Lt. Andrew "Andy" Flynn - Moments

7. Season

To Serve with Love

Flynn and Provenza mess up again to make some extra money, and even drag Buzz into it.
Certainly Brenda is pissed, suspended them, but secretly send them on an assignment.

Home Improvement

The team jokes around at the crime scene. Brenda rages because of her meeting with the lawyer.

Gabriel and Flynn and the team watch Brenda hugging Will in front of her husband.

Death Warrant

Flynn starts to tell his favorite Gavin-story but Provenza beats him by telling the punch line first. Flynn is pissed.

Flynn asks Gavin a delicate moot question. The laywer is amused.

Relative Matters

Flynn offers his help when Brenda´s father has the same disease as his sister had.

Road Block

Flynn witnesses a terrible hit and run. He has to watch a girl die.

Fool´s Gold

Flynn and Provenza mess up again!!! Brenda rages beyond imagination.

Brenda and Fritz flirt and go into her office. Flynn doesn´t look happy.

Brenda orders Flynn to bring the evidence back. (A load of dogshit.)

Provenza´s ex-wives consider Flynn as Provenza´s fifth wife. (LOL!)

The Last Word

Brenda sends Flynn and Gabriel on an assignment together. Flynn looks unhappy.

The long-boiling conflict between Flynn and Gabriel becomes obvious. (I always said Flynn is jealous of Gabriel being Brenda´s favorite!)

Brenda says good-bye and adresses everybody of the team by their first names - except Provenza.

Brenda quotes "It looks like love". Flynn smiles as he remembers perfectly.

6. Season

The Big Bang

Brenda says that Flynn makes an irresponsible suggestion to solve the case - later Brenda runs the suggestion herself.

Flynn brings Brenda an usable murder board - she is so thankful.

In Custody

Brenda asks Flynn to join her instead of Gabriel to test him for a possible promotion. Flynn doesn´t pass the test.

The "manslaughter discussion."


"The picking up strangers for sex" matter.

Flynn is ashamed by Brenda´s disdainful looks.

Brenda is pissed because of Flynn and Provenza´s pathetic behavior around two young women.

Heart Attack

Flynn is baffled speechless when he heard that Brenda applied for chief of police. Provenza forbids him to question her about it.

Off the Hook

Flynn wants to have the crust of her pizza. She says no. In the end he gets it anyway because she´s busy with work.

Brenda lost her key card. Provenza gives her Flynn´s which he took without asking.

Jump the Gun

Flynn still likes to bother Taylor.

Flynn still likes to bother Fritz.

Flynn still likes to bother Gabriel.

Old Money

Flynn is assaulted and stabbed - he fights like hell for his life - and shoots a man.

Brenda visits Flynn at the hospital - and cares a lot about him being injured. (SO VERY CUTE! Think back to season one!)

Brenda calls Flynn by his first name "Andy" twice - once in front of Fritz - once in front of Flynn and Captain Raydor.

Brenda touches his shoulders a few times - once to keep him in bed.

Brenda touches his arm to keep him from doing something stupid.

Brenda and Flynn smile with affection at each other. (Oh...yes)

5. Season

Red Tape

Flynn watches Brenda massaging her foot.

Walking back the Cat

Brenda and Flynn talk about Provenza´s new girlfriend.

Half Load

Flynn is rude. Brenda defends him.

Flynn explains why Brenda is sad. (Oh my!)

Tapped Out

Thanks to the impostor "Dick Tracey" Flynn behaves emotional. (*grin*)

Strike Three

Flynn and Capt. Raydor - emotional! - she is his kind of woman.

Elysian Fields

Brenda reminds Flynn to behave human even if the victim is a rapist and murderer.

Provenza brags about his young girlfriend and his virility. Flynn rolls his eyes.

Flynn interrupts her, she snaps at him. Twice. (Surprisingly, he is not mad at her, he just looks a little hurt.)

Brenda: "We don´t have anything to hold her on until the morning?"
Flynn: "Put her in the murder room. I´ll find you something. Don´t worry about it, chief. Trust me."

Flynn provokes a female suspect and let her plant a punch on his chin to help Brenda to keep her in custody. (How devoted is this man? One day he´ll take a bullet for her.)

Brenda: "Get her out of here please."
Flynn: "You´re welcome." (still not mad, but sulking)

Flynn: "Chief? What do you want to do with the girlfriend?"
Brenda: "Tell her she´s not going home."
Flynn: "You just want to see me get slapped again."
Brenda: "That thought never crossed my mind." (he is still sulking because she didn´t compliment his commitment)

Brenda: "I don´t want to listen to it (a tape of a confession under torture)."
Flynn: "Yeah. Neither do I." - "Night, Chief." (Somebody has to listen to the tape and he will do it for her)
Brenda: "Night."

Identity Theft

A schizophrenic boy hugs Brenda out of the blue. Flynn is concerned.

A schizophrenic boy calls Brenda´s voice odd. Flynn is amused.

Smells like Murder

Provenza messed up. Flynn gloats.

Flynn is annoyed by Dr. Terrence - who is courting Brenda.

Flynn is happy that his joke amuses Brenda.

All the betting!

Flynn compliments Gabriel (in front of Brenda).

Maternal Instincts

Provenza tells that he is going to marry his young fiance. Flynn ties a blood pressure meter around his own arm and measures his blood pressure.

The case gets to Brenda. Flynn calms her down. (including: touching her shoulder!)

Waivers of Extradition

A serial killer grabs Brenda by the arm. Flynn tears his hand away, seizes the killer by the neck and holds him down.

The Life

Flynn tells Brenda about Provenza´s lovesickness.

Flynn puts an older picture of himself in the frame which is standing on Provenza´s desk. Provenza pulls the photo out and tears it up.

Flynn and Gabriel watch an officer hitting on Brenda even she tells the man she is married.

Make Over

Flynn is jealous of Provenza´s ex-partner George until it turns out George is now a Georgette.

Flynn is checking out Georgette.

Dead Man´s Hand

Flynn and Provenza put an insulting drawing of Captain Raydor on the board.

4. Season

Controlled Burn

Bill Croelick had barely greeted Brenda when Flynn grabs him and smashes him against a closet.

Speed Bump

Flynn continues to annoy Brenda with silly comments and she sails into him. Shortly after this she passes work to him which is actually Gabriel´s.

Brenda forces Flynn to lie to people he likes and he is highly pissed.

Flynn messed up again - Brenda doesn´t tell.

Brenda respects Flynn´s wishes and he smiles, grateful, and says even "Thank you". She smiles back.

Life Wire

Provenza complains about the dumb work Brenda gave them and Flynn just smiles, amused.

He uses his head as an antenna.

Dial M for Provenza

Flynn and Provenza messed up again - Brenda rages - Flynn tries to soothe her.

Split Ends

Brenda calls Flynn at the phone and says sorry for bothering him this late.

Tijuana Brass

Brenda takes Flynn's hand for support. (I love them touching.)

Good Faith

Brenda´s parents are stuck with Flynn in her office.

Flynn and Provenza are very interested in a group that tries to overcome sexual addiction.

Brenda: "I´m delegating the rest of the day to you all."
Flynn laughs. (unbelieving that she is capable to go through with it - and it comes out he is right)

Junk in the Trunk

The "some bizarre traffic accident" conversation with Brenda on the phone.

Fate Line

Brenda punishes Flynn to take care of her crazy future sister-in-law.

Flynn tells the future sister-in-law everything he knows about Brenda.

Double Blind

Brenda embarrasses Flynn, because she caught him looking at girls... ah... women.

Flynn and Brenda´s sister-in-law. (Poor man.)

3. Season

Grave Doubts

Flynn has an argument with Gabriel, Brenda interferes, Flynn grins, later he goes ahead and Brenda shoots him a look.

Four to Eight

At a briefing, Brenda freaks out, and Flynn, like the rest of the team, looks sheepishly.


Brenda hugs Gabriel. Flynn sees it and looks not happy.

Culture Shock

Brenda´s mother gives him a present. A picture of the team.

Lover´s Leap

Gabriel tries to prevent Brenda from going down a hill because she is still recovering from surgery. He fails. Flynn is very amused.

Brenda takes Flynn´s hand for support.

'Till death do us part (1)

Brenda sends Provenza to interview a hot girl. Flynn pouts! off.

Flynn leans against the wall while Brenda interviews the suspect, making Flynn smile and chuckle. The second, the suspect comes too close to Brenda, Flynn disconnects threateningly fast from the wall in case he has to protect her.

'Till death do us part (2)

Flynn is very amused about the way Brenda threats the district attorney.

Flynn confesses that he is an alcoholic. He wears a ring given to him by the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for not having a drink in 10 years.

Flynn winks at Brenda and she smiles.

Next of Kin Part 1

He likes to get sympathy because of his injured hand but doesn´t get any.

He and Provenza come to the house of her parents in Atlanta - at Christmas.

Next of Kin Part 2

Flynn and Provenza under the mistletoe.

Brenda takes Flynn´s advice.

2. Season

Mom´s Duty

Brenda listens to Flynn and not to Taylor - Flynn gloats.

To Protect and to Serve

Flynn and Provenza are in big trouble. Brenda has a fit of rage.

They are sitting on a sofa. He´s checking her out.

Critical Missing

He offers his hand to support her. She takes it. (I think this is the first time ever that Brenda touched him.)

The other woman

Flynn and Sanchez hide one of her chocolate boxes.


He advices her to use her badge to cut in line.

She uses his pen, he snatches it back.

She boroughs his mobile and sucks on the antenna. He doesn´t look thrilled, snatches it back and says "Thank you".

No good Deed

She drops her things and kneels down to get them. He has a good look at her legs and smiles brightly.

Serving the King Part 1

Flynn and Gabriel have to work for Taylor. Flynn boils with rage because Taylor treats them unfairly, but also because he mocks Brenda.

1. Season


Their first confrontation - a disaster.

About Face

Behind her back he calls her "Miss Atlanta".


Two times Brenda cuts Flynn rudely off.

Flynn learns about Brenda´s Ethics Inquiry in Atlanta and tries to find out the details. He tells everybody about it, including a newspaper.

A honey-sweet conversation in her office.

Calls her almost "Miss Atlanta" in front of Pope.

Gabriel is defending her - Flynn is amused.

Pope finds out that Flynn is responsible for the report in the newspaper and gives him a serious warning.

You are here

A brief discussion with Brenda at her office door.

Good Housekeeping

Brenda sends Flynn back to Robbery Homicide.

L.A. Woman

Flynn gloats over Gabriel´s disappointment because Brenda doesn´t compliment his work.

Again he calls her "Miss Atlanta".

Taylor informs Flynn that he plans to endamage Brenda. Flynn doesn´t look thrilled.

Fatal Retraction

Flynn is in big trouble - Brenda saves his ass.

Standards and Practices

Flynn points out that the anonymous complaint against Brenda was partly his idea but he has no part in filing it. None!