• Greg´s appearance: Unchallenged

  • 2 Scenes: With Catherine

  • Shippyness: G/C

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Greg is reviewing video footage from the Tower East - Stairwell/VIP Elevator/Service ICE Elevator. Catherine comes in and walks over to him. Greg rubs his tired eyes because he reviewed the surveillance videos for eight hours. He tells Catherine the results.

Second Scene:
Greg watches as Catherine checks the security video and finds Sean Paland walking back into the elevator. They discuss their insights. Catherine asks also about Greg´s final proficiency. "Every time I ask Grissom, he says, next time out. And then I end up here", he informs her. Catherine smiles.

Best Dialog:
Catherine: "Tell me something."
Greg: "I think my eyes need band-aids."
Catherine: "Tough shift."
Greg: "You did say "shi-fft," right?"

My Comment:
Though, he is tired from watching eight hours of video surveillance he´s still in the mood for a little flirt with Catherine. She doesn´t mind his joking and puts a hand on his shoulder while standing behind him, talking. He doesn´t mind her hand on his shoulder. In the next scene, she teases him about what´s in his head. "You crack this kid's head open, all that would come out would be T and A."
"I think you said that about me once," Greg says.
"Actually, more than once," Catherine answers. He´s not in the least offended. He smiles.
In some groups, I read a few fans are angry with Catherine because she´s flirting with such a young man. What is it with some people and age difference? You like someone you like someone. So, Catherine is flirting with him. So what? It´s only a flirt. Besides, you can see how comfortable Greg feels around her. He´s definitely not in love with her. Even if he were? Is there a problem for a young man and an older woman to be together? I don´t think so.
Catherine shows she is Greg´s friend by asking him when his final proficiency is going to happen. Greg is a little bit depressed because Grissom puts it off constantly. Maybe, Grissom is concerned about Greg because he knows what happened the last time. He doesn´t want Greg to fail again. He doesn´t want Greg to get hurt.
At the beginning of the episode, Catherine tells Grissom that he needs a woman. Grissom doesn´t look thrilled about that. Why should he? He has Greg.
Grissom doesn´t remember Sofia, a very beautiful woman. Why should he? :-))

Even though, I repeat myself: I love Brass. Paul Guilfoyle is perfect.