist Trap

Sharon touches Andy´s back to call his attention. Later she touches his shoulder and pushes him to finally make peace with Tao about the award he got. Oh, Andy is still jealous about it but he plays along to make Sharon happy.

Moral Hazard

Andy and Sharon tell Taylor that they are planning to move in together.

White Lies (2)

Andy and Sharon at home, having an intimate conversation. They are both in their nighties. Andy kisses Sharon´s hand.

White Lies (3)

Andy has a heart attack. Sharon rushes to his side.

Heart Failure

Andy has recovered and does light duty. Is called Sharon's boyfriend. He smiles.

Andy and Sharon kiss each other on the lips.

Drop Dead

Andy proposes to Sharon. *eyeroll* no proper kiss but a proposal - not my cup of tea.

4. Season

A Rose is a Rose

Andy: "You know I was looking after your best interest, right?"
Sharon: "And you have been looking after my own best interest for a really long time, especially at work. I don´t need you for that."
Andy: "Okay. Sure. I get it." - "So? What do you need me for?"
Sharon: "Close the door. Let´s talk."

Sorry I missed you

Sharon: "You can say a lot in four minutes."
Andy: "How was your day? Let´s have dinner. Please, kill my husband."

Andy: "Okay, Sharon...uh...Captain."

Turn Down

Sharon and Andy talk to each other. She adjusts his tie. He looks curious. Holy God!

Flynn: "If we could print them, we might be able to still make the game."
Provenza: "Yeah, and if you could ask the captain out on your own without dragging everyone else with you..."
Flynn: "Dragging? It's baseball. Who gets dragged to baseball?"

Sharon lightly pats Andy's chest. Sharon pets Andy's arm.

The whole team watches the game on TV together. Andy sits right behind Sharon, almost breathing down her neck.


Flynn tells Provenza that he will Sharon ask out on a date. For real.

The first time Andy tries to ask Sharon out he catches her at a bad time. So he doesn´t.

Andy is impressed by Sharon´s tactics. She also praises his idea. He smiles.

The second time Andy tries to ask Sharon out he is interrupted by Rusty. So he waits.

The third time Andy tries to ask Sharon out he succeeds. She says yes. At first Andy is stunned, but then he smiles happily.

Personal Effects

Andy calls Sharon Captain. Sharon barely looks at him and calls him Lieutenant. Oh. Awkwardness. That happens a second time. And a third time. Provenza is curious.

Hostage of Fortune

Andy makes a "Oh god. I´m gonna throw up" gesture to Sharon. She smiles.

Andy and Sharon have to visit the set of "The Badge of Justice". Andy makes a few sarcastic remarks.

Sharon calls Andy Lieutenant again.

Sharon: "Why was he persuing the wrong information for two years? Is this misdirection or is he just a..."
Andy: "...horses' ass."
Sharon: "Thank you, Andy."
Andy: "My pleasure."

They both smile at each other because of Captain Taylor.

Sharon and Andy tell Captain Taylor that they are officially dating. The old fashioned kind of way.

Wish you were here

Sharon: "Thank you, Andy." They smile at each other.

Andy: "Sharon."
Sharon: "Good luck." They smile at each other.

Fifth Dynasty

At the funeral service Sharon and Andy are holding hands. They leave the cemetery walking arm in arm.

Four of a Kind

Andy tries to stop a fleeing suspect and is seriously hurt. "Don´t tell Sharon," he says to Provenza, before he blacks out.

The team comes back to the precinct. "Where is Andy?" Sharon asks immediately. Provenza sets her concern at rest by telling half of the truth.

The recently treated Andy comes to the precinct to arrest the suspect himself. Shanon insists he needs to go home and rest. He agrees and waits in her office.
Working the case she secretly checks on him. Eventually he collapses. Shanon runs to him and holds him. Provenza calls an ambulance.

Andy stays at Sharon´s place. She takes care of him. They are holding hands. Andy sleeps in Rusty´s bed.


Andy lives still at Sharon´s place. Sharon kisses Andy on the lips.

Andy feels bad and runs to the doctor. Sharon is concerned.

Andy has a blood cloat in his artery and probably needs surgery. Sharon is very concerned.

Andy: "I´m still healing, so no hugs."

Reality Check

Andy lives still at Sharon´s place. Sharon kisses Andy on the forehead.

They watch TV together and hold hands.

Taking the Fall

Andy takes a fall and is admitted to a hospital. The doctor thinks Andy is Sharon´s husband. Provenza says she is his girlfriend.

Andy asks Provenza in case he doesn´t make it out of surgery he needs Provenza to tell Sharon that he loves her.

The Jumping off Point

After his successful surgery Sharon keeps taking care of Andy. He doesn´t like to be treated like an invalid.

Thick as Thieves

Andy is unhappy because Sharon is too overprotective.

Penalty Phase

Andy: "I should go with..."
Sharon: "...not according to your doctor."
Andy: "Okay. Okay."

Hindsight (4)

Andy waves at Sharon. Andy smiles at Sharon. Andy and Sharon hug, and he sniffs her hair.

Hindsight (5)

Andy and Sharon are holding hands a lot.

3. Season

Flight Risk

Sharon touches Flynn´s shoulder.

Flynn: "I agree with the Captain."
Provenza: "What a shock."

Flynn offers to bring the bad news that her two kids are dead to the mother instead of Sharon. Oh my god. Is this love or not?

Andy to Sharon: "I´ll wait in case you need me." Aw!

Frozen Assets

Sharon talks about Andy´s insight in addiction problems.

Sharon smiles about a joke Andy makes.

Letting it Go

Sharon consults Andy´s opinion in addiction matters concerning Rusty´s mother.

Do Not Disturb

Sharon puts Flynn and FBI Agent Howard (Brenda´s husband) together for an interview. Flynn is not amused.

Flynn is witness when a boy hits on Rusty.

Sharon uses the word Crap. Flynn is cool about it.

Jane Doe #38

Sharon´s husband Jack is back. Flynn rolls his eyes. Sharon treats Jack coldly. Flynn smiles.

Provenza teases Flynn that Sharon files for divorce because of him.
Flynn: "We´re just friends." So say they all!

Sharon smiles because Andy cares.

At the funeral service Sharon bumps lightly against Andy´s shoulder because he looks so sad. He smiles at her.

Two Options

Andy says "Good Night" to Sharon, she smiles and touches his shoulder.

Cutting Loose

Andy reads fanfiction in the office. Sharon is slightly embarrassed. Andy grins.

Sweet Revenge

Sharon touches Andy´s arm on the way out.

Zoo Story

Flynn: "Tell it the S.O.B., not me."
Raydor: "S.O.B.?"

Down the Drain

Sharon gets an exciting phone call. Andy looks jealous. Sharon explains at once what is going on.

Andy holds the baby they have found. He even bottle-feeds the baby. Sharon looks touched.

Sharon: "Andy I had no idea you´re so good with babies."
Andy: "Yeah, well, I´m full of surprises." He smiles at her.
Provenza: "Yeah, you´re full of something."

Andy kisses Sharon on the cheek. Sharon behaves natural.

Acting Out

Andy´s daughter Nicole appears at the office. She asks for Sharon´s advice in a matter with her husband. Sharon realizes that Nicole thinks she and Andy are dating.

Every time Andy moves close to Sharon she moves away. Andy knows pretty well why. He is unhappy about it.

Andy: "Anything else?"
Sharon: "No, Andy. That´ll be it. Thank you."
Andy: "Okay. Um...okay."
Sharon: "Okay. Bye."
Andy: "Yeah. Bye."

Andy confesses to Sharon that his daughter got the wrong idea. Sharon says at dinner tonight they will explain to Nicole that they are not dating.

Andy: "Right. You´re right. That´s the right thing to do. But..."
Sharon: "But what?"
Andy: "I don´t wanna do it."
Sharon: "Don´t worry. I´ll help you."

Nicole: "That´s what I call the Sharon Effect."

Andy and Sharon tell Nicole that they are only friends. Nicole can´t believe it. Rusty points out that Andy and Sharon are not dating several times a month. Andy is relieved that his daughter is not mad at him. Sharon is stunned.

Trial by Fire

In court Andy touches Sharon to get her attention.

Sharon´s ex-husband Jack appears. Andy is not very nice to him. Sharon calms him down.

Chain Reaction

Sharon grabs Andy´s arm and gently pushes him sidewards, to tell him, go, go now.

At the Christmas party at the office Andy and Sharon share a brief moment.

Special Master Part 2

Andy rubs Sharon´s shoulder to comfort her.

2. Season

I, Witness

Flynn faints at the office. Sharon asks about his condition.

The Deep End

Flynn doesn´t want to go to his daughter´s wedding because of her stepdad. Sharon notices his bad mood and asks him to join her in the interviews. Twice. She calls him Andy. Twice. When Flynn decides to go the the wedding after all Sharon asks if she can accompany him as his friend. He is stunned but agrees, grateful.

Sharon: "Could you use a buffer? Lt. Provenza has volunteered to take Rusty out for burgers and...uh...I like weddings."
Flynn: "Really? You sure? Oh. Ah. How would I introduce you?"
Sharon:" How about as your friend Sharon?"
Flynn: "´s not like a date or anything?"
Sharon: "Of course not, Lieutenant. I´m a married woman."
Flynn: "Oh. Well. Thank you, captain. I mean, Sharon. Aw. I owe you one."


Captain Taylor insults Sharon. Flynn interferes and speaks for her.

Taylor: "Chief Johnson could have found a way around this."
Flynn: "She would have, but then we would be back defending ourselves - in court." True!

Poster Boy

Sharon is upset. Andy compliments and comforts her. He calls her Sharon.

All In

Andy behaves weird. Sharon is concerned. Andy admits to Provenza that his family might think that Sharon is his girlfriend. Andy is always watching her, lurking at the office window. In the end he dares to ask her to come with him to a Nutcracker performance the kids in his family do. She says yes. She asks him what is really going on. He won´t say.

Return to Sender

An inmate insults Sharon in Spanish and Andy gets a little aggressive.

Andy recognizes Sharon´s home address pretty fast. He calls her Sharon in front of his teammates.

1. Season


Flynn: "Every problem we´re having is because of you."
Raydor: "Andy, you´re right about that."

Before and After

Raydor: "Lt. Flynn, would you join me, please."
Flynn: "Yeah, sure."

Medical Causes

Raydor looks for her cell. Flynn has it and gives it to her. They touch.

Flynn volunteers to get Rusty to meeting his mom. Rusty runs off. Flynn apologizes to Raydor.

Citizens Arrest

Flynn doesn´t agree with Raydor´s course of action.

Flynn takes care of two children because Raydor asks him to.

Out of Bounds

Raydor asks Flynn for a solution related to Rusty´s father.

The Shame Game

Raydor: "Damn it."
Flynn: "Wow. Such language."

Cheaters never prosper

Raydor: "Andy is right. Doesn´t add up." (The look on his face! when she agrees with him and calls him Andy)

Raydor threatens a cop. Andy: "She ain´t kidding, pal."

Flynn rages. Raydor gently puts a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. aw!