Whatīs eating Gilbert Grissom?

  • Gregīs appearance: Resourceful

  • 4 Scenes: With Catherine
    and Nick

  • Shippyness: G/C, G/N

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.: He can count in Spanish.

First Scene:
Greg is in the middle of the lab. All around him, he's got containers of maggots. He's separating the maggots from the dirt and going through the dirt at the same time. Greg turns around and finds Nick standing on the other side of the table. Nick looks at his watch and urges him hurry because in twenty-four hours all these maggots turn into flies. Greg knows. Nick turns and leaves the lab. Greg continues to work.

Second Scene:
Greg continues to work on separating the maggots from the dirt. Catherine walks in from the hallway. He's working and counting in Spanish. Greg shows Catherine his findings so far. A fingernail is among.

Third Scene:
Greg is going through the dirt. He finds two halves of a gold-colored key.

Fourth Scene:
Nick and Greg examine the white Chevy van. Greg snaps a photo of the contents in the armrest storage. He takes out a parking pass. Nick picks up a broken pair of glasses. Nick checks the van's VIN number and the NEVADA license plates. The plate is expired, the registration sticker is a phony. Greg climbs into the back of the van to look around while Nick removes the license plate. Under the carpet, Greg finds some black powder.

Best Dialog:
Catherine: "What's with the tape?"
Greg: "The evidence wasn't cooperating, so I stuck it to them (the maggots)."
Catherine: "Cute."

My Comment:
Whatīs eating Gilbert Grissom?
His love to Greg Sanders. Itīs time to out yourself, Gil.

A very good episode. Unfortunately without a lot of Greg in it. But I liked it anyway. My second favorite character Grissom has a lot of issues to handle.
Greg takes it on with a big messy bunch of maggots (DISGUSTING!!!) and distracts himself by counting in Spanish. Lovely.
Greg finds three important things. A fingernail, a key and the black powder, which leads the CSI to the murderer. Well done, my boy.
Nick lectures Greg about the time and urges him to hurry. Well! We learn to rush things can be a mistake. Greg finds important evidence which was overlooked by Nick. Nick does tell Grissom about Gregīs finding in the glove box (the parking ticket) but my big question is does he also tell that Greg found the black powder in the back of the van. I donīt think so. Why Nick, why? And I have the feeling Hodges knows exactly who found the powder but of course he would never tell. I hope Iīm wrong about Nick.

Random thought:
Were there hints of a latent homosexuality concerning the killer or is it just me?