Dead Ringer

  • Gregīs appearance: Happy

  • 4 Scenes: with Nick,
    Sara, Brass and David

  • Shippyness: G/N, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He can run, but he doesnīt
    like it.
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
A group of people is running. From up above, a search light from a flying helicopter shins down on them. Police officer cars are slowly following. Leading the way are two police officers on motor bikes. Itīs a competitive run of the Law Enforcement. Sara holds the baton as she runs. One by one, runners hand off their baton to the next runner up on deck. Sara hands off to Nick. He grabs the baton and takes off. Sara finishes her leg of the race and catches Greg in a hug as she comes to a stop.

Second Scene:
David Phillips is with the body logging in the necessary information. Down below on the main road, runners continue to pass by. Greg stands nearby as he draws the crime scene noting the "power tower", the "clearing" and the distance from the road. On the side, Brass talks with Det. Vartan. David Phillips hands the bag of contents to Greg.

Third Scene:
Nick is walking through the hallway when Greg catches up to report to him. Afterwards they walk into the AUDIO/VISUAL LAB and Greg shows Nick the video of ATM #94286 from Holyfield/Maryland Parkway.

Fourth Scene:
Nick and Greg are going back through the ATM video.

Best Dialog:
David Phillips: "So, how was your run?"
Greg: "I'm still alive."

My Comment:
The Greg/Sara hug. I couldnīt believe my eyes. Greg is hugging Sara - no surprise. But Sara is hugging him back instead of pushing him away - thatīs something. They looked very cute together.
Itīs nice to see Greg with David from the morgue. I always liked him.
Itīs funny to see Greg teasing Nick by mentioning the most important news last. Ha! Clever, Greg. Nick is calling him "Greg-o". I always like that.

Sara: "Hey. You anywhere on my fibers?"
Hodges: "I'm dealing with a lot of things today. My phone has been ringing off the hook. CSI is taking a ton of crap because we didn't finish the race."
Sara: "There was a dead cop in the desert."
Hodges: "That's what I kept telling them, and they tell me, good excuse."