Review for Duma Key

Author: Stephen King
Published: 2008
by: Scribner
German Title: Wahn
Edgar Freemantle, a successful contractor, is severely injured on the job. His hip is crushed and he loses his right arm. More importantly, he loses his memory. On the verge of suicide, Edgar takes the advice of his therapist and attempts a geographic cure: taking off from the frosty winter of Minnesota to the relatively balmy island of Duma Key, Florida. And then he starts to draw.

Amazingly suspenseful, despite the fact there is very little horror in here, only the last chapters or sometimes creepy and...yucky. But there is the horror of reality. A manīs life is crushed. He struggles to find a new purpose to live on. Does he succeed? Difficult to say.
Itīs a very mature book. A story about the suffering and the joys of life. A story about people like you and me. Well, almost.
Stephen did it again. He stays my favorite writer.


Stephen King