Exposed - 6/24

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: PG13
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: Breaking the Ice
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Summary: A new labtech gets the picture
Warnings: Pre - Slash
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Beta: Isha, Monika
Word Count: 1.339
Released: June 2003
Revised: October 2007

"Have you seen the new guy who started working yesterday?" Catherine asked Grissom out of the blue. They had collected the evidence in the recent murder case and were on their way back to the lab. The sun was already rising.

"What? Who are you talking about?" Grissom murmured, slightly dazed.

"I´m talking about the new guy from the lab. Michael....something...I forgot his surname... who is a very handsome man. Actually, utterly stunning," she leered.

"Catherine, please, it´s truly not my concern how the man looks but how he´s doing his work."

"Some of us are more concerned about his looks."

"Who do you have in mind?"

"Well, our good boy Greg is obviously flirting a lot with Michael. I always suspected he is more into men than women. Finally, he doesn´t hide it anymore."

Grissom was caught off guard by different feelings. Surprise. Dismay. Curiosity. He resisted the urge to squeeze Cath for more details. "Greg´s flirting is only a problem when it´s affecting his work. In this case he gets into trouble with me. His sexual orientation is none of our business."

Catherine smiled just like Mona Lisa.

Grissom expected her to say more but she didn´t. Sometimes he wondered if Cath knew he was into men too. She was a smart woman. But even though she knew she had never said a word. Certainly, he had suspected for a long time that Greg was as gay as he was. All that flirting around with all the women in the lab was never serious. He was never approaching a goal. Grissom had always tried to avoid seeing Greg as an attractive man. He regarded him rather as a boy than a man. For one good reason: He was Greg´s boss. Relationships at a workplace always got you into trouble. But recently, he had become soft and careless. I asked Greg to play chess with me. I teased him about how athletic his body is. I told him about my mother´s deafness. Why? And now this. Cath´s allusions let him lose his poise a little bit. Did she imply he was attracted to Greg? And was he? Well, Greg let him feel something. But Grissom never intended to live out these feelings. That would be simply inappropriate.

When they arrived at the lab, Grissom fetched the collected evidence from Cath. "I´ll take that to Greg myself."

"If you have to." Cath winked playfully at him.

Embarrassed about his urge to see Greg right away, Grissom fled to avoid further teasing. He already heard Greg from a distance. Like always, he was talking nonstop. The next second, Grissom saw the guy, Greg was talking to and he had to admit, Catherine was right. Tall, dark hair, handsome face, broad shoulders, athletic legs, about thirty years old. The man looked like a dream came true. Pure jealousy consumed him. "Sanders! Wasting time again? Why isn´t that a surprise to me."

Greg whirled around while his speech was cut off immediately. Sanders! Not Greg! That is never a good sign, is it? But why is Grissom so angry?

The handsome man flashed a smile at Grissom. "Hello, my name is Michael Andrews. I´m new here. I was transferred from San Francisco. You must be Gil Grissom."

Reluctantly, Grissom shook hands with him.

Greg found back his voice. "I just showed Michael around. That´s all. What have you figured?"

Surprised, Michael sensed a peculiar tension between Greg and his boss.

Noticing Michael´s astonishment, Grissom overreacted. "What I have figured? Do something you get paid for. Now!" He handed him the samples with the evidence.

Grissom´s intense disapproval silenced Greg effectively. He took the pieces and rushed off like a scolded kid.

"I´ll get back to work," Michael mumbled, looking curious and left just a second later.

Grissom was angry at himself. Why have I lost my control so unnecessarily? Why have I acted this way? Oddly enough, he felt remorse as well as shame.

Greg on the other hand was simply furious. How could Grissom talk to me like that? Even if he is my boss. After all these years I have worked here. In front of the new guy. The very attractive new guy.

"I´m sorry that I caused you trouble." Michael had followed him silently.

"Nonsense! We just talked. I don´t know what Grissom´s problem is."

Michael eyed Greg closely. "Are you sleeping with Grissom?"

Greg almost fell off his chair. "What!? Are you nuts?! How could you SAY something like this?!"

Michael grinned cheerfully. "Well, you were flirting with me all day. I thought, why not, he´s cute. But then Grissom showed up and I realized at once, I have no chance."

Greg was out of words. He just stared at Michael.

The older and more mature man didn´t let him get away just like that. "So...?"

"I...I´m n...not sleeping with Grissom," Greg stammered finally.

"But you want to because you have a crush on him."

"That´s not true!" Greg shouted bewildered, but then shut his mouth quickly. He realized how suspicious his excitement made him sound.

Michael didn´t say anything.

"Nobody noticed it until now," Greg confessed quietly. "I hope so. It´s useless anyway. Grissom has no interest in me at all..."

"That isn´t true. I guess he overreacted so intensely for one reason only. He was jealous."

"Don´t talk such nonsense. There is no way I ever believe you."

"I got around a lot. You can take it from me, the man is jealous."

"Jealous of what? Grissom isn´t interested in me."

"Why not? You are young, good-looking, smart and share the same interests because of your work."

Greg was completely bewildered. "Are you serious?"

"Sure. I have to go now. Will you tell me, how our boss is in bed, if you ever manage to get him there?"

"I would never tell," Greg blurted, offended.

Laughing, Michael left the lab.

Half an hour later, Greg went to Grissom´s office, the result papers in his hand were visibly trembling because he was much more nervous than usually. He stopped in front of Grissom´s office door and took a few deep breaths, before he knocked and stepped in. "I got your results, boss."

"Put them on the desk," Grissom replied, without even looking at him.

Despite Grissom´s discouraging behavior, Greg remained on his place. "I wasn´t neglecting my duties." His voice sounded sullen.

"Never mind. It wasn´t my intention to talk to you like that."

"You believe me then?"

"Of course. Why shouldn´t I?"

"So we´re good?"

"Yes, Greg, you can forget about it."

Greg sighed. "Thanks. That´s a relief."

"Your private life is nobody´s business. Just keep it low in the lab."

"I wasn´t flirting with Michael," Greg blurted. "He is not my type!"

Grissom looked perplexed. "I didn´t say that."

"I - I - have m - much work to do," Greg stuttered and flounced out of the room.

The fast escape made Grissom smile. This guy is truly incredible. He always succeeds to get under my skin. Again and again he makes me jump out of my shell. Very few people are capable at this but Greg is certainly one of them. So? Michael isn´t his type. Who would it be? Probably Nick. Certainly Nick. What a pity Nick isn´t gay. Stop thinking about this. It doesn´t matter to me, does it? Grissom shooed away all private thoughts and continued to write his report.

Greg lolled at his desk. Grissom´s comment about Michael had confused him completely. Grissom never commented on private things. His own thoughtless reply had been so stupid. He almost had blurted out the truth: "Grissom, you are my type! Nobody else." Greg snorted. Grissom´s reaction to such a confession was beyond his grasp. He started to giggle uncontrollably.

"What´s so funny?" Nick leaned over his shoulder.

Shit! Does he ever have to sneak up like that? "Ah...just something I heard today," he said quickly.

"Let´s hear."

He shook his head. "I have a lot of work and Grissom is waiting."


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