In a Dark, Dark House

Ray Langston kills the serial killer Nate Haskell and the team has to find out what happened.

Best Moment:
Greg asks Sara what she would do if he was the suspect.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "What if it was me? My kit."
Sara: "I would open it."

My Comment:
This was a dark, dark season, by far the worst of CSI. The series is only a shadow of its earlier brilliance.
The season finale was pretty good. I felt for Ray and his ex-wife. I liked Greg and his emotional moment
with Sara. Sara who is always looking for the truth, no matter what, is a good CSI. I don´t know what to
think about Brass who suppressed evidence to cover up what Ray had done. The storyline was intense
and left the audience with many questions about what is right and wrong. I don´t think that what the team did
was right but I can understand it and certainly I can live with it. But what is killing the bad guy worth if you can´t
take the insufferable pain away from your loved ones? Not much. Right, Ray? Not much at all. This is the bitter
truth in the end.
I´m not looking forward to season 12, but I will watch it for the sake of Greg Sanders, CSI.