Grissom´s Divine Comedy

  • Greg´s appearance: Sick

  • 4 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Catherine, Nick and Warrick

  • Shippyness: G/G/N

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.: He has a cold.

First Scene:
Two police cars are parked at angles on the road and a strip of crime scene tape is tied between them to block the roadway. Catherine is doing a walk- through on the road as she talks to Grissom on the phone. She walks past Greg, who is busy with a clipboard. A scarf is wrapped around his neck. Warrick and Greg look down the road and visualize what might have happen.

Second Scene:
Nick coughs. Greg walks in. They talk about the case. Greg heads over to the car. He coughs and sneezes. Greg looks at the front seat, examines the seat belt buckle.

Third Scene:
Greg places the gun in the glove compartment of a similar type car. He places a dummy on the driver’s seat. A trajectory rod sticks out of the dummy’s back. Greg has to turn the dummy toward the door to get it to line up with the gun in the glove compartment.

Fourth Scene:
Grissom, Nick and Greg go over the case.

Best Dialogs:
Warrick: "What are you doing, a catalog shoot? Where's your matching hat with your pom-pom?"
Greg: "Leave me alone. I have a cold."

Greg: "Wow. I bet it reeks in here."
Nick: "I wouldn't know."
Greg: "Thank God for stuffy noses."
Nick: "Yeah."

Hodges: "Not visible to the human eye. Of course, I caught it."
Nick: "You mean the GCMS caught it?"
Hodges: "Well, if that's a hair you want to split."

Hodges: "You know, in China people wear masks when they're sick. It's considered impolite to infect your coworkers."
Nick: "Maybe you should go work in China."
Hodges: "Maybe you should wear a mask."

My Comment:
Bonnie Bedelia is great! I always liked her and it´s a shame she isn´t seen more often on the screen.

Greg is sick and looks cute with the scarf around his neck. Grissom and Nick are sick too. Oh. Did they give their cold to each other by doing...whatever.

I like it when Grissom says CSI Sanders confirmed... It sounds as if he had noticed that the former lab boy had become a man.

Nick and Hodges. *grin* Hodges is damn right.