Field Trip - 13/24

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance
Series/Sequel: Breaking the Ice
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Summary: Favorite lab boy Greg becomes favorite CSI.
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoiler for "Assume nothing" + "All for our country"
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Word Count: 3.419
Released: October 2003
Revised: January 2014
Beta: None

What does Grissom think? What does Grissom feel? What does Grissom want? Not a clue. Not a chance to find out today. Out in the field as a CSI trainee, with Grissom supervising me. But we won´t be alone. We will be surrounded by people and Grissom will never ever give the slightest sign that there is more going on between us than work. He will never do the same to me like he did in the dark room. He will be the master but not in the way I want him to. Oh really? The unique incident happened some time ago. Since that day I feel restless, unfulfilled even, and now I´m close to begging. Take me. Do whatever you want. I´m going nuts.



"I asked if you are nervous?"

"Why should I be nervous?"

"It´s your first day out in the field."

"My fourth."


"It´s my fourth day."

"Come on. You can´t count the other trips, nor the already infamous soda bottle adventure. Today is your genuine first day as a CSI trainee."

"Fine. Whatever. But why should I be nervous?"

"Because of Grissom."

"What? What do you mean? Why should I be nervous because of him?"

"You want his approval. You need his approval. You live for his...."

"Drop it! I don´t go out in the field to get Grissom´s approval." Dear God, I DO.

"You don´t?"

"No. Why do you think that?"

Nick shrugged. "You demonstrate to have great affection for him. During the last weeks more than ever."

Greg blinked. "I can I say the same thing about you."

"Yeah?" Nick smirked. "I guess the question is who´s Grissom´s favorite?"

Fuck. Greg caved in his seat. Luckily they arrived at the scene and Nick let him be.

A female body had been found in a house in the suburbia of Las Vegas. Caucasian, in her thirties, long dark hair, multiple stab wounds all over her torso. The body was already on his way to Dr. Robbins.

Grissom stood outside the house, waiting for them.

Greg and Nick got out of the car. Greg tripped over the curb. Nick rolled his eyes.

Grissom frowned. "What´s the matter?"

"Nothing," they both exhaled in sync.

Grissom wasn´t looking satisfied with their answer but skipped a discussion and came right to the point anyway. "Nick, you and Greg will search for evidence around the house. Be particularly careful with the collecting. The new sheriff ordered us to." Not waiting for a reply, he turned his attention to Greg. "Well,´s your first day as a CSI trainee. I want you to take it slow. Stay in the back, listen and learn. Follow Nick´s instructions."

"A dream came true," Nick joked.

Greg just smiled.

"Understood, Greg?" Grissom wasn´t in the mood for jokes.

"Sure. Every word," Greg soothed him eagerly.

"Do you have any questions?"

Oh yes. I have so many questions. But this is neither the time nor the place. "No, I´m beyond ready."

"I thought so." A shimmer of amusement gleamed in Grissom´s eyes. "Be attentive."

"I´ll do my best, sir," Greg said with confidence.

Oddly enough Grissom didn´t disapprove of Greg for calling him Sir. He just turned around and went into the house.

"What did you do to him?" Nick continued his interrogation.

"What do you mean?" Greg replied, a little breathless due to his confusing feelings.

"Lately Grissom acts different around you."

"In what way?"

"I can´t put my finger on it."

"You´re imagining things."

"No, I don´t. You behave different, too."

"Nonsense. I really don´t know what you are talking about," Greg snapped, irritated.

Nick silenced. For a while, they focused on searching the ground for blood or any other traces. But Nick couldn´t leave the subject alone. "It isn´t just you behaving differently. Furthermore you don´t go out anymore."

"So what?"

"Are you seeing someone?"

"Excuse me?"

"Are you dating?"


"I don´t believe you. I think you do."

"I don´t!"

Grissom turned around the corner. "Are you finished out here?"

Greg jumped. Shit! Did Grissom hear what I just said?

Grissom´s blank expression didn´t prove anything. He was always unreadable.

"Almost," Nick replied.

"Good," Grissom said politely. "Greg, come with me, please. I´ll teach you a particular lesson."

Promptly Greg stumbled after him.

The master and his grasshopper, Nick thought, amused.


Greg followed Grissom to a small room. The light was dim and Greg didn´t notice Grissom´s anger until his boss spoke. "Flirting at a Crime scene is not acceptable."

Greg was caught off guard. "What?"

"Aren´t you seeing someone?" Grissom continued nonchalantly.

Oh my God! His hearing has improved rapidly. "I just...." he started defending himself but that was all he was able to say.

Grissom silenced him with a passionate kiss.

Shaking with surprise and longing Greg welcomed the kiss and opened his mouth willingly to deepen the kiss.

At once Grissom released him. "Take the evidence bags and bring them to Nick for storing."


"That´s an order." Grissom´s voice was cold.

Daunted Greg obeyed.

Grissom leaned against the doorframe. God! I almost lost control. At a Crime scene. I´m really out of my mind. I have to stop this.


"Here! He ordered me to give you that," Greg snapped at Nick.

Nick froze. "What´s wrong?"

"Nothing. Stop bothering me."

Grissom joined them seconds later, not giving away the slightest hint that something had even happened. Greg on the other hand was looking perfectly uncomfortable. Nick´s curiosity changed to concern. What the hell is going on?

"Are you finished?" Grissom barked huskily.

"Yes, we´re done out here."

"Good, Nick. Take the evidence back to the lab and give it to...," Grissom hesitated for just a second ",...Hodges."

Nick smirked about Grissom´s disapproval to give anything to Hodges.

Greg kept staring at the ground in silence.

Pretty unusual, Nick considered. "What are you going to do?"

"The sheriff called me on the cell. He wants to see me."

"When will you be back to the lab?"

"I don´t know. Maybe in an hour. If something important comes up call me on the cell. Come on, Greg. You´re coming with me."

Nick was puzzled. Why doesn´t Grissom send Greg back to the lab with me?

"What are you waiting for?" Grissom urged impatiently.

"I´m already on my way." Nick toddled off begrudgingly.

Grissom got rid of his latex gloves and noticed that Greg had trouble doing the same because his hands were trembling. "Still having trouble with your hands?"

"Yes." Liar. You´re trembling because you´re petrified right now....

They got into the car. Grissom started the motor. "What´s bothering you?"

"Nothing. Why is everybody asking me that today?"

"Well, let me tell you one reason. For weeks you were very enthusiastic about going out in the field. Now that it happened you´re acting... unsatisfied?"

Greg snorted. "Maybe I grew up."

"Greg..." Intimately he laid his hand on the younger man´s knee.

Greg flinched. "Don´t touch me!"

Grissom jerked his hand away. Surprisingly, he looked hurt.

Awkward silence followed. Greg stared out of the window and noticed they weren´t driving in the right direction. "That isn´t the way to the sheriff´s office."

"Really? Clever boy."

"Isn´t the sheriff at his office?"

"Actually, I don´t know where he is."

What! Greg was stunned. "Aren´t we going to meet the sheriff?"


"Didn´t he call you?"


Grissom lied to Nick. He lied on purpose. Why? "Where are we going?"

"To my place."

Oh my God! WHAT? We are going to his place. Now! Jeez! This must be another dream. Maybe I just misunderstood. We only go there to pick something up. That´s it. Sure. No way. My boss is taking me TO HIS PLACE. At work time. It´s about one thing only. He wants to fuck me. So what? I dreamt about this more than once. I want to fuck him too. Why am I so nervous then? It´s Grissom for God´s sake. Not some guy I met in a bar. Oh my God!

Greg didn´t know that every feeling he was going through could be seen in his face. He was like an open book. Even his bottom lip trembled a little bit. Grissom smiled about Greg´s understandable bewilderment. Five minutes later, he stopped the car in front of a casual looking building. "We are here," he told Greg in a low voice.

Greg looked as if someone had hit him with a bat. He stumbled out of the car and followed Grissom. He wasn´t able to think straight. They could have gone right to hell he wouldn´t have mind.

Grissom closed the door. They were alone.

Greg was looking around, half in a state of trance. Grissom´s apartment. His living-room. Wow! He had never believed he would ever be allowed to come here. Greg couldn´t finish his thought, because he was grabbed and dragged to a door at the back of the living-room. Apparently there wasn´t any time to waste.

Grissom pushed the door open and then they were in the bedroom. Grissom pinned Greg´s hands against the wall. "Let me think what I got on your list of wrongdoings. Flirting with Nick. Calling me ´Sir´. Shouting at me. You know what you´re asking for, don´t you?"

"Yes?" Greg´s voice was full of hope.

Grissom delivered. "More punishment."

Talking was over. Kissing started. Nothing else mattered anymore. Only this world of lips and tongues and hands. Breath on breath. Skin on skin. Flesh on flesh.

The kiss was perfect but Greg broke away impatiently. "Touch me, please. I can´t wait any longer. I´ll be coming right in my pants."

"Oh, now you want me to touch you?"

"Back in the car? I didn´t mean that." He nestled his face to Grissom´s neck. "It was your fault. You made me so nervous." Tenderly, he licked the pulse beating rapidly beneath the skin. "So horny."

Grissom´s strictness melted away. "Mm. Maybe it was my intention to make you beg for my touch."

Greg chuckled. "At a Crime scene? No way. Not you."

Grissom pushed him onto the bed. In a hurry, he got rid of his pants and shirt. "You have no idea what I´m capable of."

Greg gaped at the sight of his boss in shorts.

"Are you ready for a special lesson from your supervisor?"

Greg nodded. His eyes were fixed on Grissom´s visible erection.

Grissom got on top of Greg, kissing him a good deal more, making him whimper in his relentless grip. At once he turned softer and put only feathery kisses on Greg´s quivering lips. "Do you really want me to punish you again?"


"For sure?"

"Yes. Oh yes."

Grissom opened Greg´s pants, pulling them down. He continued with unbuttoning the shirt. One button after another. He stripped the shirt off and was stroking Greg´s pale skin.

Greg shook with feeling.

"Are you still nervous?"


"Why? I´m certainly not your first man."

"No, but I never been with my boss before."

"Glad to hear that." He started teasing Greg´s nipples. "You know, you can always say stop."

"I know, but I won´t."

"So, you will do whatever I want?" He returned to Greg´s mouth, sucking the bottom lip seductively.

Greg wrapped his arms around him, grinding his throbbing cock against Grissom´s body. "No more foreplay, please. I need you now. I´m so ready."

"Don´t you dare ruining my lesson. I´m your boss and I insist on obedience."

Greg tried to stifle his laughter. "Oh please. Touch me, sir."

Grissom placed another heated kiss on the pleading lips. "Asking so nicely is getting you what you want." Grissom made a wet trail of kisses down to Greg´s chest, but stopped at the nipples once more, giving them little, gentle bites.

Greg panted, surprised, and grabbed Grissom´s hair.

Grissom bit down harder.

"Oh God, what are you doing to me?"

"A CSI trainee has to take all the lessons. That´s the rule."

Greg gave a groan. He worried that his cock could burst any second. "Grissom, I...."

Grissom put his hands on the waiting cock, rubbing it firmly through the shorts. Time to pace it up. "I see testing is over." He got rid of Greg´s shorts and seized the thick shaft.

"Yes, touch me. There. Right there. I want...."

"What do you want? Tell me."

Greg´s brown eyes glazed over. "Suck me, please."

Grissom could see Greg was close to climax. Playing around was over. He took the pulsating cock into his mouth.

Pure pleasure washed over Greg.

Grissom sucked and licked slowly, deliberately, taking the time to make it good. First, he encircled the sensitive tip, teasing it with his tongue.

"More," Greg whispered huskily.

Grissom moved his attention to Greg´s balls, lingering with them, eating them up.

Greg moaned with growing pleasure.

Next Grissom took care of the shaft, licking it up and down, again and again.

Greg´s breathing came in ragged gasps. He buried his hands tighter in Grissom´s hair, pulling him down on him, pushing his cock fully in. "Yes. Faster. Much more."

Fulfilling his desire, Grissom swallowed him all the way down to the root, up and down, up and down, reaching a pure steady rhythm.

Bucking his hips, Greg thrust into Grissom´s mouth, and shouting his overwhelming lust in one final cry of pleasure, he came, spilling his seed down Grissom´s throat.

After drinking down every drop Grissom lifted his head and smiled at him. "Sweeter than sugar."

Still breathing deeply, Greg experienced nothing but burning joy.

Soaked by the scent and taste of desire, Grissom stripped off his shorts. Aware of Greg´s look at his erected cock, he teased: "Like what you see."

Greg had never believed he would ever see Grissom like this. Naked. Exposed. Open. Overwhelmed by the sensation he just nodded.

Grissom hugged him dearly, then he started caressing Greg´s ass. "Mm, what a smooth skin."

Greg shuddered. The heat in his body was rising again.


Same time, another place.

"Do you know where Grissom is?" Catherine asked Nick.

"He got a call from the sheriff´s office and went there, half an hour ago."

"Well, and where is our enthusiastic CSI trainee?"

"Along with Grissom."

"He is? I´m surprised. Not long ago Grissom avoided his presence completely. Now he even took him along to the sheriff´s office. What for?"

"How should I know? Greg doesn´t tell me anything anymore. I even suspect he hides some secret."

"Really? What did you ask him?"

"What´s on his mind? What´s going on? Is he seeing anyone? Why is Grissom behaving so differently around him?"

"And what did he say?"

"Not much. So not like him. Something even happened at the Crime scene today. They had an argument or something like that."

"Mmh?" Catherine remembered the time when Greg had almost lost it. She had asked Grissom to talk to him. He had done it. Afterwards Greg had been back to his old self again. Until now she had never asked herself what it was Grissom had said or done to Greg. Now she wondered. It must have been something pretty convincing.


Same time, another place.

"I want to fuck you," Grissom whispered roughly.

"Do it. I´ve wanted you for such a long time." He bit his lip, startled, because of what he had confessed.

Grissom didn´t comment but kept stroking Greg´s ass, and took it further by sliding one finger in the tight opening.

Greg tensed a little. "Lube?"

"Yeah." Grissom fetched the small bottle out of the drawer by the nightstand. He oiled his hand, sliding two fingers inside of Greg, and when feeling Greg´s muscles ease around the pressure, he went in deeper.

"Go on. Faster," Greg complained impatiently.

"What a naughty boy you are. No patience at all." He removed his fingers and spun Greg on his belly.

Immediately Greg got on his hands and knees, ready to be taken.

At the sight Grissom´s heart boosted with so much affection it scared him. He rummaged for a condom, and slipped it on, but still he hesitated. What am I doing? Really? What? Greg´s yearning Please let him forget any concern. He wants me. I want him. Slowly he pushed into Greg.

A shiver ran through the young man´s body, and he whimpered softly.

"Am I hurting you?"


Grissom began to move. At first at a slow pace because he didn´t want to hurt his young lover.

"Oh, this is good."

Greg´s encouraging words made him increase the rhythm, thrusting deeper and firmer. Lustful groaning was his reward. Soon the hotness and tightness of Greg´s hole took all of his control. Like in a fever he was plunging into Greg, barely aware of him anymore, the lust in his groin unbearable.

Greg didn´t bother. "Yes. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me more."

His demanding and covetous begging made Grissom even hornier. A loud groan escaped his mouth. Enforcing his brisk, harsh strokes to the limit, he was now close to ravishing Greg. His young lover was shaking and whimpering. Grissom sensed that Greg was close to come again. Having the power to make him come was giving him such a stroke of pure pleasure he spilled himself into Greg, gasping with joy.

Hitting his own climax Greg stifled his lustful screams into the mattress.

For a minute Grissom lay still, snuggling to Greg´s back like the desired boyfriend.

Greg enjoyed the perfect moment of peaceful closeness even more than the wild ride before. Sadly that moment of utter bliss didn´t last long.

Grissom rushed to his feet. "Take a shower and get dressed. We have to go back to the lab."

"Is something wrong?"

"No. But we are almost gone for an hour. They will ask questions."

With mixed feelings, but not complaining, Greg went to the bathroom. The master´s devoted grasshopper.

The drive back happened in utter silence. There was nothing to say. At the lab, Greg opened the door of the car rashly, ready to flee.

Grissom hold him back by grabbing his wrist. "Listen. We had a good time."

Greg blinked.

"A great time," Grissom corrected himself. "That doesn´t mean we´ll start dating or something like that. Do you understand?"

Greg felt tears stung behind his eyes. "Sure, Grissom. You´re the boss." He rushed out of the car, almost running away.

Surprisingly Grissom didn´t feel as relieved about Greg´s pretty chilly reply as he thought he would be. For a moment he felt the urge to follow Greg to take his words back. In the end the moment passed and he didn´t.

Greg bumped into Nick.

"Hey! Watch it. From whom are you running away? Grissom or the sheriff?"

Still trying to bit back the tears Greg didn´t smile one little bit about the joke. "Funny."

"Well, what did the sheriff say?"


"He said something, didn´t he?"

"Just the usual. I need a suspect. I need the case solved. As fast as possible."

He´s using Grissom´s exact words, Nick thought amused. The teacher´s pet.

Michael came by, stopped and observed him intently. "Well, well, well, my dear Greggo, how´s my favorite buddy today?"

Greg opened his mouth to give him a proper response, matching Michael´s bold tone. Noticing Grissom approach he snapped his mouth shut.

"Well, Nick, what´s new?"

"Not much. Hodges is still analyzing the cigarette butts and the unknown substance. Brass and I will question the suspect in ten minutes."

Michael switched his attention to Grissom. He grinned.

Greg turned pretty nervous. What´s he grinning about?

"And? What did the sheriff say?" Nick asked Grissom.

"Just the usual. I need a suspect. I need the case solved. As fast as possible."

Nick repressed a laugh. "Really?"

Greg´s face felt like burning. Shit.

Grissom didn´t notice Nick´s amusement. Mm. Maybe he only pretended that he didn´t. "Yes. Let´s go to my office, Nick. I need to know everything new you found out about the suspect."

After they had left Greg addressed the still present Michael. "What are you smiling about?"

"Did you take a shower?"

Greg winced. "Sure. Before I went to work."

"No. I meant quite recently."

"Of course not."

"I think you did. I think our big boss did too."

"You´re crazy."

"Am I? We were having a little fun, right?"

"I really don´t know what you are talking about."

"Alright. It´s none of my business. All I have to say is this: Be careful." He started to turn away, but couldn´t refuse to ask one more question. "Was it worth it?"


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