Fight Night

  • Gregīs appearance: Cheeky

  • 2 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Sara, Warrick and Dr. Robbins

  • Shippyness: G/G

  • What we learn about him:
    Grissom makes him nervous.
    He knows eBay.
  • Misc.: He complains about
    doing overtime.

First Scene:
Greg presents the test results to Grissom and Warrick.

Second Scene:
Grissom, Robbins, Sara and Warrick discuss the x-ray photographs on the table. Greg walks in and has some news.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "Well, in the interests of posterity I took it upon myself to establish provenance for the killer gloves I mean DNA-wise. On my own time, of course of which I have precious little so that should count for something."
Grissom: "Greg, why are you always doing this?"
Greg: "Because you make me nervous."

My Comment:
Only two scenes but - Wow!
Greg jokes around, announces the results like a referee in a boxing ring. Warrick looks annoyed and Grissom seems irritated but also slightly amused. (He just loves his boy!).
In the following scene it gets even better. Greg outs himself as the grasshopper who gets nervous in front of the master. Thatīs why he talks so much nonsense around him. Ha! Everybody is amused but Grissom who is perfectly confused. Every time I see Dr. Robbinsī smile I laugh out loud. Itīs an incredible heartwarming and special moment which I treasure forever.
In addition to all the fun Greg looks absolutely gorgeous.