Nesting Dolls

  • Gregīs appearance: Unhappy

  • 2 Scenes: With Sara
    and Catherine

  • Shippyness:
    G/S, G/C

  • What we learn about him:
    He can straighten his hair.
  • Misc.:
    He speaks in Saraīs favor.
    For the first time he has
    to appear as a CSI in Court.

First Scene:
Greg is standing in front of his mirror in a suit and tie. He's straightening his hair trying to get it to stay down. Sara walks into the locker room. She comments on his looks. Greg thinks he looks like a dork. Sara denies that and asks if he goes to his prelim for the "Sherlock" case. He approves. Sara puts her bag in the locker and takes her jacket off. She asks who the judge is and gives Greg advice how to handle him. Catherine pokes her head in the doorway, telling Sara sheīs working with her tonight. Catherine leaves.

Second Scene:
Catherine is walking through the hallway when Greg catches up with her. He asks her about Saraīs suspension. Catherine donīt want to talk about it. Greg speaks in Saraīs favor but Catherine says Saraīs behavior was inappropriate and she needs the time off. Catherine walks away from Greg, leaving him looking stunned.

Best Dialog:
Sara: "Wow. Look at you, Mr. Straightedge. I did not know that your hair could do that."
Greg: "I look like a dork."
Sara: "No, no. No, you look like a pro, which is what you are."

My Comment:
I donīt like him in a suit and a tie. I always minded men in ties. I was never with a man who wore a tie. Sorry, if Iīm that closed-minded but I just donīt want Greg to look like a typical pencil pusher. I have to agree with Greg. He looks like a dork.
This episode is a gift for Greg/Sara shippers. She gets nicer and nicer. She encourages him and gives him advice how to perform in court. Sara is so very likable at the moment itīs frightening. I loved her in the scene with Ecklie. Go girl! Sara is so right. I hate men who marry women from a foreign poor country only to dominate them very much. Thinking about all that women makes me miserable. I can understand Saraīs anger pretty well.
Greg asks Catherine downright what has happened between her and Sara and why she got suspended and gets rejected. Greg is clearly stunned by Cathīs attitude but frankly Iīm stunned by his statement as well: "Saraīs always had my back." Please. When did that happen, boy? Are you blinded by your feelings? I surely canīt remember the occasion. Despite this, itīs nice he wants to help Sara and cares for her. Heīs such a good boy.
Iīm sorry for Sara. I canīt agree with some people who said you canīt bring your private life to work. Well, thatīs easy to say but sometimes difficult to follow. And - sheīs not blinded by lust for Grissom - damn it - she searches for love. She looks for a daddy who hugs and comforts her.

No Greg/Grissom moment. SOB!

"Hey! They told me you dug up two bodies covered in tar?" The glee in Grissomīs voice proves it once more. The man is a geek. Scientists are quite mad.