Brenda and David - Moments and Quotes

7. Season

Unknown Trouble

Brenda addresses David regularly by his given name.

Forgive us our Trespasses

David is very unhappy that is the only one of the team not being served with a law suit.
The team treats him like a traitor. In the end David asks to be sued too to be a part of the team.
"Come on. Give it up. Show me some love." The team applauds.

Brenda: "Detective Gabriel, I need you with me, please."

Home Improvement

Brenda rings the bell like crazy. Gabriel races to the gate to open it for her.

Brenda: "I can´t find my tennis shoes. Are they in your car?"
David: "Uh...I...I don´t think so. You want me to go there and look?"

David: "Nice dress. By the way."
Brenda: "Really? Does it make me look like the Queen of England? That´s how much money you need to be a police officer these days."

Brenda: "Honestly. These stairs. If we not find out who took my tennis shoes...."
David: "Perhaps you misplaced them."
Brenda: "No. Somebody took them."
David: "Okay. Somebody took them."

The team jokes around at the crime scene. Brenda rages because of her meeting with the lawyer.

Gabriel and Flynn and the team watch Brenda hugging Will in front of her husband.

A Family Affair

In a shootout Gabriel saves Brenda from a bullet by throwing her down and covering her with his body. (intimate embrace! :O)

Death Warrant

David and Brenda have to visit a prison.

David: "Man, I hate being in here."
Brenda: "Without a gun, too."

Gavin: "And can you eleborate on what was meant by a lousy day?"
Gabriel: "Lousy as in not good. Day as in it started off investigating a triple homicide of US service men at 1.30 am and ended with letting
off a double murderer eighteen hours later. So, yes, it was a long, exhausting, crappy, lousy, as in not good day. Next question."

Star Turn

Gabriel: "Special agent Howard? What are you doing here?"

Fresh Pursuit

Brenda got almost shot at the office - Gabriel is slightly pissed.

Gabriel promises Fritz that Brenda will go to the court hearing.

Gabriel doesn´t look very happy seeing Brenda and Fritz kiss.

Brenda: "David, let´s be careful here. I want you to scare this guy not start a shooting.
David: "I´m with you on that."

Necessary Evil

Brenda: "Lt.,when did I arrive?"
Provenza: "From Atlanta or tonight?" - "Uh, she came with Gabriel."

Brenda catches David flirting with Buzz´s sister Cassie.

Relative Matters

Who is Brenda gonna call first if she wants to know what is going on at the crime scene - David Gabriel.

Brenda calls Fritz´s behaviour shameful. Gabriel smiles, amused.

Drug Fiend

David introduces his girlfriend Anne at the Crime Scene. Brenda is pretty perplexed.

Anne: "I´m David´s girlfriend."
Brenda: "David who?"
Anne: "David Ga-Gabriel."
Brenda: "Oh. David. I see."

Brenda: "We´re partners, Anne, while we go check on our murder victim. I´ll have David back shortly."
Anne: "I´ll wait here."

Brenda is pissed about Anne interfering because she studies to become a lawyer and asks David to take Anne somewhere else.

Armed Response

Gabriel´s fiance Anne is the leak. She only came to his church one year ago on behalf of Goldmann to sound Gabriel out. Gabriel freaks out.
He wants Anne out of his house and his life the same day.
(Oh Anne, didn´t you know how much he cares for Brenda?)

Big teary arguement between Brenda and David in her office.

Gabriel apologizes to the team. Everybody accepts, even Flynn who asks him to put in for a transfer, but Sanchez. (That really makes me sad.)

David wants to resign. Brenda won´t let him. (Well, she loves him, too. Obviously.)

Brenda: "I can´t let you quit over this. I accept your apology and I hope you accept mine." - "I need you here."
Gabriel: "Okay, chief. Okay."
Brenda: "Thank you."

The Last Word

Brenda gets a job offer from the DA´s office.
Brenda: "Could I bring someone from my team?"
(Oh my God! She´s talking about Gabriel. She´s planning to take him with her. She´s not leaving him behind. He will be at her side forever. A shipper´s dream! )

Brenda accepts the job offer. She wants Gabriel to be transfered to be her L.A.P.D. liaison officer. I LOVE YOU!

Brenda says good-bye and adresses everybody of the team by their first names - except Provenza. And then she says: "It looks like love."
The same words Brenda said the very first time she arrived at the Crime scene with Gabriel. The same words Gabriel said after the team solved their very first case together.
Gabriel has tears in his eyes. Brenda smiles, and eats a piece of candy.

6. Season

In Custody

David gloats because Brenda and Fritz are fighting.

Brenda thinks that Gabriel is the only one in her division who has begun to share her priorities.


Dr. Morales, the medical examiner, is hitting on Gabriel.

Brenda is pissed because David is drooling over some women.

Heart Attack

A female detective compliments Brenda on her looks. David is very amused.

Off the Hook

A criminal insults Brenda. David says, Hey watch your mouth, sir.
The same criminal calls David 'Boy', Brenda puts a hand on David's arm to keep him from losing his temper.

Brenda accepts David's suggestion on how to continue with the investigation. David is grateful.

Executive Order

David has to touch Brenda's legs.

David is the man of the day.

High Crimes

For a stakeout David wears earrings in both ears.

Brenda: "Which interview room is Mr. Park in?"
Gabriel: "Neither. Apparently Mr. Park wanted"

Gabriel: "I told you this was a bad idea."
Brenda: "Yes, I know, you did. Thank you so much for reminding me."

An ugly game

Gabriel doesn´t agree with Brenda on a case and is furious. He goes behind her back and informs Pope.

Brenda: "David, you went over my head."
Gabriel: "Yes, I did."
Brenda: "I try to make sure you never feel the need to do that again."
Gabriel: "Chief, look, I am always on your side. You know that, right?"
Brenda: "I do. I know that."

5. Season

Blood Money

Because Det. Daniels has left the team Gabriel tries to make it up to Brenda.

Gabriel: "You just told me to have the FBI help with the money trail. What ...what would you prefer? Me to contact Catherine Ortega or the FBI?
Brenda: "What´s the matter, sergeant? You can´t do two things at once?"
Gabriel (mumbling): "Two things at once."

Brenda: "Watch every penny, sergeant."
Gabriel: "I am."

Gabriel loses a lot of money, is very sorry, says Det. Daniels may have done a better job, but Brenda is very soft.

Gabriel figures out some important clue to the case.
Brenda: "Excellent work, sergeant."
He looks abashed.

Red Tape

David is unhappy because Brenda doesn't confide in him anymore.

Brenda does everything to help David in his troubles.

David: "I do wanna thank you, Chief, for being there for me."
Brenda: "Well, if I´m gonna be upset with you when you are wrong, sergeant, the least I can do is stand up for you, when you are right."

Strike Three

Gabriel shakes a swastika-flag out and threws it on the ground.

Elysian Fields

David pulled many files for Brenda to help her solve a case. He is concerned about her obsession.

Smells like Murder

Brenda takes Gabriel's hand for support (twice) to empty her shoe.

Brenda lies to suspects. Gabriel goes along with her.

Brenda almost confesses to Gabriel that she has been drugged.

Flynn compliments Gabriel (in front of Brenda).

Gabriel thanks Brenda for all her support.

The Life

Flynn and Gabriel watch an officer hitting on Brenda even she tells the man she is married.

4. Season

Controlled Burn

He touches her shoulder.

For the first time she calls him by his given name: David

Brenda: "Anything else I should know?"
David: "Not really."
Brenda: "Because if there is a problem in your relationship with Dt. Daniels..."
Davíd: "No. No."
Brenda: "Thank Goodness! Because I couldn´t handle that right now."
David: "Yeah." - "Yeah."

Tao: "Tell you what. Eyes on Gabriel."

Brenda: "You remember Sgt. Gabriel here. Say hello Sergeant."
David: "Hello."

Speed Bump

Brenda teases David like one giggling schoolgirl.

David gets into a conflict between Brenda and Pope and Pope forces him to take Pope´s side.

Cherry Bomb

Gabriel defends Flynn - Brenda gets yet angrier.

Life Wire

Gabriel and Daniels behave unprofessional at work. Brenda punishes Gabriel by taking Tao with her and not him. Brenda asks Tao if Gabriel and Daniels are still together.

Gabriel comes to Brenda´s office and informs her that Daniels and he broke up a couple of weeks ago. He thinks it might be best if Daniels transfers out of their team. Brenda is baffled by his arrogance and suggests he could transfer out himself. Again she takes Tao with her and not him.

Gabriel and Daniels have a soap-opera-fight in a interview room. Brenda orders them to work it out. She rips Gabriel´s transfer papers to pieces. He looks very relieved. At home, Brenda has a big soap-opera-fight with Fritz. Oops!

Dial M for Provenza

Brenda: "We all tell little, white lies from time to time. I know I have. Have you, Sergeant?"
Gabriel: "No. Never."

Split Ends

In the interview room, David pulls the chair out for Brenda.

David makes a pass at a woman while he´s on duty. Brenda is pissed.

Junk in the Trunk

Brenda: "Sergeant Gabriel, do you think what I am thinking?"
David: "Why the diet coke?"

3. Season


Gabriel whispers into Brenda´s ear.

Because of the budget cuts, Taylor asks Brenda to share Gabriel with him to save Provenza´s job.

Gabriel offers to go back to Taylor to help to save Provenza´s job but then he comes up with a better plan.

Gabriel: "Is that what you want me to do? You want me to go back and work for Taylor?"
Brenda: "Hardly."

Dumb Luck

Gabriel: "So, you´re mad at me. Is that it?"
Brenda: "No. I´m confused. I called you and nobody answered."


Brenda: "Bye."
Gabriel: "You´re welcome."


She hugs him.

Lover´s Leap

Gabriel: "I told you not to go down there."
Brenda: "I know, I know."

2. Season

Blue Blood

Taylor: "Not meaning to be presumptuous, ma'am, but imagine that it´s Sergeant Gabriel lying dead in this warehouse. Would you be out here waiting to pay tribute to their sacrifice or would you be in your office going about your business?"
Brenda: "I take your point, Commander."

Gabriel tells Brenda that Daniels had once a relationship with the murder victim - the teacher´s pet.

Brenda disapproves that Gabriel didn´t tell her about Daniels and himself.

Brenda makes Gabriel smile.

Mom´s Duty

Gabriel to Fritz about Brenda: "I get that look, too, sometimes. That is not a good look."


Gabriel: "Man, these notifications got to be one of the hardest parts of your job, huh?"
Brenda: "It is, but I´m not doing my job today. You are."

Brenda: "Listen, I´d really appreciate if you don´t mention anything about Fritz."
Gabriel: "You didn´t tell your mom about Fritz?"
Brenda: "Of course, I told my mom about Fritz, just not some of the details. And I don´t have time to tell you which ones. So let´s just leave them all out. Okay?"
Gabriel: "Okay. Is there anything else I should avoid?"
Brenda: "Politics, religion, the Atlanta Braves, vegetarianism. Just smile and wave. Okay?"
Gabriel: "Okay."


Brenda: "Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson, LAPD, party of one."
Gabriel: "Well, we have your crime scene ready for you. If you´ll just step right this way."
Brenda: "Thank you, sir."

Sanchez: "She´s weirder than usual today."
Gabriel: "Hey, people think being the boss is so great. It´s not. It´s hard work." - "Yeah, she´s a little weirder than usual."

He carries her bouquet of flowers.

To Protect and to Serve

Gabriel: "Everything all right, Chief?"
Brenda: "What do you think, Sergeant?"

Daniels: "What about Sergeant Gabriel?"
Brenda: "I think he should remain in the dark. Eventually we might need help from someone who hasn´t been tainted by ill-gotten information."

He pouts because she doesn´t tell him anything about what is going on.

Brenda to Gabriel: "I have half a dozen of the others, but I have only got one of you."

She makes him smile.

Out of Focus

He runs into the room to protect her when a murderess starts to scream.

Head over Heels

He confesses to her that he dates Det. Daniels.

She secretly takes a bite of his French Toast.

She lets him pay for the breakfast.

Brenda gives Daniels the cold shoulder.

Gabriel and Daniels smile at each other. Brenda gets in the way.

He makes her smile.

The porn-name discussion.

They burst into a room where a porn film is shot.

Heroic Measures

He whispers into her ear that he doesn´t agree with Daniels´ decision about the case.

The other woman

Fritz wants to help with the case. Gabriel refuses his help politely. Brenda smiles, embarrassed.

No good Deed

He sees that she hugs Chief Pope.

They sit next to each other on a bench.
Gabriel: "They didn´t have your purse down at Lost and Found. I´m sorry."
Brenda: "Oh, great. Well, what about my dignity? Was it in the Lost and Found? Or my pride? Did you find that?"
Gabriel: "No, ma'am." - "Is there anything you want to tell me about, you know, about your relationship with Chief Pope?"
Brenda: "No really, Sergeant, no."
Gabriel: "Okay."
Brenda: "By the way, have you told anyone else in our division that you´re dating Detective Daniels?"
Gabriel: "I haven´t gone so much into that with people, no."
Brenda: "Mm. Really? Okay, then, let´s go."
Gabriel: "Let´s go then." (scene was cut out of the episode)


She hands him over her jacket to watch over it.

1. Season


Brenda: "Iím sorry if you´re tired Sergeant."
Gabriel: "Iím not tired Chief."

Brenda: "Uh, what happened to the slug? You get anything back from firearms analysis?"
Provenza: "Didnít college boy here tell ya?"
Brenda looks at Gabriel who presents a crooked smile.

Brenda: "Sergeant Gabriel, you can go on home. Iíll be driving myself to work from now on."
Gabriel: "Excuse me. Maíam can I talk to you for a second please?" - "I should be in this interview."
Brenda: "I donít need you."
Gabriel: "Ok can I say something? You are taking this business about people asking to go back to robbery homicide way too personal. Itís just nobody, nobody should have come into our department the way you did. You know and another thing, Captain Taylor? I know youíve had your trouble with him, but heís a great guy. Alright, he got the LAPD to pay for my masters at USC and he got me my first promotion. If you give him..."
Brenda: "Sergeant Gabriel, I think Iím old enough to drive myself to work without being thought vindictive."
Gabriel: "Ok. Alright. That is not what I meant by..."
Brenda: "And as far as Captain Taylor is concerned, I should probably explain that I do not form my relationships with people based on how theyíre treatin you. That would be your mother maybe. Just that you worked late last night thatís all. Go home and get some sleep. And Iíll see you tomorrow. Bright eyed and bushy-tailed." She turns over the Interview sign and closes the door on Gabriel.

Gabriel: "I wanted to say that I didnít mean anything by it, but I was the one who told Taylor you had IDíd the body."
Brenda: "Well I understand. He was your friend."
Gabriel: "I usually get along better with people around here than I have been with you. Iím organized. Iím usually pretty good at figuring out what people need or what they think they need or what they want from me. But to be honest Iím having a little trouble figuring that out with you."
Brenda: "Well when all else fails you can try being yourself."
Gabriel: "Yeah, well, that sounds radical, but Iíd be willing."

Gabriel: "So you sure you wonít join us for a drink? Celebrate?"
Brenda: "No. I gotta take this stuff back to the hotel. Maybe some other time."
Gabriel: "Sure. You know you were right from the very beginning. Looked like love."

About Face

Gabriel: "You know, if you want to wait a minute I could drive you."
Brenda: "Why would I need you to do that?"

Brenda: "Look, if you´re finished with your paperwork for today Sergeant Gabriel, it might be useful for you to come with me to observe. If you w-want."
Gabriel: "Yeah. Okay. Useful in what way? What can I do?"
(Driving me around, watching my purse and being a witness to me paying 500 dollars for clothes and make-up. Ha-ha.)

Brenda: "Look Sergeant, if you´re afraid of helping me, I´m perfectly capable of arresting him on my own."
Gabriel: "Yes, you could do that. But I want you to think about something first."
Brenda: "What?"
Gabriel: "When you handcuff Dean Kingsley and put him on the back seat of your car, you´re gonna have helicopters, news vans and millions of television viewers all escorting you back here to Parker Center."
Brenda: "So?"
Gabriel: "So, are you absolutely certain that you can by yourself, drive back here without getting lost?"
She hands him the car keys.
Gabriel: "Thank you. Thank you, I know that was very difficult for you, but thank you."

The Big Picture

She almost throws a body on him.

She doesn´t want to ask for Taylor´s help so Gabriel goes behind her back to him.

She makes him smile - thrice.


Gabriel is defending her because of the Ethics Inquiry in her past - Flynn is amused.

Gabriel comes to her home and meets Fritz.

Fantasy Date

Brenda: "Has your mother met everyone who´s spent the night at your house?"
Gabriel: "God, I hope not."

Brenda: "I´m trying to look like your assistant. How am I doing?"
Gabriel: "Get me another coffee."
Brenda: "Nice try."

She pats his arm.

She was attacked and almost raped. Gabriel is furious.

A teenager comes on to her, he interferes.

You are here

He notices that she is missing an earring.

She makes him laugh - twice.

Batter up

He helps her out because she has a problem with a cat.

Good Housekeeping

He takes care of her cats while she is in Mexico.

The Butler did it

Brenda: (on the phone) "Good evening, Sergeant Gabriel. How are you?"
Fritz: "Probably Gabriel, the other man in her life."
Taylor: "So they really get along, Chief Johnson and Gabriel."
Fritz: "More like friends than anything else, I think."
Brenda: "And, Sergeant, have a really...really great night. Bye." (scene was cut out of the episode)

L.A. Woman

Gabriel: "The bodies aren´t going anywhere."
Brenda: "That´s good. ´Cause your short cut isn´t working out too well."
Gabriel: "Oh, my. Seriously? You´re gonna tell me how to drive? You can´t even see."
Brenda: "Was that our turn?"
Gabriel: "Okay. I can´t take this anymore."
Brenda: "What?"
He jumps out of the car and goes buying her a selection of sunglasses. "This is L.A. The sun shines 329 days a year. That squint is not working for me."
Brenda: "This was completely unnecessary."
Gabriel: "You´re welcome."

Brenda: "Sergeant Gabriel, please, please, please, find me that SUV."
Gabriel: "Yes, ma´am."

Brenda: "I think you should stay here and sort through all that material from the parking garage. Finding that SUV´s our first priority."
Gabriel: "Well, who´s going with you?"
Brenda: "Agent Howard."
Gabriel: "Oh, yeah. Okay."
Brenda: "Won´t be long."
Gabriel: "Right. Yeah. Good luck with that."

The pissing contest between Gabriel and Fritz.

Gabriel defends her against Taylor and Flynn.

Flynn gloats over Gabriel´s disappointment.

Brenda to the murder suspect: "I put one of the best cops I´ve ever worked with on the job." Gabriel smiles in bliss.

Flynn: "Tell her I said hey."
Gabriel (on the phone): "Hey, chief."
Flynn smiles. (scene was cut out of the episode)

Fatal Retraction

Gabriel: "Need a wing man?"
Brenda: "No thanks, I think Iíll have more luck on my own."
Gabriel: "Ok." - "Are you sure you wanna do that?"
Brenda: "I donít know."

Bill Croelick threatens her. In a split second, Gabriel runs into the room to protect her.

Gabriel: "Chief?" - "Chief? Chief?" - "You hurt?"
Brenda: "Nope. Iím fine, Iím fine."

Standards and Practices

Gabriel confronts Taylor in the matter of the anonymous complaint and takes sides with Brenda.

Brenda: "Have I been a different boss? Have I offended you in some way without knowing it?"
Gabriel: "No. Well...At first, you know. I don´t know. I guess I´ve kind of gotten used to you, you know. You did pay me a compliment once."
Brenda: "Once?"
Gabriel: "Yeah. A couple of weeks ago you said, ´Good work´." - "Look, I know this is a mess now, but you´ll find your way through it. Eventually I know you will. I know you will."