Face Lift

  • Gregīs appearance: Lax
  • 1 Scene: with Nick

  • Shippyness: G/N, G/G

  • What we learn about him:
    He has a lover (woman or man),
    makes private phonecalls at work,
    says "I love you" + "Baby" to

  • Misc.: He lies to cover up his

First Scene:
Greg is on the phone. Nick walks in to get the results. Greg hasnīt them ready. Nick has to assist Greg to get the results.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "Don't you ever goof off, huh? Do you ever get a little lost in life?"
Nick: "No."
Greg: "Well, you should."

My Comment:
He is so cute. Nick is way too serious. When Greg asks him if he ever goof off and the way he laughs when Nick caught him lying is very funny.
I never forget the statement "Grissom has just been running me around like a lapdog. I haven't had a chance." Every time I watch that moment I think, "You wish Greg, you wish."
And he teases Nick because he is so concerned about the uranium. Later, Grissom teases Nick too, (The Spiderman story! Please!). I ask myself if Nick realizes that Spiderman is a comic character. Hilarious!

Starring Greg