Down the Drain

  • Gregīs appearance: Tough

  • 3 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Sara and Dr. Robbins

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    Gregīs prostate is just fine.
  • Misc.: Greg watches his first

First Scene:
Grissom watches as Robbins starts on the body. Standing a distance away from the table is Greg who is also in the room for his first autopsy. He looks away as the first cut is made. Grissom notes Greg's reaction. Robbins finishes the cut and pulls the skin open. Greg's eyes widen at the sight. Robbins turns to Grissom, asking for the drain pan. Grissom hands the drain pan to Robbins who puts it on the tray next to him. Water starts to drip from the roof into the drain pan. Robbins takes the hand saw and turns it on. Greg puts his fingers in his ears as Robbins cuts into the rib cage. Blood spurts on Robbins' mask. Finished, Robbins turns the hand saw off and sets it aside. Grissom watches Greg. Greg looks at Grissom. Robbins grabs the rib cage piece and pulls it out of the body. Robbins motions for Greg to move in closer. Robbins cuts the aorta leading into the heart. Greg watches, his eyes wide. He looks at the victim's partially damaged face and back down to the victim's feet. He appears thoughtful. Robbins makes a vertical cut in the neck. Grissom, who knows what's going to be there, is asking Greg to take a look at the trachea. Greg leans in for a look. Robbins peels the skin back. "Foam. Like the head of a beer," Greg says. He looks self-consciously at Grissom. Grissom approves. Greg's eyes move to the heart that Robbins is holding. Robbins starts the hand saw up again. Greg takes a couple of cautious steps away from the body.

Second Scene:
Greg takes a sample off the bone, puts it between a folded piece of paper and smashes it. He pours it into a dish. Sara walks in and takes a seat at the table. She asks him about attending his first autopsy and compliments him about his tough reaction.

Third Scene:
Grissom is putting together an experiment. He has two containers set up. One is the control, and in the other, he's mixing various household items together. Greg walks into the lab, asking what heīs doing. Grissomīs answer is the request to fill up a urine specimen cup. Greg looks at it, scoffs and shrugs. "Okay", he says. He turns and leaves Grissom. Grissom takes out a dead fetus and weighs it. He notes it on the log and places it aside. He takes out a second dead fetus and weighs that also. He places it in the control container. Greg returns and puts the filled specimen container on the counter. Grissom says, "That took a long time. You may need a prostate exam." Greg answers, "My prostate is just fine. I'm not a soda fountain." Grissom takes out a larger plastic container, hands it to Greg and requests a number two as quickly as possible. Greg wants to know whatīs this is all about. Grissom explains it to him. Greg turns away - with the container in his hand. "This is some kind of CSI hazing. Make me appreciate blood and semen more." He leaves.

Best Dialog:
Sara: "I heard you finally lost your virginity."
Greg glances at Sara. She smiles at him.
Sara: "First autopsy. How was it?"
Greg: "It was fine. How was your first time? How did you react?"
Sara: "I puked."
Greg: "I didn't puke."
Sara: "Way to go, tough guy."
Greg: "It was weird, seeing a body lying on a table like that. Doc Robbins just pulling out his insides until it was all empty."
Sara: "Were you expecting a ball of light?"
Greg: "Doc Robbins said, "That's all we really are."
Sara: "It's what you do with it that counts."

My Comment:
The masterīs grasshopper did pretty well this time. He proved his stableness at the autopsy and Grissomīs looks and smiles shows his approval. He was proud of Greg. Ah. Iīm happy when Greg does well in front of Grissom. He needs that.
Greg's quiet composure suggested he may indeed be quite well suited for this job. Also, Greg was sad because of the terrible loss of a life. Stranger, friend, it doesn't matter to him. Heīs very compassionate. Thatīs only one of many likeable sides of him. Besides, he was reminded about his own mortality. It made him very thoughtful. Yes, my boy, enjoy your life while it last. Every day of it.

A true miracle was Saraīs teasing of him and her nice words. What is going on, please? Had she lost her mind? Did she forget itīs Greg she is talking to? Greg was visibly happy he could impress her as well as Grissom. The "virginity" joke is very funny. I had the impression Greg likes to show Sara right there in the lab he isnīt one. Can you imagine that? Well, thatīs what fanfiction is there for. Pity, Iīm a slasher. But I have to admit my second favorite couple would be Greg and Sara. I just want Greg to be happy. And Sara needs some fun in her life. Grissom is anything else but fun. Sara and Grissom are too much alike. They would drag down each other.

The last scene between Greg and Grissom was hilariously funny and proved once again: Greg is totally devoted to his boss. Grissom can request whatever he wants Greg would give it to him. Grissom does never hesitate to take advantage of Gregīs devotion. Quite selfish of him.

The jacket Greg wears suits him very much. He looks exceptionally adorable in it.