• Greg´s appearance: Beaten

  • 6 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Sara and Catherine

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He attended his first jury trial.
    He wore Doc Martens (work
    boots) in high school.
    His mom didn´t allow him to
    play any sports in high school.
    He is an only child.
  • Misc.:
    The female prosecutor took
    him to dinner. Greg´s family
    thinks he works still in the lab.

First Scene:
Catherine is marking the various shoe prints on the victim’s shirt. Greg walks in and poses for her in his suit. Today was his first jury trial. She asks him to help her with her work. He agrees and they talk about the day in court then about the evidence.

Second Scene:
Greg walks through the hallway and meets with Grissom. Grissom sends him to a liquor store robbery - alone.

Third Scene:
Greg is driving on the road, making his way to the liquor store. As he drives, he hears sounds of people grunting and yelling. He turns and sees an attack at the far end of an alleyway. Greg stops and reverses. There is a group of about a dozen individuals beating up a man on the ground. Greg stops and calls it in on his radio. Greg puts his SUV in gear and heads into the alley. With headlights on and lights flashing, Greg beeps his horn, trying to disrupt the gang. The gang continues to kick and beat up the man on the ground. Greg beeps his car horn and flashes the siren. Several people in the group disband and run, leaving a single person behind who continues kicking the man on the ground. Greg drives up close enough and stops. The man runs to the side and picks up a large rock. He motions as if to bash the victim’s head, then turns and starts running toward Greg who presses the gas. The SUV lunges forward and hits the hooded man. He falls to the ground. Greg remains inside. The back door glass smashes into pieces. Greg whirls around to see what’s going on. He ducks as the driver’s side glass window is smashed into pieces. Someone from outside reaches in through the window and pulls Greg out of the SUV. The rest of the gang returns. They take up where they left off ... this time with Greg as their victim.

Fourth Scene:
A group of observers has gathered at the taped-off entry to the alley. The officers lift the tape for Sara. She rushes past Sofia and sees three bodies on the alley floor. Medics attend to the beaten visitor and the attacker. Greg is unattended in the center. Sara walks over to Greg and kneels next to him. She puts a hand on Greg’s hair, lightly stroking, offering what little comfort she can. Greg talks to her. Sara takes Greg’s hand with hers.

Fifth Scene:
Grissom visits Greg at the hospital. They talk about the victims and Greg confesses something about his family and childhood.

Sixth Scene:
Greg is feeding himself. He lifts his head and through the glass window between the two rooms, he sees Demetrius’ mother and brother standing over Demetrius’ bed. Nurse Lizzy pushing Stanley Tanner in a wheelchair enter his room. Stanley Tanner thanks Greg for saving his life and leaves with the nurse. In the next room, Marla James cries hysterically over her dead son’s body.

Best Dialogs:
Greg: "All right. Who's my wingman?"
Grissom: "You're a big boy, Greg. You don't need a wingman for this."
Greg: "Primary. Nice."

Greg: "Sara ..."
Sara: "I didn't think you could see me."
Greg: "I can't ... but I know that Sidle scent."
Sara: "I'm going to take that as a compliment."

Grissom: "Has someone called your parents? We should let them know."
Greg: "Mmph."
Grissom: "What's the matter?"
Greg: "They still think I'm in the lab."
Grissom: "Why do they think that?"
Greg: "When I was in high school...I never played any sports. No football, no basketball. Definitely no hockey."
Grissom: "I never would've guessed."
Greg: "Well, it wasn't by choice. My mom wanted four kids. Ended up with only one. She always made sure I stayed close. If I got a nosebleed, she'd take me to the ER."
Grissom: " would be the time to come clean."
Greg: "My mom's gonna freak."
Grissom: "You tell her that you risked your life to save someone else's...and I think she'll be very proud of you."

My Comment:
An utterly frightening story. I agree with Nick: I´m so sick of all the violence. Poor, poor Greg. Why had it to be him of all people? I couldn´t look when he gets beaten so cruelly. I closed my eyes. I turned the sound down. I hated it.

Greg and Catherine. He poses for her in his suit. He went to his first jury trial. The female (I would have preferred it to be a male one - *giggle*) prosecutor took him to dinner. Catherine asks him to help her. He agrees happily. The moment is even sadder knowing what will happen to him a few hours later.
The moment with Sara touched my heart. Seeing her so weak and close to tears. "I came here for you, Greg." I like Sara. I like her being nice to Greg. I like Greg telling her he recognized her by her scent only. Oh. That´s romantic.
Grissom doesn´t like to see Greg in a suit. Monkey suit he calls it. Well, I never preferred men in suits too. I agree with Grissom. Greg looks so much better in sporty clothes. Grissom sends Greg out there with the words: "You're a big boy, Greg. You don't need a wingman for this." Jesus. I knew at once he was so going to be hurt. That made me scream: Don´t let him go alone. Please. Watch out for him. It was heartbreaking to see how proud Greg was that Grissom trusted him to go alone. Oh my dear boy. Life truly isn´t fair. Neither is TV life. Grissom visits Greg at the hospital. Ah. Grissom looks nearly as close to tears as Sara. Greg´s confession about his childhood. I always knew he is mama´s boy. Greg cries openly. Grissom tries to comfort him. My heart melted by seeing this.
Just like Grissom he is an only child. They are so much alike.

Grissom and Hodges. They share a nice and calm moment. They behave themselves because they both worry about Greg.
Grissom: "What do you see?"
Hodges: "My old neighborhood. What do you see?"
Grissom: "Inconsistency."
Hodges: "In what?"
Grissom: "The dishwasher, both tourists and Greg were attacked near the strip. Dean Harden claims that he was attacked all the way over here in southwest Las Vegas. Swarms don't backtrack."
Hodges: "We're talking about humans here, not bugs."

It´s nice to hear Sara, Nick, Catherine and Warrick are going to visit Greg.

Greg is a very brave man. Greg is a good man. He even cares about the attacker he got killed by accident. Greg is a true CSI. Even badly hurt he thought about the evidence first. Grissom´s boy indeed.

Grissom: "The truth is...a moral compass can only point you in the right direction, can't make you go there. Our culture preaches that, uh, you shouldn't be ashamed of anything you do anymore. And unfortunately, this city was built on the principle that there's no such thing as guilt. "Do whatever you want; we won't tell." So without a conscience, there's nothing to stop you from killing someone. And evidently, don't even have to feel bad about it."

Unfortunately, Grissom is so very right.