Early Rollout

  • Gregīs appearance: Flatfooted
  • 5 Scenes: with Catherine
    Sara and Warrick

  • Shippyness: G/C, G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    Drives a VW Passat,
    metallic grey.

  • Misc.: Wears a shirt with:
    Ainīt no lovinī like the one
    I got

First Scene:
Warrickīs phone rings. He answers it. Greg stands outside the locked gate and asks how he can get in. Warrick says Greg is at the wrong gate and gives him directions. Greg hangs up.

Second Scene:
Warrick approaches Greg who is getting out of his car. He lectures Greg about the way he looks, his outfit and his delay, then he walks around the car to take a look at Gregīs open trunk. He reaches into Gregīs kit and takes out his flashlight. He criticizes Greg about the incomplete status of his kit and shows him the one in the trunk of his car.

Third Scene:
Catherine and Greg walk up the stairs up to the second floor. They take a look for evidence that can explain the outside crime. Meanwhile, Catherine checks out the closet, including a jewelry box, which she finds empty. She asks Greg to photograph it. Greg finds some storage boxes under the bed and some blood on the carpet.

Fourth Scene:
Catherine walks down the hallway; Greg rushes to catch up with her and reports to her.

Fifth Scene:
Sara is asking Greg to check out the blood stain on a one Hundred Dollar Bill.

Best Dialogs:
Warrick: "You just get off a shift?"
Greg: "Catherine called me. I'm here to help with the case."
Warrick: "You look like a man who just rolled out of bed. You all right?"
Greg: "Yeah, why?"
Warrick: "T-shirt, sneakers. You're already a half hour late. Grissom will rip you a new one if he sees you like that."
Greg: "Seriously?"

Greg: "I found something on your butt."
Catherine: "Checking out my butt again, Greg?"
Greg: "I was ..."
Catherine: "mm-hmm."
Greg: "... as well as the four butts Sara got at the crime scene."
Catherine: "Oh."
Greg: "Found something on them that I can't explain, so I sent them over to Hodges.
Your butt's fine."

My Comment:
Greg is out in the field again. Cool. He is looking adorable. Oh yes. The imprint on his T-shirt made me squeal with glee.
I agree with Warrick that Greg looks like he just rolled out of bed. I think it was Grissomīs who tells Catherine earlier he didnīt sleep at all. Really? What did both of you do all night? Oh sweet slasher world.
Greg seems pissed for being lectured by Warrick and then by Catherine. Warrickīs statement that Grissom will be angry with Greg and "rip him a new one" doesnīt impress Greg much. Made me think "Greg wishes!" Made me have very slashy and naughty thoughts. Made me write a story with the title: Unfinished Business.
Greg is crawling on his hands and feet. Yummy. He finds two important pieces of evidence. Go Greg.
He is flirting openly with Catherine and she plays along again.
His declaration that he canīt explain something he found on the evidence shows his honesty. He doesnīt need to pretend he knows everything. He gives the stuff to Hodges. I believe that proves he doesnīt dislike Hodges like the way Hodges dislikes Greg.
OH! Sara proves again she isnīt a human being you can have fun with. Forget about her, Greggo.
A very good episode. Alone the lack of a Greg/Grissom scene is sad. Very sad.